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Official CIF-SS Boys' Division III-AA &  III-A Polls
For Week Of Jan. 27, 2003--(Jan. 27, 2003)

Ok, so we just haven't had the time to do our own SoCalHoops polls the past week and a half.  We issued a few last week, but we're the first to admit that unless we're going to give it a concerted effort to get it done in a timely fashion, it doesn't make sense to issue them late, and as a practical matter they do the real poll-makers (i.e., the CIF-SS SCIBCA members who compile the official polls) no good at all unless they're finished and in the can by late Sunday....Anything beyond that time-frame, and it's almost counter-productive for us to compile them simply because of the enormity of the task.  Perhaps they are fun to read, but they are so labor intensive to prepare and of so little real utility to anyone but the most die-hard of fans, that we're going to forego doing our own polls for yet another week.   Who knows,  maybe work (as in real work) which has prevented us from devoting the time needed to do these polls, will ease up, but we don't see that happening, at least not this week.   But in lieu of our own fun stuff, we're happy to pass along the official  polls, the ones prepared by SCIBCA.....Hey, it's the best we can do, and besides that, they're official and they were released just this afternoon. 

Division III-AA is pretty much the same as it was in the January 21 poll issued last week. About the only real change is that Pomona drops down into the "others" category, while Oxnard Pacifica, in its first full season of varsity play, moves into No. 10....We've thought all along that the official poll had it backwards and that the other Pacifica (Garden Grove), while good, should have been the lower-ranked team all along, so perhaps the official guys are paying attention finally....just kidding guys. Otherwise, in II-AA, the only other change we spotted was that San Dimas is now in the "others" too. 

In Division III-A, everything remains the same, except that there are now two teams tied for No. 3 (which means that they occupy the No. 3 and 4 spots, same as last week) and ditto for No. 5 and No. 6.....Mysteriously though, Banning slips into the No. 9 spot and Muir, which had been No. 9 last week simply vanishes, not even included in the "others" category....go figure.  


(As of 1/27/03) 



1. Artesia   (1)

1. Bishop Montgomery (1)

2. Santa Margarita   (2)

2. Harvard/Westlake (2)

3. Calabasas   (3)

3T. Centennial/Com (3)

4T. Monrovia   (4)

3T. Ocean View (4)

4T Los Altos   (5)

5T. Northwood (5)

6. Pacifica/GG   (6)

5T. La Canada (6)

7. Servite   (7)

7. Bishop Amat (7)

8. Diamond Ranch   (8)

8. Chaminade (8)

9. Atascadero (10)  

9. Banning (NR)

10. Pacifica/Oxnard (NR)

10. Oak Park (10)

 Others: Pomona (9), Western, Culver City, Estancia, San Dimas 

Others: Cabrillo/Lompoc, Morro Bay, Workman

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