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Pangos Dream Classic: St. Vincent-St.Mary's,
Mater Dei, & Telfair Pics--(Jan. 5, 2003)


What:   9th Annual Dream Classic
When:    January 4, 2002
Where:    UCLA Pauley Pavilion
Who:    Loyola vs. Mayfair
   Centennial vs. Carson
   Mater Dei vs. St. Vincent-St. Mary
   Lincoln vs. Vallejo

We're all talked out, so to speak.  Nothing more to say, except wow....what an event.  So here are some more photos, mostly from our buddy Larry M. Gray.  Larry is really a truly extraordinary sports photographer, who also knows a thing or two about hoops, having run the UltraStudentAthletes (USA) basketball youth team program for years here in SoCal.  Larry has been kind enough over the years to have been an integral part of SoCalHoops during our early years, and he's helped us cover some of the bigger (and lesser) high school and recruiting events all over Los Angeles.  He's been responsible for quite a bit of our local coverage of players in the Los Angeles Metro area over the years, particularly schools like Inglewood, Fairfax, Westchester, and others where many of his club and youth team players have attended.  And yesterday, as always, while we were parked at a table in front of a computer and left to fool around with our little toy digital cameras, there was Larry sitting baseline with his high-powered professional equipment doing what he does best, capturing split-second action for posterity and producing some of the best photos you'll see anywhere.  Period.  Seriously,  while this sounds like just another shameless promo plug among a series of shameless promo plugs (hey, what's one more shameless promo in the grand scheme of things which was the Dream Classic?), we mean this sincerely:  Larry is one of the top photographers in Southern California, and he's a great guy who is truly interested in helping kids, not only athletically, but also academically, and he's put his money where his mouth is for years, running SAT clinics and workshops and requiring all of his club players to focus on academics.   If you're interested in finding out more about what Larry does and how he does it, you can see other examples of his work displayed in our archives, as well as at his own site, TopShots Photography (  If you're interested in contacting Larry and engaging him to do some work, or just want to talk hoops with him, he can be reached toll free at (877) 697-6612 or locally at (310) 216-0545, or you can e-mail him at

Ok, enough of the shameless advertising.  Here are the shots of LeBron James and various Mater Dei guys, as well as Telfair & Co in their game against Vallejo.  Sorry, no pics of Mayfair vs. Loyola, at least not yet.....


Wesley Washington led Mater Dei's
scoring with 18 points


James knocks over Mater Dei's DJ
Strawberry, who finished with 7 points


Soph point guard Mike Gerrity finished with
8 points and 4 assists.



LeBron James and Mater Dei's Harrison Schaen contest the rebound.   Harrison looks to score, which didn't happen often enough last night. Schaen finished with three before fouling out.   Junior Marcel Jones drives toward the basket on the break.  He finished with 14 points on the night.
LeBron James smiles...Yes, he's got a sense of humor about everything...   Warmups....   Teammates LeBron James and 5'-7" Brandon Weems
No. 23 Brian Harvey (6'-5" So. F) elevates on the shot for Carson   James gets ready to drive baseline   Wesley Washington takes a shot at defending James.



No. 15 Michel Johnson (6'-3" Jr. G) looks for the outlet.   LeBron extends for the shot.   James rests at midcourt. 
DJ Strawberry held James to 21 pts.   Washington launches a three late in the fourth quarter; he hit two in the period to put Mater Dei to within striking distance with two minutes to play, but it wasn't enough   "Sometimes the shots just don't fall...."
James takes one of his 9 three point misses   Mater Dei's Chris Henry has a word with his coaches on the sideline...   Washington again drives the lane, drawing the contact.
Lincoln's Sebastian Telfair...   Testing the ankle late in the third quarter.   Telfair and 6'-7" So. Antonio Pena (No. 44).


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