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2003 Cleveland HS Summer Kick-Off
Tourney Field Announced--(June 14, 2003)

What:     2003 Cleveland Summer Kick-Off Invitational
Where:  Cleveland HS, Reseda, CA
When:   Saturday,  June 21 through Tuesday, June 24
Who:      17 Top SoCal Region HS Teams
                Teams include: Calabasas, Brentwood, Moorpark, Valencia, Saugus
        Monroe, Simi Valley, Oaks Christian, Dominguez, Chaminade, Taft,
                Rolling Hills Prep, Cleveland, Harvard-Westlake, Newbury Park,
                Campbell Hall, and Santa Monica

We received an e-mail last night from Jack Pollon, who wanted us to know about yet another tournament that he's organized, this one called the "2003 Cleveland HS Summer Kick-Off Invitational."    Ok, so it's at LA Cleveland HS in Reseda.  That much is clear.  But shouldn't it be called a "Tip-Off" tourney instead of "Kick-Off,"  the latter term usually reserved for the hand-spheroid used in a game which is distinctly not basketball?  Whatever.....This looks to be an interesting tournament, with some of the better teams from in and around Los Angeles attending, including Taft, Rolling Hills Prep, Harvard-Westlake, Cleveland, etc.  

While Jack's e-mail didn't mention it, one caveat is that some of the better players from a few of the better teams probably won't be there,   at least not for the first few days, because some of those top guys will actually be at the NBAPA (NBA Players' Association) Invitational Camp which features what many consider to be the "Top 100" players in the country.  That camp will be held on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University, which is located in the middle of Richmond, Virginia, and among the 100 players invited,  11 of those are players from California, and of those 11 California guys, 3 of them (Bryce Taylor and Zach Woolridge of Harvard-Westlake, and Jordan Farmar of Taft) have also been invited and are planning to attend.  The NBA Players Association Camp (which, as far as we can tell, really doesn't have much connection with anything having to do with the NBA, and which is actually run by recruiting analyst and scout Bob Gibbons) runs from June 17 through June 22, which tells us its doubtful that you'll be seeing these three at this camp.    But there will be plenty of other really excellent players at this event, and it's one that you won't want to miss. 

Here's the schedule we received from Jack Pollon for the 2003 Cleveland HS Summer Kick-Off Invitational


10:30 AM Calabasas vs. Brentwood
12:00 PM Moorpark vs. Valencia
1:30 PM Saugus vs. Monroe
3:00 PM Simi Valley vs. Oaks Chr.
4:30 PM Dominguez vs. Chaminade
6:00 PM Taft vs. Rolling Hills Prep
7:30 PM Cleveland vs. Harvard Westlake


10:30 AM Newbury Park vs. Campbell Hall
12:00 PM Valencia vs. Brentwood
1:30 PM Santa Monica vs. Oaks Chr.
3:00 PM Calabasas vs. Monroe
4:30 PM Simi Valley vs. Cleveland
6:00 PM Saugus vs. Rolling Hills Prep
7:30 PM Taft vs. Harvard Westlake


12:00 PM Campbell Hall vs. Rolling Hils Prep
1:30 PM Moorpark vs. Santa Monica
3:00 PM Newbury Park vs. Brentwood
4:30 PM Calabasas vs. Oaks Chr.
6:00 PM Taft vs. Chaminade
7:30 PM Cleveland vs. Dominguez


12:00 PM Newbury Park vs. Santa Monica
1:30 PM Simi Valley vs. Campbell Hall
3:00 PM Cleveland vs. Saugus
4:30 PM Moorpark vs. Monroe
6:00 PM Valencia vs. Chaminade
7:30 PM Dominguez vs. Harvard Westlake

If you have any questions or need to reach the tournament organizers, feel free to give Jack Pollon a call at 818-680-3923 or 818-425-8737, or send him an e-mail at jhp9436@

Oh, one more thing about the NBA Players Association Camp:   In case you're really interested in seeing who was invited from California, here's the list of just the California guys who will be there:

Arron Afflalo



Compton (CA) Centennial

David Burgess



Irvine (CA) Woodbridge

Jordan Farmar



Woodland Hills (CA) Taft

Amir Johnson



Los Angeles (CA) Verbum Dei

Lorenzo Keeler



Escondido (CA) High

Nican Robinson



Oakland (CA) Oakland Tech

Robert Swift



Bakersfield (CA) Highland

Bryce Taylor



Studio City (CA) Harvard Westlake

Quentin Thomas



Oakland (CA) Tech

Enrico Tucker



San Diego (CA) University High

Zach Woolridge



Studio City (CA) Harvard-Westlake

You can view the entire list of players at MonterDraft and College Basketball News, a great website published by Chris Monter, one of the hardest working guys in the business, who covers the gamut from (as the website proclaims) college hoops and recruiting right on through to the NBA.  It's a great source of information, so be sure to check it out.

While we won't be attending the NBAPA Camp ourselves, there's a better than even chance that we'll be out to catch some of the games at the 2003 Cleveland HS Summer Kick-Off Tournament....See you there.

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