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We're Back.....Where We've Been &
Where We're Going This Summer--(June 13, 2003)

After seven years of writing about local and national basketball on a daily basis, literally only taking a few days off during those seven years,  it was time for a sabattical of sorts, time to get back to other pursuits, time to give the local basketball scene a break from us, and us from hoops.    Thus, for the last two months, you've not seen any of the  "Daily Articles" which were a continuing feature of this site.  We can't say that we're any more rested than before, but that's beside the point:  it's time to get back to writing again and time to stop fooling around,  because summer is here. 

The summer recruiting and playing season really gets underway today with the SCIBCA Tournament, the Watts Summer Games on Saturday and Sunday, and the Say No College League on Sunday,  and in a few weeks, the July evaluation period, with the Big Time, the Best of Summer, the Pangos Shootout, and the two top NCAA certified local camps (the adidas Double Pump West Coast All Star Camps and the Pangos Fullcourt Press All West Camp), and a zillion other things and events are just around the corner, so it's time to once again refocus on what it is we do here at SoCalHoops, which is provide local and regional hoops and recruiting coverage, most of which you won't find in other local media, or on other internet sites (or if you can find it elsewhere, we'll link to it so you can find the links all in one place).   You get the picture.   You know the drill.  It's summer.  And that means the long march that is NCAA recruiting.  Some of which isn't fun, some of which can be if you keep it all in perspective and remain grounded.  But more on that later..... And where will we be this summer when we're not writing about this stuff?   We're not exactly sure just yet, but it looks like we'll be at most of the usual local and regional events (Best of Summer, Fullcourt Press and Double Pump Camps, etc) as well as a few of the national ones (Big Time, ABCD, etc), and it's going to make for a very busy summer.  

Our brief respite has also given us time to think about some new revisions and additions we intend to make to the site, stuff that we'll be updating over the next few weeks.  Some new and reorganized links, new tournament information, the same contentious and interesting message boards (no, we're not going to change you can all still have fun and I'll continue to  delete the bad stuff), and more.  We'll be adding features and a database on local trainers and academies, articles on sports nutrituion and strength training, as well as something we've wanted to add for a long time (but never found the time do create), a regional database of the best locations throughout Southern California where the best players to get in their runs.    If you've got a favorite spot, let us know, and we'll include it. 

So stay tuned and check back with us throughout the summer and into the next season.  We hope you'll continue to visit and continue to enjoy what you see here.  And as always, it will remain a free site, no ads, no popups, no subscriptions. 

See you around the gym.  

J. Gale


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