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9th adidas Las Vegas Big Time
First Day: California Teams' Results--(July 22, 2003)

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9th Annual adidas
Las Vegas Big Time Tournament
July 22, 23, 24, 25 & 26, 2002
Las Vegas, Nevada
400 Teams, 5,000+ athletes
NCAA Certified Event

The first day of the 9th Annual adidas Las Vegas Big Time is now in the bag, and most of the teams from Southern California had pretty successful outings.  We've broken out the scores for just the California teams below to make it easier to keep track of how the local kids are doing,(you can find all the scores for every team at the official Big Time website)  and then we've also separated out those teams which are automatically going to advance to the "Open Division" and those which may or may not, depending upon how they do during pool play.  

Remember, each team plays three games in pool play, and depending upon the standings, those top 56 teams that are already in the "Open Division" (you can tell which ones are already there, because they play only at Green Valley or Durango in pool play) will meet up with the rest of the pool winners during the single-elimination playoffs which will start tomorrow.  Second place teams from the non-Open pools will advance to the "A" bracket, third place teams to the "B" bracket, and fourth place teams to the "C" bracket.  Thus there will eventually be four championship games, all of which will be played at Green Valley on the final day of competition.

Keep in mind that the results for the teams playing in the Open Division during pool play are irrelevant (other than for pride).  All of the Open Division teams will automatically advance to the Open Division Championship round.  Of course, a team that doesn't play well will get a bad seeding in the single elimination bracket, so winning still is important, even for those teams that automatically advance.

Again, if you want the entire list of teams and the results for every team playing at the tournament, check with the official site.  If you just want to know how the California teams performed, then check below.

Southern California "Open Division" Teams-- First Day Results (in alphabetical order)

Belmont Shore-HSquad (Long Beach) (0-1)

Hunting Park Warr (PA)-69 H Squad/Belmont Sh (CA)-49

BWBA Orange (Orange County) (0-1)

Branch West Orange (CA)-64 Juice All-Stars (NY) 77

Double Pump All Stars (Los Angeles) (0-1):

Double Pump All Stars (CA)-54 Charlotte Aces (NC)-56

EBO/EA Sports (Fresno) (2-0)

EBO/EA Sports (CA)-74 TX Blue Chips I (TX)-64
EBO/EA Sports (CA)-91 DTA Wisconsin I (WI)-81

Inland (San Bernardino/Riverside) (1-0):

Gateway BBall Club 17 (MO)-52 Inland I (CA)-66

LA Rockfish (Los Angeles) (0-1):

Los Angeles Rockfish (CA)-48 Ontario Wolves (CN)-56

Pump N Run (CA) (Los Angeles) (2-0)

Pump N Run All Stars (CA)-89 New York Elite (NY)-76
Pump N Run All Stars (CA)-98 Middlesex Magic (MA)-75

LA Paladins (Los Angeles) (0-1):

Squires Richmond (VA)-78 Los Angeles Paladins (CA)-60

SCA (Orange County)   (1-0):

Arkansas Hawks (AR)-53 So California All Stars (CA)-56


NorCal "Open Division" Teams--First Day Results

Oakland Slam N Jam (2-0):

Fox Vall Skillz Black (WI)-63 Oakland Slam N Jam (CA)-73
Oakland Slam N Jam (CA)-50 DC Assault I (MD)-70

All Other California Teams (Non-Open Division) First Day Results

4-D Teams

Baltimore Bombers Jr (MD)-70 4 D Stars (CA)-59

4 D Gold (CA)-48 Panthers Select (MS)-98

ABC Hoops

ABC Hoops (CA)-67 Milw Running Rebels (WI)-74
ABC Hoops (CA)-68
Colorado Chaos 17 Elite (CO)-46

ARC/Team And 1 Teams

Team And 1 16’s (CA)-51 Dallas Mustangs Blue (TX)-79
Team And 1 16’s (CA)-70 NOVA United (VA)-76

Team And 1 17’s (CA)-59 Dallas Mustangs White (TX)-65
Oregon Pioneers (OR)-41 Team And 1 17’s (CA)-68

Bay Area Baller Teams

Bay Area Ballers I (CA)-54 Frds of Hoop Seattle (WA)-66 (TX)-46 Bay Area Ballers I (CA)-69

Bay Area Ballers II (CA)-36 Frds of Hoop Bucky’s (WA)-64
Bay Area Ballers II (CA)-33 LV Rebels Red (NV)-94

Belmont Shore Black

Arlington Lakers (TX)-57 Belmont Shore Black (CA)-56

Blueprint Ruffhouse

JT Lakers (TX)-84 Blueprint Ruffhouse (CA)-96

Branch West teams


N Texas Rice Owls (TX)-51 Branch West Purple (CA)-67
Spiece Blaze (IN)-59 Branch West Purple (CA)-58


Branch West Red (CA)-73 Columbia Basin Select (WA)-51

California Team Select

Colorado Select White (CO)-59 Calif Team Select (CA)-94
California Team Select (CA)-36 Oakland Soldiers II (CA)-33

Brea Olinda

Brea Olinda Wildcats (CA)-44 Missouri Rebels (MO)-71
Brea Olinda Wildcats (CA) -45 Team Texas 16’s (TX)-71

Capistrano Valley

Shadow Ridge Mustangs (NV)-30 Capistrano Val (CA) -86
Capistrano Valley (CA)-62 Texas Top Pros 2003 (TX)-69

Central Cal BBall

Cent Cal BBall Black (CA)-50 Salt Lake Metro Black (UT)-68

Chico Tarheels

Chico Tarheels (CA)-99 Yerwood Ballers (CT)-43


SupremeCourt (CA)-72 Comanches (CA)-55
Comanches (CA)-51 Michigan Mustangs III (MI)-66

Danville Stangs

Arlington Wildcats (TX)-80 Danville Stangs (CA)-68
Danville Stangs (CA)-54
Arizona Heat All Stars (AZ)-57

East Bay Extreme

Marina Vikings (CA)58 Eastbay Extreme (WI)-70

EBO (Juniors)

Arkansas Angels (AR)-65 Jr EBO/EA Sports (CA)-52

El Dorado HS

Ariz Stars Team Bibby (AZ)64 El Dorado Hawks (CA)-59
Texas Wolverines (TX)-69 El Dorado Hawks (CA)-66

El Toro

Spiece Blue Demons (IN)-85 El Toro (CA)-75


Esperanza Aztecs (CA)-57 Minn Elite Bulldogs (MN)-65
Esperanza Aztecs (CA)-66 Bonneville (ID)-58

Estrada Courts

Indy Hornets (IN)-87 Estrada Courts (CA)-55

Fighting Cougars

Michigan Mustangs II (MI)-68 Fighting Cougars (CA)-39
Fighting Cougars (CA)-56 Renaissance 2001 (TX)-61

Fresno Grizzlies

Sierra Vista (NV)-73 Fresno Grizzlies (CA)-92
Fresno Grizzlies (CA)-68 Jordan BeetDiggers (UT)-54


Houston Prep All Stars (TX)-70 Fullerton (CA)-66


GC Ballers (NY)-93 Gladiators (CA)-46

Go N Strong

Long Island RRunners (NY)-68 Go N Strong (CA)-62
Go N Strong (CA)-41
Friends of Hoop I (WI)-78

Goldstar Hoop Club

Dallas Dirty Doz Black (TX)-72 Goldstar Hoop Club (CA)-59
Goldstar Hoop Club (CA)-53 KC Pump N Run 17 (KS)-97

Hanford Heat

Hanford Heat (CA)-53 Williams Energy Okla (OK)-84
Hanford Heat (CA)-68 Baltimore Bombers Sr (MD)-99

High Five America

High Five America (CA)-67 Connecticut Flame (CT)-70

I Can All Stars

I Can All Stars (CA)-58 Spiece Select (IN)-63

IEBP Teams

IEBP Ballers (CA)-66 Emerald City White (WA)-54
Little MA Power (MI)-60 IEBP Ballers (CA)-74

IEBP Juniors (CA)-63 Emerald City Royal (WA)-45
IEBP Juniors (CA)-50 Grand Rapid Storm (MI)-53

IEBP Sophs (CA)-54 Red Shield Co Red (CO)-78
Emerald City Green (WA)-40 IEBP Sophs (CA)-77

IEBP Freshmen (CA)-62 Red Shield Co White (CO)-79

Inland II

Dakota Schoolers (SD) -85 Inland II (CA)-53
Inland II (CA)-63
Jersey City Boys & Girls (NJ)-89

Inner City Hoops/BBall

Connecticut Force (CT)-55 Inner City Hoops (CA)-74
Inner City Hoops (CA)-98 N Colorado Thun White (CO)-42

Lodi Heat

Lodi Heat (CA)-37 Northern Stars (SD)-77

Marina Vikings

Marina Vikings (CA)-44 Utah Bruins Gold (UT)-48

Mission Prep SLO

Tri County Cobras White (MI)-72 MP-SLO (CA)-69
MP-SLO (CA)-61 Fairfield County Stars (CT)-81

Newport Harbor

El Paso Suns (TX)-86 Newport Harbor (CA)-31
Newport Harbor (CA)-38 Minn Magic Gold 16’s (MN)-67

Next Level

Friends of Hoop II (WI)-57 Next Level Basketball (CA)-59
Next Level BBall (CA)-61
Austin Dawgs White (TX)-36

Arizona Cagers II (AZ)-74 Next Level (CA)-47
Next Level (CA)-66 Rhode Island Breakers 16 (RI)-63

No Limits

No Limits/Victorville (CA)-71 Rohawks (TX)-69
No Limits/Victorville (CA)-60 First Bapt Crusaders (MD)-65

NorCal Pharohs

Nor Cal Pharaohs II (CA)-37 CBC 16’s (OH)-70
Nor Cal Pharaohs (CA)-60 New Mexico Huskies (NM)-70

Oakland Rebels

Oakland Rebels (CA)-61 Colorado Jam 17’s (CO)-39
Tiffany’s (IN)-53 Oakland Rebels (CA)-69

Oakland Soliders II

TUAC Warriors (TX)-68 Oakland Soldiers II (CA)-58
California Team Select (CA)-36 Oakland Soldiers II (CA)-33


Color Chaos 16 White (CO)-57 The Patriots (CA)-86
The Patriots (CA)-71 Inner City Games All Stars (NV)-37

Play Hard Play Smart

Play Hard Play Smart (CA)-66 East Ohio All Stars (OH)-57
Nwest Cougars II (MT)-55 Play Hard Play Smart (CA)-76

Poway Titans

Poway Titans (CA)-81 Connecticut Premiere (CT)-54

Reach Your Goals

Bluechips II (TX)-50 Reach Your Goals (CA)-68

Rockfish Teams

Rockfish Barracudas (CA)-54 Randolph BC White (WI)-78
Youth Interlock Delaware (DE)-53 Rockfish Barracudas (CA)-51

Rockfish Dolphins (CA)-69 Hammond Hurr (IN)-51
Rockfish Dolphins (CA)-90 North Idaho Select (ID)-69

GGC Stars Red (OR)-71 Rockfish Marlins (CA)-73
Houston Lynx Blue (TX)-64 Rockfish Marlins (CA)-47

Rockfish Orcas (CA)-55 DC Assault II (DC)-93

Sac Town Ballers

Utah Bruins Red (UT)-64 Sac Town Ballers (CA)-52

San Diego All Stars

SanDiegoAllStars(CA)-63 Team Fort Worth (TX)-80
Columbus BBall Club (OH)-48 San Diego All Stars (CA)-46

San Diego Cougars

San Diego Cougars (CA)-40 Fox Valley Sk White (WI)-45

San Diego's Finest:

San Diego Finest (CA) -31 Playaz White (NJ)-58
San Diego Finest (CA)-46 Hoopsters (SC)-67

SSA-EBO (Sacramento)

SSA/EBO Sac (CA)-50 AAC Stars (NV)-60

San Fernando Valley Jaguars

SFV Jaguars (CA)-53 Ohio Pride (OH)-82
SFV Jaguars (CA)-83 JR Dinos U17 (CN)-55

Santa Barbara Blaze

Santa Barbara Blaze (CA)-51 SW Missouri Storm (MO)-79

Santa Margarita

Santa Margarita (CA)-22 Positive Image (PA)-29

School of Skillz

Up N Under (MD)-79 School of Skillz (CA)-73
School of Skillz (CA)-79 Dallas Magic (TX)-55


Skywalkers (CA)-43 JR Dinos U19 (CN)-49
Skywalkers (CA)-47 Mahoning Valley BC (OH)-68

South Coast

Oklahoma Kings (OK)-63 South Coast (CA)-68

Spirit of the North

Texas Top Prospects (TX)-66 Spirit of the North (CA)-75

Supreme Court

SupremeCourt (CA)-72 Comanches (CA)-55
Supreme Court (CA)-39 East Wash Select (WA)-67

Temecula Garage Boys

Temecula Garage Boys (CA)-57 Sam Rines White (PA)-58


Thunder (CA)-49 Basketball BC (CN)-57


Tustin (CA)-51 Neb Bison/Runza Red (NE)-77

Valencia Tigers

Valencia Tigers (CA)-40 Panthers (CO)-71

Villa Park Spartans

Texas Hot Boyz (TX)-55 VP Spartans (CA)-60

West Valley (Santa Cruz)

Yakima All Valley Elite (WA)-46 WBVC I (CA)-56
SMAC Bombers (OH)-60 WBVC I (CA)-64

WVBC II (CA)-62 Minn Magic Platinum (MN)-50
Salt Lake Metro (UT)-62 WBVC II (CA)-53

Yuba City

Yuba City (CA)-52 FTW Wolfpack (TX)-65
Ariz Stars Team Jeff (AZ)-53 Yuba City (CA)-43

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