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SoCalHoops Recruiting News

Where Are They Now?  SoCal Players &
Their College Choices--(Sept. 17, 2003)

About once a day on the message board, someone asks, "Whatever happened to _________?"   "Where is __________ playing now?"   "Who recruited __________ and is he on the roster at [fill in name of school]?"

We've often wondered the same things, and so we went on a search to see if we could find out where every former SoCal high school player is now attending college (just the ones who are now playing at four year colleges and universities, at every level, whether scholarship or non-scholarship).  We compiled a list that is actually quite long and impressive, at least in terms of overall numbers of players from the region who have gone on to play college basketball at four-year schools.    How many players in all?  548 by our count..... Not an overwhelming number, but still pretty impressive considering that the NCAA itself estimates that only about 2.9% of all those playing high school will go on to play at any level of NCAA college basketball.  Of course our figures also include a large number of NAIA players too, but you get the idea....Recruiting is extremely competitive, and the odds against a high school player making a college roster are pretty good.

We also considered trying to include current JC players in these lists, but that's a gargantuan task, one which is not made any easier by the fact that JC rosters tend to be fluid, and most JC's also don't have their rosters posted on websites, at least not this early in the year.  Perhaps we'll try to put together such a list later in the year, but for now we've limited things to just four-year colleges and universities.

Compiling a list like this together is not easy.  It requires consulting every published roster for every D-I, II, III, and NAIA school in the United States.  We may have missed a few players, but we think this list is as complete as any we've ever seen, and fairly accurate.  If anyone spots an error or omission (i.e., we have a player listed at the wrong school, or we missed someone entirely), let us know.  An e-mail would be nice.  Send it to and we'll try to update the list.

We've divided things by college classes (not high school classes), and while it might have been nice to know where so-and-so from the high school class of _____ wound up, that doesn't tell you how long they have left to play in college or when they are scheduled to now graduate (graduation rates is a whole different subject, one we'll get into later), and besides, not everyone stayed with their graduating high school class in terms of college, i.e., some of the players redshirted (medical or otherwise), transferred from other schools or JC's, etc.   Anyway, if you don't spot someone in a class where you expect to see them, look in one of the other classes, because they might be there instead.

Just in terms of sheer numbers alone, it may look like the class of 2007 is the smallest in years, but that's a bit deceiving, because most of the players who will wind up on rosters at D-II, III or NAIA schools won't be known until all of the rosters for those programs are updated by each school's athletic department, something which just hasn't happened yet.   In terms of Division I level, each of the classes is about the same, averaging between 50-60 players each year (scholarship and non-scholarship included).  When all the dust settles, we expect this class to have as many players at the next level as any which preceded it.

So, how many players are there on the list?  Here's the breakdown:

Frosh:    Class of 2007--90 (known so far)
Sophs:   Class of 2006--157
Juniors: Class of 2005--175
Seniors: Class of 2004--160

We'll have some detailed observations in future articles about what these lists mean in terms of recruiting trends and what they may portend for those players currently playing high school ball who have aspirations of continuing their playing careers at the next level.  For now, we simply present the lists.

Current Division I College Freshmen-- Class of 2007

Mohammed Abukar (Rancho Bernardo)--University of Florida
Deshawn Anderson (Washington Union)--Portland State
Trevor Ariza (Westchester)--UCLA
Alex Bausley (Fairfax)--Cal State Sacrament
Kevin Bell (Fairfax)--Louisiana-Lafayette
Michael Bell (Verbum Dei HS)--University of San Francisco
Jarrod Boswell (El Capitan)--Wyoming
Ruben Boykin (LA University)--Northern Arizona
Mark Bradford (Fremont)--Stanford (football)
Bobby Brown (Westchester)--Cal State Fullerton
Davis Cantor (Loyola)--St. Mary's College of California
Lawrence Carrier (San Bernardino/Salisbury Prep)--U.Mass
Larry Cunningham (Downey)--UC Riverside
Scott Cutley (Westchester)--Kent State
Shaun Davis (San Diego Lincoln)--Pepperdine
Marcus Dove (Long Beach Millikan)--Oklahoma State
Jared Dudley (San Diego Horizon)--Boston College
Avi Fogel (Torrey Pines)--University of San Diego
Travon Free (Compton Dominguez)--Long Beach State
David Gale (Buckley/Brewster Academy)--Loyola University Chicago
Jason Gilzene (Fairfax)--Cal State Sacramento
Jimmy Goffredo (Crescenta Valley)--Harvard
Justin Hawkins (Mayfair)--Utah
Kevin Houston (San Gorgonio)--Long Beach State
Ekene Ibekwe (Carson)--Maryland
Perrin Johnson (Claremont)--Cal State Northridge
Josh Kramer (Torrey Pines)--Holy Cross
Eric Lane (St. John Bosco)--Boise State
Marvin Lea  (Riverside King HS) Pepperdine (redshirt freshman)
Robert Locke (Crossroads)--Cal State Northridge
Sean Marshall (Eisenhower)--Boston College
Todd Martin (Upland)--SUNY Albany
Dominic McGuire (San Diego Lincoln)--University of California Berkeley
Sean Phaler (Villa Park)--University of New Mexico
Rayshawn Reed (Inglewood)--Georgetown
David Rhoiney (St. Anthony)--Navy
Frank Robinson (Sylmar/Maine Central Institute)--Eastern Carolina
Chris Rucker (Loyola)--Harvard
Harrison Schaen (Mater Dei)--Princeton
Kyle Shiloh (Garces Memorial)--University of Nevada-Reno
Marcus Slaughter (JW North)--San Diego State
Tron Smith (Canyon Springs)--Arizona State
Whitey Smith (Brea Olinda)--Air Force Academy
Greg Sprink (San Diego El Camino)--Naval Academy

D.J. Strawberry (Mater Dei)--Maryland
Rodney Timmerman (Paso Robles)--Fresno State
Dreshawn Vance (Walnut)--University of Portland
Austin Waggener (Culver City)--Cal State Northridge
Fred Washington (Bishop Montgomery)--Stanford
Wesley Washington (Mater Dei)--Minnesota *(did not gain admission)
Mikel Watson (San Diego El Camino)--Wyoming
Shawn Weinstein (Peninsula)--San Diego State
Wendell White (Redondo Union)--Pepperdine* (did not gain admission, attending College of So. Idaho)
Alan Wiggins (San Diego Horizon)--University of San Francisco
Omar Wilkes (Loyola)--Kansas
Derrick Williams (LA Price)--San Jose State
Marcus Williams (Crenshaw/Oak Hill Academy)--UConn
Adam Zahn (Redondo Union) --University of Oregon (redshirt freshman)


Division II  College Freshmen--Class of 2007

Chris Agnes (St. Augustine)--Morehouse College 
Carlos Corral (Brawley)--Humboldt State University
Jacob Collins (Capistrano Valley HS)--Seattle University
Tyler Hair (Garces Memorial)--Cal State Bakersfield
Billy Hofman (La Canada)--Cal Poly Pomona
Justin Hynes (Upland)--Montana State-Billings
Broderick Johnson (Fresno Washington Union)--Humboldt State
Kejaun Johnson (Artesia)--Humboldt State
Avery McKinney (San Diego Serra)-- Cal State Los Angeles
Marlon Mitchell (Ontario)--Cal State Bakersfield
Travonte Nelson (Mater Dei)--Seattle University
Owen Olson (La Costa Canyon)-- Regis University (CO)
Paul Porter (Bishop Amat)--Sonoma State University
Tim Ross (San Diego Eastlake)--Tuskegee Institute (AL)
Zach Ryan (Garces Memorial)--Cal State Bakersfield
Keith Spencer (Chula Vista Eastlake)--Humboldt State
Jeremiah Ward (AB Miller)--Humboldt State
Jonathan Wiley (Westlake HS)--Montana State-Billings


Division III/NAIA College Freshmen--Class of 2007

Amahl Amedu (Pacific Hills)--The Master's College
Josh Flynn-Brown (Loyola)--Chapman College
Brett DeAngelis (Santa Monica HS)--Concordia University
Kevin Delafu (Troy HS)--Vanguard University
Matt Kaplan (Claremont HS)--Oberlin College (OH)
Arron Cline (Oaks Christian)--University of Great Falls (MT)
Jeremy Cross (Rancho Buena Vista)-- University of Puget Sound
Joey Lindquist (Estancia)--Cal State Monterey Bay
Brian McFadden (Mayfair)--Concordia
Mike Nicoll (Woodbridge)--Washington University St. Louis
Ryan Read (Vista)--The Master's College
David Reichel (Camarillo)--The Master's College
Robert Reynaga (St. John Bosco)--Whittier College
Jason Saunders (Calabasas)--Claremont-Mudd-Scripps

Current Division I College Sophs--Class of 2006

Joe Abrahams (Crossroads)--University of California Berkeley
Hassan Adams (Westchester)--Arizona
Chad Bell (Westchester/New Mexico)--Nevada
Rodrique Benson (Torrey Pines)--University of California Berkeley
Scott Borchart (Chaminade)--Santa Clara University (medical redshirt)
Brandon Bowman (Westchester)--Georgetown
Cecil Brown (Canoga Park HS)--UC Santa Barbara
D.J. Brown (Horizon)-- San Jose State University
JJ Brull (Torrey Pines)--Air Force
Reggie Butler (Long Beach Poly)--Fresno State
Nate Carter (San Diego Horizon)--UC Riverside
Richard Chaney (Verbum Dei)--Utah
Lenny Collins (Santa Margarita)--Cornell
Ashanti Cook (Westchester)--Georgetown
Louis Darby (Sylmar)--Long Beach State
Seth Davis (Pasadena Muir/Pierce JC(WA))--University of Maryland-Baltimore
Tim Drisdom (Calvary Chapel Downey)--Utah
Mike Efevberha (Pomona)--UC Irvine
Erik Engstrom (Mission Viejo)--Army
Keith Everage (Westchester)--San Jose State
Jonathan Folonis (Santa Monica)--UC Riverside
Mike Ferrera (San Dimas HS)--UC Riverside
Kevin Gardner (Peninsula)--Boston University
Aaron Gipson (Kaiser HS)--University of Oregon (football)
Jeff Gloger (Mission Viejo)--UC Irvine
Alex Graham (Redlands)--Long Beach State
Brandon Gray (Cathedral City HS)--University of Nevada-Las Vegas (football)
Matt Green (El Toro)--Navy
Patrick Haddan (Woodbridge)--University of Pennsylvania
Gary Hamilton (Dorsey)--Miami (FL)
Quinn Hawking (Anaheim)--UCLA
John Haywood (Bishop Amat)--Loyola Marymount University
Ryan Hollins (Pasadena Muir)--UCLA
Onye Ibekwe (Crenshaw)--Oklahoma State
Eugene Jeter (Gardena Serra)--Portland
Bobby Jones (Long Beach Poly)--University of Washington
Antonio Lawrence (San Joaquin Memorial)--San Jose State (declared for NBA draft--left school)
Sergei Lepiashinski (Reseda HS)--Cal State Northridge
Marcedes Lewis (Long Beach Poly)--UCLA
Rommel Marentez (San Diego St. Augustine)--UC Davis
Bryant Markson (Monrovia HS)--Utah
Antoine McGee (Moreno Valley/Mercersberg Prep)--Colorado
Cory McJimson (Eisenhower/Pierce JC (WA))--University of Maryland-Baltimore
Matt McKinney (Santa Ynez)--UCLA
Paul Meynen (Redondo Union)--Northern Arizona
A.J. Minney (Santa Clara)--Northern Arizona
Greg Nelson (Carlsbad) --University of San Diego
Moulaye Niang (El Cajon Christian)--Kansas
Travis Niesen (Mission Viejo)--Santa Clara University
Alex Nieto (The Bishop's School)--University of San Diego
Eric Osmundson (St. Augustine/University of Utah)--University of Pennsylvania
Antoine Parker (LA Washington Prep)--Cal State Northridge
Ulric Pattillo (Narbonne)--Long Beach State
Kenton Paulino (LA Fremont/Maine Central Institute)--Texas
Darryl Pegram (AB Miller/Worcester Academy/Indiana University)--Loyola Marymount
Alvin Reed (San Bernardino/Lawrence Academy Prep)--Colgate
Brandon Rohe ( Santa Margarita)--Santa Clara University
Richard Rose (Hanford)--University of the Pacific
Bilal Russell (Fresno)--Howard University
Fernando Sampson (Fairfax)--Cal Poly SLO
Thomas Shewmake (Cathedral City)--Cal State Northridge
Craig Smith (Fairfax/Worcester Academy)--Boston College
Martin Smith (The Bishop's School)--University of California Berkeley
Giovanni St. Amant (St. John Bosco)--UTEP
Adam Tancredi (Santa Margarita/New Hampton Prep)--Quinnipiac University
San Vance (San Diego Lincoln)--Oregon State University
Wes Wardrop (Loara/Worcester Acaemy)-- Loyola Marymount University
David Warsaw (Crenshaw/El Camino CC)--Cal State Fullerton
Craig Weinstein (Harvard-Westlake)--American
Derek Wheeler (Woodbridge)-UC Santa Barbara
Michael Wilds (Dorsey/Chipola CC, Fla)--Utah State
Ike Williams (Murrieta Valley)--UCLA
Donald Wilson (LA Dorsey)--Portland
Antoine Wright (San Bernardino/Lawrence Academy)--Texas A&M


Division II College Sophs --Class of 2006

Lamar Abbot (San Diego/Palomar CC)--Sonoma State
Shaddean Aaron (Claremont HS)--Western Washington University
Jonathan Boyd (Etiwanda)--Cal Poly Pomona
DeJesus Brown (Victor Valley)--Cal State Los Angeles
Sterling Byrd (Compton Centennial)--Cal State Dominguez Hills
Rashawn Childs (Los Angeles/Compton City College)--Angelo State University
Tim Clark (La Jolla)--San Francisco State
Ryan Cooke (Temecula Chaparral)--UC San Diego
David Conte (Costa Mesa)--Cal State Los Angeles
Ryan Diggs (Silverado HS)--Western Washington University
CJ Fellars (Vista)--BYU-Hawaii
Jamel Gay (Artesia)--Cal State Dominguez Hills
Saul Lankster (Compton Centennial)--Cal State Dominguez Hills
Tyrone Marshall (Eisenhower)--Cal Poly Pomona
Ryan Meilleur (Artesia)--Cal State Dominguez Hills
Cameron Munoz (Claremont)--Montana State-Billings
Melvyn Nicholson (Long Beach Millikan)--Cal Poly Pomona
Chris Randall (Newbury Park HS)--UC San Diego (redshirt)
Michael Roche (Long Beach Poly)--Cal State Dominguez Hills
Tim Ross (Eastlake)--Tuskegee Institute (AL)
Jordan Rush (Crossroads)--Western Washington University
Anthony Smith (Compton Centennial)--Cal State Los Angeles
Matthew Sweany (Capistrano Valley)--UC San Diego
Sean Tower (San Diego Claremont)--UC San Diego
Benas Veikalas (San Diego Horizon)--Metro State College (CO)
Jordan Walker (Fontana HS/LA Valley College)--Angelo State University (TX)
Vince Williams (Hollywood HS/SW Oregon JC)--Texas AM-Kingsville
Yoseph Yaisrael (Alta Loma HS)--Cal State San Bernardino
Zach Zanoli (Aliso Niguel)--UC San Diego


Division III/NAIA College Sophs --Class of 2006

Wendell Austin (Bishop Montgomery)--UC Santa Cruz
George Balderas (Bishop Amat)--University of La Verne
Isaiah Barney (Calvary Chapel Santa Ana)--Vanguard University
Jared Bender (Anaheim Canyon HS)--Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Fla.)
Fernando Berreda (Sylmar HS)--UC Santa Cruz
Tony Bryant (Villa Park/Compton Dominguez)--Benedict College South Carolina
Tim Burnette (San Clemente/Washington State)--Vanguard University
Bobby Cole (Modesto Christian HS)--Spring Hill College (Alabama)
Jon Cooley (Twentynine Palms)--University of Maine-Presque Isle
Richard Coombs (Diamond Ranch)--Chapman University
Scott Davies (San Diego)--Cal Tech
Nick Debban (Clovis West HS)--Westmont College
Evan Demkiw (La Costa Canyon)--University of Redlands
Daniel Duncan (Santa Clarita Christian HS)--Christian Heritage College
Josh Dunaj (Riverside Poly HS)--Westmont College
Chad Eichten (Canyon Country Canyon)--Chapman University
Adrian Ferrera (Fontana)--University of La Verne
Evan Flagg (Diamond Ranch HS)--Pomona-Pitzer College
Jake Franzen (Capistrano Valley)--Emory University
Justin Gleitman (Los Angeles Pacific Hills)--Menlo College
Nick Gonzales (El Cajon/Cuyamaca JC)--Christian Heritage College
Erik Giesler (Brea-Olinda)--Whittier College
Andrew Gill (Paraclete HS)--Holy Names College
Jason Greenlee (Moorpark/U.C. Davis)--University of La Verne
Greg Grier (Mira Costa)--California Lutheran University
Samir Hernandez (Compton Dominguez)--Hope International University
Jared Hinkle (Canyon Country)--Pacific Union College
Marc Holmquist (Saugus)--University of La Verne
Day Ivy (Inglewood)--Cal Tech
Jared Lloyd (Long Beach St. Anthony's)--Cal State Monterey Bay
Jeremy Lopez (Riverside Poly HS)--California Baptist University
Antouan Mesropian (Glendora)--University of La Verne
Kasey Myers (Thousand Oaks)--Azusa Pacific University
Shane O'Connor (Diamond Bar)--University of La Verne
Caanan Owens (Calvary Chapel Santa Ana)--Concordia University
John Parker (El Cajon)--Dominican University of California
Jonathan Penberthy (Fresno)--The Master's College
David Pendleton (Los Angeles)--Hope International University
Greg Perrine (Newport Harbor)--Chapman University
Zach Phillips (Upland)--Occidental College
Brice Prather (Villa Park/Cal)--Azusa Pacific University
Tim Prickett (Norwalk)--Whittier College
Trey Putnam (Santa Barbara)--Dominican University of California
Matt Raitz (Long Beach)--Hope International University
Dean Reich (Moorpark)--Cal Tech
Leon Rosborough (Riverside MLK)--Vanguard University
David Shellman (Whittier)--University of Saint Mary (KS)
Max Shapiro (Beverly Hills)--Menlo College
Lance Soderberg (Canyon Springs/Redshirt)--Azusa Pacific University
Burke Spencer (Esperanza)--Chapman University
Jon Todd (Chaminade)--University of Chicago
Aaron Tudor (Trabuco Hills HS)--Westmont College
David Werdel (Santa Ana Valley)--Chapman University
Zach Wheatley (Fountain Valley)--Chapman University
Ryan Williams (Hemet West Valley HS)--California Baptist University
Robbie Wizenberg (Harvard-Westlake)--Emory University
Josh Zazulia (Palm Desert)--Claremont-Mudd-Scripps

Current Division I College Juniors--Class of 2005

Fowzi Abdelsamad (Fairfax)--UC Davis
Alex Acker (Eisenhower HS)--Pepperdine
Adam Allegro (Agoura)--Navy
Hardy Asprilla (La Serna)--Cal State Fullerton
Romel Beck (Fontana/LACC)--UNLV
Andreas Bloch (Fresno Central)--Villanova
Daniel Bobik (Newbury Park HS/Brigham Young University)--Oklahoma State University
Nick Booker (The Bishop's School)--Davidson College (NC)
Cedric Bozeman (Mater Dei)--UCLA
Jason Braxton (Canyon Springs)--Arizona State
DJ Brown (San Diego Horizon/Imperial Valley CC)--San Jose State
JaQay Carlyle (JW North/Holderness Prep/LA CC)--UC Davis
Josh Childress (Mayfair)-- Stanford
Doyle Cole (Gardena Serra/Jacksonville CC)--Western Illinois
Sean Cole (St. Monica's)--Texas A&M Corpus Christi
Anthony Coleman (Compton Centennial/Xavier Univ.)--Long Beach State
Ron Coleman (San Diego Horizon)--Cal State University Sacramento
Marques Crane (Artesia/Ocean View/Saddleback CC)--Utah State
Derrick Craven (Bishop Montgomery)--University of Southern California
Errick Craven (Bishop Montgomery)--University of Southern California
Nick Curtis (Oxnard)--University of Southern California
Amani Daanish (Pacific Hills/Cowley CC)--Indiana State
Nate Daniels (Escondido/Fitchburg Prep/Fresno State/Broward CC)--Louisville
Anthony Davis (Inglewood HS)--Austin Peay
Chris Davis (Crenshaw)--Cal State Northridge
Lionel Davis (Upland/Chaffey CC)--Idaho
Edwin Draughn (Mayfair)--Yale
Isaiah Fox (Crossroads)--University of Arizona
Joe Frazier (Pasadena Muir)--Cal State Northridge
Michael Frazier (San Jacinto/Mt. San Jacinto JC)--Northern Colorado
William Frisby (Fresno City College)--Miami (Fl)
Will Funn (Bloomington HS/San Bernardino Valley JC)--Portland State
Herbert Garcia (Santa Ana JC)--University of San Francisco
Justin Garcia (Jurupa Valley/Northern Arizona/San Bernardino CC)--Washington State
Gregg Guenther, Jr. (Taft)--University of Southern California
Mike Hall (San Bernardino/Dixie JC)--Brigham Young
Travis Hanour (Laguna Beach/University of Arizona)--San Diego State
Jermaine Harper (Fullerton/Blue Ridge Academy/University of Virginia)--Cal State Fullerton
EJ Harris (Crenshaw/Washington State)--Cal State Sacramento
Andre Hazel (Artesia HS/Nevada-Reno)--University of San Francisco
Chris Hernandez (Clovis West)--Stanford
Tito Hill (Chaminade/St. Andrews Prep, Fla)--Columbia University
Michael Hubbard (Bellflower/Diablo Valley CC)--University of San Diego
Dommanic Ingerson (Santa Barbara HS/University of Michigan)--University of San Francisco
David Jobe (Diablo Valley CC)--UC Riverside
Josiah Johnson (Montclair Prep )--UCLA
Tommy Johnson (Crenshaw)--San Diego State
David Joiner (Rialto)--Cal State Sacramento
Matt Kemper (Fresno/Irvine Valley College)--University of the Pacific
Jerrad Knotts (Colton)--SUNY Albany
Danny Lambert (Irvine)--Cal State Fullerton
Kalen Mahoney (North Hollywood/Marine Military Academy)--Northwestern State
Chris Manker (Laguna Beach/Oregon State)--San Diego State
Peter McCaslin (Chadwick HS)--University of Southern California
Marko Mihailovic (Palisades HS/Santa Monica CC)--University of the Pacific
Ryan Moore (Brea-Olinda)--UC Davis
Steve Moore (Compton Dominguez/Santa Ana CC/Eastern Okla. CC)--Arizona State
Vili Morton (Twentynine Palms HS)--UC Riverside
Gene Myvett (Littlerock HS)--Cal State Northridge
Anthony Naylor (Southwestern Academy/Northfield Mt. Hermon)--University of San Francisco
Tyler Newton (Burbank/Shasta JC)--University of the Pacific
Floyd North (San Diego University/Oregon State)--University of San Diego
Chrismen Oliver (St. Bernard's HS)--UC Santa Barbara
George O'Garro (Sylmar)--Navy
Rory O'Neil (Ridgecrest Burroughs)--University of Southern California
Brandon Owens (Pacific Hills/Dominguez/St. Thomas More)--Monmouth University
Scott Pace (Brawley Union)--Army
Andre Patterson (Washington Prep/UCLA)--Tennessee
Cody Pearson (Sherman Oaks Notre Dame)--Long Beach State
Kevin Pinkney (Colton)--University of Nevada-Reno
Olumuyiwa Popoola (Gardena/Blue Ridge Academy)--Radford
Ricky Porter (Mater Dei)--UC Riverside
Brian Pruitt (Bishop Montgomery)--Cal State Fullerton
Allen Purnell (Savanna HS/Fullerton CC)--University of the Pacific
Tyrone Riley (LACC)--University of San Francisco
Keith Sconiers (Washington Union/Irvine Valley JC)--Portland State
Kirk Snyder (Upland)--University of Nevada-Reno
Corey Starks (Chaffey CC)--UMKC
J.R. Stephens (Chino Hills Ayala)--UC Irvine
Wesley Stokes (Long Beach Poly/University of Missouri)--San Diego State
Joe Travis (Long Beach Poly/Cal State Fullerton/Fullerton CC)--Georgia State
Dijon Thompson (Redondo Union)--UCLA
Blake Walker (Cajon/San Bernardino Valley CC)--Portland State
Reggie Wallace (Pasadena/Mt. San Antonio CC)--University of Texas-San Antonio
Chris Walton (USDHS)--San Diego State
DeMarcus Williams (Upland HS/University of Washington/Mt. Sac)--U.C. Irvine
Jamaal Williams (Corona Centennial/New Mexico)--Washington


Division II College Juniors--Class of 2005

Ryan Abrahams (Pacific Hills/LA Valley College)--University of Hawaii-Hilo
Carlos Arroyo (Bell-Jeff/Cal State Dominguez Hills/LA Pierce JC)--Angelo State
Randy Bland (San Diego HS/Cuyamaca JC)--University of Nebraska-Omaha
Jeff Bonds (Mayfair)--Cal Poly Pomona
Walter Bratton (Ontario HS/Citrus College)--Cal State Dominguez Hills
Dwayne Brown (Bakersfield/Moberly CC, Mo.)--Cal State Bakersfield
Kemmy Burgess (San Diego El Cajon/Vanguard University)--University of Alaska-Anchorage
Jason Burrell (Ontario)--Western Washington University
Alex Cabagnot (Bell-Jeff/LA Valley College)--University of Hawaii-Hilo
Jason Chivers (Palmdale Highland HS/LA Trade Tech)--Seattle Pacific University
Montel Duhon (Venice HS/LA Valley JC)--Angelo State University
Osadonor "Skip" Esene (Inglewood/LA City College)--University of Hawaii-Hilo
Jordan Feramisco (San Diego/Palomar JC)--Humboldt State
Trea Fortier (Palmdale/Antelope Valley JC)--Montana State-Billings
Justin Griffin (Corona/Saddleback JC)--University of Hawaii-Hilo
David Holmes (North Hollywood)--University of Dallas
Doug Little (Diamond Bar HS/Citrus College)--Chico State
Anthony Locke (Crossroads)--Morehouse College
Abe Lorenzana (Long Beach/Cypress College)--Cal State Bakersfield
Donyare Mayfield (Vista)-- Glenville State College (WV)
Steve McMaryien (Palisades/West LA City College)--University of Hawaii-Hilo
Scott Metcalf (Temescal Canyon HS/Citrus College)--Hawaii-Chaminade
Darren Peterson (Long Beach Jordan)--Cal Poly Pomona
Cliff Riley (Moorpark)--University of Dallas
Chris Smith (San Bernardino/Cal State Fullerton)--University of Alaska-Fairbanks
David Sybesma (Corona Centennial)--Cal Poly Pomona
Joe Travis (Long Beach Poly/Fullerton College)--University of Hawaii-Hilo (note--also listed on Georgia State roster)
Tamas Varga (Citrus College)--Columbus State (GA)
Alex Vasquez (Citrus College)--Cal State Dominguez Hills

Matthew Vaughn (San Diego Scripps Ranch)--Colorado Christian
Calvert Wright (LA Locke/LACC)--Cal State Los Angeles
William White (San Diego Morse)--Cal State Dominguez Hills
Skylar Wilson (Indio/Hawaii/Scottsdale CC)--Northwest Missouri State University


Division III/NAIA College Juniors --Class of 2005

Alex Al-Sabah (Woodbridge HS)--UC Santa Cruz
Rashawn Allen (La Jolla Country Day)--Emory University
Dan Artiano (Rancho Bernardo)--Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
Julian Assibey (Downey)--William Penn University (IA)
Minas Be-Emnet (San Diego Mt. Carmel HS)--UC Santa Cruz
Kyle Bechler (Glendora HS)--Westmont College
Torin Beeler (Calvary Chapel Santa Ana/Ocean View HS/Liberty University)--Concordia University
Chris Brazelton (Redlands East Valley)--UC Santa Cruz
Tim Brown (El Cajon Christian/Grossmont JC)--California Baptist University
Jaris Cole (The Bishop's School)--Williams College (MA)
Brendan Cotter (Fountain Valley)--Vanguard University
Eddie Courtemarche (Los Alamitos)--Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
Jason Davis (Los Angeles)--Newman University (KS)
Grant Drake (Palmdale)--Simpson College
Kyle Egkan (Villa Park/Pt. Loma Nazarene Univ.)--Vanguard University.
Chris Guitierrez (Torrance)--Cal Tech
James Hartman (Laguna Niguel/Irvine Valley College)--Vanguard University
Todd Hurst (Covina)--University of La Verne
Francis Ireifej (Mission Viejo HS)--Pt. Loma Nazarene University
Othell Johnson (Carson/Cal Poly Pomona)--Christian Heritage College
Derek Jones (Providence HS)--UC Santa Cruz
Jared Jungwirth (Camarillo)--Cal State Monterey Bay
Rob Keller (Lakeside El Capitan)--Washington University St. Louis
Jeff Lamb (Temple City)--Cal Tech
Michael Lay (Verbum Dei HS)--Concordia University (Ore.)
Landon Lewis (Brea Olinda)--Chapman University
Elliott Linsley (Murrietta Valley)--Bates College
Shawn Lokar (Western Christian)--University of La Verne
Matt MacGinnis (Villa Park HS)--Pt. Loma Nazarene University
DeVerion Mackey (Pasadena Marshall)--Azusa Pacific University
Ricardo Marentez (St. Augustine)--Menlo College
Nate McClug (Fresno Central HS/West Hills JC)--Eastern Oregon University
Ian McKeithen (Orange Glen)-- Dakota State University (SD)
Brad Meister (Western Christian HS)--Whitworth College
Adam Missry (YULA)--Yeshiva University
Johnny Morales (Los Angeles)--University of Saint Mary (KS)
David Newkirk (Maranatha)--Biola University
Mike Peterson (South Torrance)--Whitman College
Billy Proctor (La Costa Canyon)--Cal Lutheran University
Michael Reich (Chadwick HS)--Colorado College
Steven Reid (Clovis West)--Oberlin College
Matt Robles (Garces Memorial HS)--UC Santa Cruz
Ron Russ (Moorpark)--California Lutheran University
Anthony Scott (San Diego)-- Dakota State University (SD)
Aaron Smith (Hemet)--Whittier College
John Stark (Sylmar/First Lutheran HS/Concordia-Nebraska)--Pacific Lutheran University
Ralph Steele (Citrus College)--Seattle Pacific
John Temidara (Sante Fe Springs)--Whittier College
Xio Wang (Cerritos)--Cal Tech
Brandon Warner (Mission Bay)-- Campbellsville University (KY)
Jimmy White (Pacific Hills)--St. Lawrence University
Donte' Witherspoon (Van Nuys Grant)--University of La Verne
Andrew Zahn (Redondo Union/University of Arizona)--Biola University

Current Division I College Seniors--Class of 2004

Derrick Andrew (Rancho Cucamonga)--Cal State Fullerton
Jacoby Atako (Santa Monica)--UC Santa Barbara
Aras Baskauskas (Santa Monica)--UC Irvine
Anthony Bolton (San Diego Vista)--Cal State Fullerton
Myree Bowden (Bakersfield/Cabrillo College)--University of the Pacific
Travon Bryant (Long Beach Jordan)--Missouri
John Clark (Mission Bay/Grossmont JC)--Cal State Northridge
Travis Clark (Carlsbad)-- Long Beach State
T.J. Cummings (La Jolla)--UCLA
Joseth Dawson (Fontana/Mt. SAC)--Cal State Sacramento
AJ Diggs (Long Beach Poly)--University of California
Nick Dodson (Verbum Dei/Howard University)--Mt. St. Mary's
Branduinn Fullove (Simi Valley HS)--UC Santa Barbara
Sherman Gay (Compton Dominguez)--Loyola Marymount
Byron Gholston (Bakersfield/Bakersfield JC)--Northern Colorado
Steve Hamilton (Upland)--Portland State
Lamar Harris (Compton Centennial)--Colorado
Aaron Haynes (Fresno)--Boise State
Gabriel Hughes (Bishop Montgomery)--University of California
Bradley Jackson (Inglewood)--Texas A&M
Marcus Jenkins (Lompoc Cabrillo)--Air Force
Teyo Johnson (San Diego Mira Mesa)--Stanford University
Joel Jones (San Diego Montgomery/Grossmont JC)--Cal State Sacramento
Nick Jones (Santa Clara HS)--UC Santa Barbara
Zack Jones, Jr. (San Diego Horizon/San Diego CC)--UC Riverside
Will Kimble (Pacific HS)--Pepperdine University
Keith Kincade (Compton Dominguez/West Virginia)--Loyola Marymount
Ashley Knowlton (Clovis West/West Valley JC)--Fresno State
Russell Lakey (Harvard-Westlake)--Vanderbilt
Shantay Legans (Dos Pueblos/Cal Berkeley)--Fresno State
Denver Lopez (West Covina)--Cal State Fullerton
Derrick Mansell (Mater Dei)--Montana
Brennan Martin (Trabuco Hills/Hargrave Military)--U.Mass
Carvell McAllister (Fresno/Eastern Wyoming JC)--University of Denver
Glen McGowan (San Diego Serra/Venice HS/Notre Dame Prep)--Pepperdine
Marcus Moore (Redondo Union/Compton Dominguez)--Washington State
Ellis Myles (Compton Centennial)--Louisville
Joe Nichols (Whittier California HS)--Cal State Fullerton
Matt Okoro (Buena Park)--UC Irvine
Adam Parada (Alta Loma)--UC Irvine
Mark Peters (Moreno Valley/San Bernardino Valley JC)--UC Riverside
Marquise Poole (Compton Centennial/Eastern Washington)--Idaho State
James Randle (Lemoore)--Northern Colorado
Aerick Sanders (Gardena Serra)--San Diego State
Bray Skultety (San Diego Orange Glen HS)--UC Santa Barbara
Cedric Thompkins (Westchester)--Cal State Sacramento
Darnell Thompson (Rubidoux HS/Riverside CC)--Long Beach State
Wayne Tinsley (Fontana/Salisbury Prep)--Tulane
Andre Torres (Eastlake HS)--San Diego State
Kevin Turner (Diamond Bar/Fullerton JC)--Texas A&M
Robert Turner (Western HS)--Pepperdine
Lloyd Walls (Esperanza)--Cal State Fullerton
Chris Walton (University of San Diego High School)--San Diego State University
Ben Wardrop (Loara HS)--San Diego State


Division II College Seniors--Class of 2004

Aaron Abrams (Rancho Buena Vista/Wyoming/Palomor JC)--University of the Pacific-Hawaii
Geovanny Aispuro (Long Beach/Cerritos JC)--Cal State Dominguez Hills
Sterling Brown (LA Hamilton)--San Francisco State
DaShawn Davis (Los Angeles/Colby JC)--Angelo State University
Ryan Earl (Tustin)--Longwood University
Trenell Eddings (Rialto/UC Riverside)--Cal State San Bernardino
Brian Faulstich (La Costa Canyon)--Chico State
Lance Goeddel (Rancho Bernardo)--Colorado Christian
Steve Henderson (Huntington Beach)--Colorado Christian
Fred Hooks (San Diego Horizon)--Humboldt State
Conor Hulburt (USDHS)--Chico State
Cameron Jackson (Tustin)--UC San Diego
Marques Jordan (Artesia/Galt/UNLV)--Sonoma State
Dustin Kaatz (Marina HS)--Humboldt State
Mike Keddington (Oxnard Channel Islands/Grossmont JC)--University of Alaska-Anchorage
Lamar Lawrence (Hawthorne/Pasadena CC)--Cal State Dominguez Hills
Charles Logan (Moreno Valley/San Bernardino Valley JC)--Cal State Dominguez Hills
Mychal Lynch (Price HS)--San Francisco State
Dumas Martin (Ontario/Chaffey College)--Cal State San Bernardino
Jack May (Ayala/University of Idaho)--North Dakota State University
Calvin Melaney (San Diego)--South Dakota State University
Eduardo Morales (East Los Angeles CC)--Cal State Dominguez Hills
Kyle Moyneur (San Diego San Pasqual HS)--UC San Diego
Avery Queen (Moreno Valley/Redemption Christian Prep (NY)/Univ. of Michigan)--University of Southern Indiana
James Perkins (Cerritos/Cerritos JC)--Cal State San Bernardino
T.K. Reed (Sylmar HS/Moorpark College)--Cal State San Bernardino
Marquis Revels (Rialto/Mt. San Jacinto)--University of Alaska-Fairbanks
Ryan Rikansrud (Corona)--UC San Diego
Mike Ross (Los Angeles/Mesa College)--Cal State San Bernardino
LeMar Ruffin (Chapparal HS/Coppin State)--Cal State Los Angeles
Jocquis Sconiers (San Bernardino Valley College)--University of Alaska-Fairbanks
Jerrett Skrifvars (Brea-Olinda)--Montana State-Billings
Nic Vavakin (Chino Hills Ayala/Humboldt State)--Cal State Los Angeles
Abel Velarde (Cudahy/East LA CC)--Cal State Dominguez Hills
DeAndre Walker (Los Angeles/Santa Rosa JC)--San Francisco State
Jonathan Williams (Pasadena Muir)--Cal Poly Pomona
Alfred Williams (Bakersfield HS/Dixie JC/Southern Utah)--Cal State Bakersfield
Terrell Young (Alan Hancock JC)--Fort Hays State Univeristy


Division III/NAIA College Seniors --Class of 2004

Conrad Adamczak (Pacific Hills/Santa Monica JC)--Vanguard University
Zareh Avedian (Glendale Hoover)--California Lutheran University
Dion Aye (Whittier)--Southern University New Orleans
Dwight Blair (Compton Dominguez)--Chapman University
Maury Brown (Ramona HS)--Dominican University
Martin Castro (Santa Monica HS)--Notre Dame de Namur University
Paul Charles (Fresno)--Northwestern Oklahoma State University
Brian Daniels (Costa Mesa)--Holy Names College
Tony Davis (Cerritos)--Whittier College
James DeLoach (Los Angeles)--William Penn University (IA)
Ryan Dillon (Apple Valley HS/Cal State Fullerton)--Azusa Pacific University
Tommy Driffill (El Centro/Tabor College)--Christian Heritage College
Christian Dundas (Bishop Amat)--Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
Etienne Emanuel (Nordhoff)--California Lutheran University
Chris Ferguson (LA University HS/West LA CC)--Evergreen State College (WA)
Steve Ford (Monrovia/Rio Hondo College)--Concordia University (Ore.)
Chris Gagne (Santee)--Whittier College
Jeff Grgas (Los Alamitos)--Westmont College
Antoine Griffen (Long Beach/Citrus College)--Cal State Monterey Bay
Johnathan Harper (Long Beach Poly)--Xavier University Lousiana
Jonathon Harris (Spring Valley Monte Vista HS)--Milligan College (TN)
Kevin Hemans (San Gabriel)--Hope International University
Gary Holmes (Fontana HS/Eastern Washington)--Cal Baptist University
Marvin Isaac (Inglewood HS/Grays Harbor CC)--Evergreen State College (WA)
Travis James (Lompoc)--Warner Southern College (FL)
Andre Johnson (Carson HS)--Concordia University (OR)
Nick Johnson (LA Southwest College)--Cal State Monterey Bay
Marques Jones (Fresno)--Pacific Union College
Khary Lands (Moreno Valley HS)--California Baptist University
Terrell Langston (Los Angeles)--University of La Verne
D.Jay Lucas (Chino Hills/Cypress JC)--Concordia University
Kenneth Ly (West Covina)--Cal Tech
Brandon Mates (Lancaster)--University of Mary (ND)
Mark Mayfield (Los Angeles/Savannah Tech)--University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
Marc McCoy (Ayala)--University of La Verne
Jeff McDaniel (Temecula/Monterey Bay)--Concordia University (CA)
Micah McKinney (Compton Dominguez)--The Master's College
Brett Michel (Simi Valley)--Azusa Pacific University
Mike Miller (Long Beach/Compton JC)--Cal State Monterey Bay
Vincent Minjares (Damien)--Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
Ryan Moreau (Fountain Valley/Cuesta College)--Vanguard University
Wheeler Morgan (Brawley Union HS)--Swarthmore College
Danny Parker (Clovis West HS)--The Master's College
Josh Pierson (Laguna Hills/Cal State Fullerton)--Vanguard Univeristy
Brad Pingle (Brentwood)--Notre Dame de Namur University
Chris Prins (Calvin Christian HS)--Calvin College (MI)
Billy Proctor (La Costa Canyon)--California Lutheran University
Steve Reese (Baldwin Park)--University of La Verne
Danny Rosales (Bell Gardens)--Azusa Pacific University
Steve Rugg (Corona)--University of La Verne
Isaac Russ (Moreno Valley Valley View HS)--Benedictine University
Maurice Sanchez (Scripps Ranch)--Pt. Loma Nazarene University
Kerel Sharfner (Beverly Hills)--California Lutheran University
Logan Steinhauer (West Torrance)--California Lutheran University
Gerome Templeton (Poway HS)--Fresno Pacific University
Lamar Tillman (LA Palisades HS)--Warner Pacific College
Birmah Vonjo (Santa Monica CC)--Cal State Monterey Bay
Josh Warren (San Diego/Pierce JC (WA))--Cal State Monterey Bay
Brian Webb (Los Angeles)--University of La Verne
Steve Wetzel (Ayala)--University of La Verne
Don Williams (Altadena)--Dakota State University
Jason Williams (St. Joseph Santa Maria/Cuesta JC)--Greensboro College

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