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San Diego Previews:  Harbor League Preview--(Dec. 5, 2003)

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CIF San Diego Section HS
Basketball Previews


2003-2004 Season


This year, as in years past, our San Diego Previews are brought to you courtesy of the San Diego Basketball Coaches' Association.   Much of the material which follows in this and other related articles will have already found its way to various newspapers in San Diego, including the SD Union Tribune.   We haven't checked the papers, and even if they do publish some of this stuff, the info will likely be formatted differently....but that's beside the point.  We want to pass the info along, in a semi-timely fashion, so we're not going to procrastinate any longer. And before you ask, we can't exactly explain who the SDBCA really is, or who had input into putting this stuff together.  Just know this:  We didn't do it, so if you disagree or think this stuff is just too wacky, well, blame them, not us.  And if it happens to be an accurate prediction of how the season turns out, then of course, we're going to take all the credit.

Here's the San Diego Harbor League Preview, team by team, in the order of predicted finish:.

Harbor League

1) Coronado (Division 4, Coronado)

Head Coach: Sandy Dillon (11th Year)
Last year’s record: 20 – 6 (7 – 3, tied for 1st)
Last year’s playoffs: Lost in Semi-finals.
Key players: Tony Moore (Sr, 6’03"), Brett Milke (Sr, 6’05")
Losses to overcome: Jimmy Harrison (transferred to Virginia), Warren Hebert (graduation)
Summary: Moore and Milke form the best offensive tandem in the league, and should propel the Islanders to another league crown. Size and experience are on their side and should make them a legitimate CIF contender.

2) Hoover (Division 2, San Diego)

Head Coach: Ollie Goulston (1st Year)
Last year’s record:
6 – 18 (5 – 5, tied for 4th)
Last year’s playoffs:
Key players:
Kenneth Maye (Sr, 5’10"), JayDee Luster (Fr, 5’09"), Mark Hall (Sr, 6’08"), Todd Doxey (Fr, 6’00"), Ryon White (So, 6’07")
Losses to overcome:
Jean Almonor (graduation), Curtis Webster
Luster is the real deal and forms a super quick backcourt with Maye and Doxey. Lack of experience is a concern, but the Cardinals should be very tough as the season wears on if Hall and White produce inside.

3) Clairemont (Division 3, Clairemont)

Head Coach: Brian Keiser (2nd Year)
Last year’s record: 15 – 9 (7 – 3, tied for 1st)
Last year’s playoffs: Lost in Quarterfinals.
Key players: Kenny Barker (Sr, 6’01"), Dominic Stafford (Sr, 6’02"), Kyle Siskowic (Jr, 6’02"), David Olson (Jr, 6’07"), Kenny Welch (So, 6’04")
Losses to overcome: Mike Williams (graduation)
Summary: Barker is an offensive force that is hard to stop but the Chiefs will need some other players to step up offensively. The Chiefs’ experience could be a real factor in an improved league.

4) Crawford (Division 3, San Diego)

Head Coach: Chris Burns (4th Year)
Last year’s record: 10 – 17 (5 – 5, tied for 4th)
Last year’s playoffs: None
Key players: Jarrod West (Sr, 6’03"), Tethloc Tut (Sr, 6’05"), Maurice Clady (Jr, 5’09"), Jabary Lemmons (Jr, 6’03"), LePhonte Turner (Jr, 6’02")
Losses to overcome: Mark Banks (graduation), Jerrett Harris (graduation), Pur Lam (graduation)
Summary: Banks and Harris will be tough to replace, but West can score points in a hurry. Clady is an improving player who will run the point. The athletic Colts should be a solid team but must develop some inside game in order to contend for the league crown.

5) Christian (Division 4, El Cajon)

Head Coach: Tobin Wilkens (2nd Year)
Last year’s record: 6 – 19 (0 – 10, 6th)
Last year’s playoffs: None
Key players: Tyrone Shelley (Fr, 6’05")
Losses to overcome: Jesse Lebeau (transferred to Alaska)
Summary: Shelley is a good young player who will have to do everything for the undermanned Patriots. Loss of Lebeau devastates their perimeter game and outside shooting.

6) Madison (Division 3, Kearny Mesa)

Head Coach: Rick Jackson (1st Year)
Last year’s record: 9 – 13 (6 –4, 3rd)
Last year’s playoffs: Lost in 1st Round.
Key players: Nelson Bavongkhoung (Sr, 5’10")
Losses to overcome: Daniel Rios (Mesa College), Verlain Betofe (graduation)
Summary: Graduation losses will be hard to overcome for the Warhawks who look to Bavongkhoung to lead a young group.

Player of the Year: Brett Milke (Coronado)

All-Harbor League:

Kenny Barker (Clairemont)
Mark Hall (Hoover)
JayDee Luster (Hoover)
Brett Milke (Coronado)
Tyrone Shelley (Christian)

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