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2003-04 SCIBCA CIF-SS Girls' Division IV
Polls For Feb. 2--(Feb. 2, 2004)

Here's the weekly poll for the week of February 2, 2004.   Only two more polls to go before the playoffs, so if a team is going to make a move, this is the week it should happen.  The final CIF-SS games will be held on Friday, February 13, 2004, and after that, all regular season competition will cease, and only those teams competing in the playoffs will be eligible for additional post-season competition, first in the CIF-SS Section Championships, and then, if a team is lucky to advance, to the California State Southern Regional Championship, from which only one team in each of the five overall major enrollment divisions (I, II, III, IV and V) will advance to the State Finals to compete against the Northern California Regional Champs in each division at Arco Arena in March.  We're a long way from there, but that's just to give you an overview of the system at work.

In the meantime, these are the Division IV-AA and IV-A polls for the week of February 2, 2004, effective through the games played last Saturday, January 31, 2004.   If you have a complaint about these polls, remember, they are not ours; we're just passing them along from SCIBCA who compile them on  behalf of the CIF-SS. 


1. Marlborough 1. Brentwood
2. Valley Christian/C 2. Windward
3. St Mary’s 3T. Bell-Jeff
4. Twentynine Palms 3T. Calvary Chapel/Downey
5. St Paul 5. Cantwell Sacred Heart
6. Serra 6. Ontario Christian
7. Morro Bay 7. Montclair Prep
8. Carpinteria 8. Flintridge Prep
9. St Monica 9. Arrowhead Christian
10. Palos Verdes 10. Whittier Christian
Others: Oaks Christian, Whitney Others: St Margaret’s, Brethren Chr,
  Campbell Hall

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