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2003-04 SCIBCA CIF-SS Girls' Division IV
Polls For Feb. 9--(Feb. 9, 2004)

Here's the last regular weekly poll of the 2003-04 basketball season, for the week of February 9, 2004.   The CIF may issue a late week "final" poll on Saturday, February 14, the same day the CIF-SS bracketing committee will be busy constructing the playoff brackets, or they might not.  It's too hard to say at the moment.  One thing is certain though:  All playoff brackets will be released on Sunday, February 15, and the playoffs will begin next week.   We hope to have all the brackets posted here at SoCalHoops by the end of the day on Sunday,  but if not, we're certain they'll also be posted at the CIF-SS's own official website, so check there throughout the day this weekend if you don't see them here.   

Remember, the last games of the "regular" season will take place on Friday, February 13, 2004, so this is it for league contests.   After Friday, only playoff bound teams will remain active.  And because there are always the usual questions about who qualified, how the playoffs work, etc., we'll be posting up our usual small playoff primer again, and hopefully the same questions that are asked over and over on the message forum will be answered there.

These are the Division IV-AA and IV-A polls for the week of February 9, 2004.   If you have a complaint or a question about the polls, remember, they are not SoCalHoops' polls; we're just passing them along from SCIBCA who compile them on  behalf of the CIF-SS.   On the other hand, if you're really, really pleased about something you see in one or more of the polls, we'll be happy to take all the credit, even though we deserve none of it. 


As of February 9, 2004

1. Marlborough 1. Brentwood
2. Valley Christian/C 2. Windward
3. St Mary’s 3. Calvary Chapel/Downey
4. Twentynine Palms 4. Bell-Jeff
5. St Paul 5. Cantwell Sacred Heart
6. Serra 6. Montclair Prep
7. Morro Bay 7. Ontario Christian
8. Carpinteria 8. Flintridge Prep
9. St Monica 9. Whittier Christian
10. Palos Verdes 10. Brethren Christian
Others: Oaks Christian, Whitney Others: Arrowhead Christian, St Margaret’s
  Campbell Hall

Note:  The CIF's press release which contained the polls indicated that this division "did not report" their weekly poll to the CIF-SS office.  What this means, is that this poll should be identical to the one published last week, although frankly we haven't taken the time to actually check.    But if it looks familiar, there's a good reason, at least according to the CIF.

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