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2003-04 CIF-SS Girls
Div. IV-A Bracket
(Final Update 3/7/04)

3/7/04 Update:   Congratulations to Los Angeles Brentwood HS, the 2003-04 CIF-SS Division IV-A Champions, and to Calvary Chapel Downey HS, the Division runner-up.

This is a 32-team bracket with no "Wild-Card" games, and thus the first round will begin on Thursday, February 19.    When the bracket was originally released, the four "seeded" teams in the bracket were No. 1  Brentwood,   No. 2  Windward, No. 3  Calvary Chapel Downey, and No. 4  Bell Jeff.   But apparently the CIF recognized that in seeding Brentwood over another team from the same seed who finished higher, they had violated their own seeding rules.  Since Calvary Chapel Downey tied and won the coin flip, they were the designated as the league champion from the Olympic league,   and thus were required to be seeded higher than Brentwood.  So, in the revised version of the bracket, Calvary Chapel received the No. 1 seed, Brentwood becomes No. 2, Windward becomes No. 3 and Bell Jeff stays at No. 4.   But because of the re-seeding, many of the games in the bracket have changed.

Below is the corrected, revised bracket, as of 2/16/04 at 10:00 a.m.. We don't anticipate any other changes.  The host team is the one listed second in the bracket (preceded by the @ symbol).

First round games

February 19
  Second Round

February 21

Feb 25

Feb. 28
March 6

@ Pyramid
Upper half of Bracket
BYE @ Calvary Chapel Downey  

Whittier Christian 35
Calvary Chapel Downey 38

Flintridge Prep 46 


Calvary Chapel 57

Calvary Chapel 43


Providence HS


Bell Jeff 31

Calvary Chapel 41



9:30 a.m.



Brentwood 57

BYE @ Whittier Christian
Calvary Chapel Murrietta 28 @ Arrowhead Christian 61 Arrowhead Christian 47
Flintridge Prep
BYE000 @ Flintridge Prep
Pasadena Poly 34 @ Cantwell Sacred Heart 57 Cantwell 58
St. Margaret's

Bell Jeff 65


Cantwell 52

BYE @ St. Margaret's
BYE @ Sherman Indian Bell Jeff 72
Sherman Indian 37
St. Genevieve 24 @ Bell Jeff 49
Lower half of Bracket
BYE @ Windward   Desert 30
Windward 68

Ontario Christian 31


Windward 78

Windward 34


Crossroads HS


Brentwood 42

Linfield Christian 23 @ Desert 59
Fairmont Prep 36 @ Brethren Christian 55 Brethren Christian 46
Ontario Christian 61
BYE @ Ontario Christian
Montclair Prep 55 @ Woodcrest Christian 35 Montclair Prep 51
Western Christian 3

Brentwood 56


Montclair Prep 47

Western Christian 48 @ Silver Valley 38
Campbell Hall 43 @ Maranatha 52 Brentwood 52
Maranatha 2
San Gabriel Academy 29 @ Brentwood 67

All games with the exception of the final round will start at 7:30 p.m. unless another time is mutually agreed upon and clearance is received from the CIF-SS Office.  Public coin flips will be held in the lobby of the CIF-SS Office at 9:00 a.m. the day following each playoff game [these coin flips will determine subsquent sites after the first round, i.e., which school will be the host].  Coin flips will be available after 9:30 a.m. and we'll try to keep everyone posted with them here. 

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