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CIF-SS Large Enrollment Division Preview:
Century League 2001-02--(Oct. 30, 2001)

El Modena
Santa Ana Valley
Villa Park

The Century League ought to be one of the most competitive leagues in Orange County, if not the Southern Section.  Villa Park which won the league title last season and went deep into the playoffs, ought to be the favorite again, although other teams in the league return most of last year's rosters too.  Villa Park has a couple of legitimate D-I players, including Brice Prather, Sean Phaler and possibly a few others, while Canyon Anaheim has some of the best shooters in SoCal, including Nate Miller and Derron Putnam.  Canyon actually graduated a few of their better players from last season, but will still run and gun from what we've seen of them in fall tournaments. Foothill doesn't return any big-name players, but it will be a more experienced squad this season.  El Modena and Santa Ana Valley didn't overwhelm anyone last season, but they both return a majority of players from last year's squads and that's either a good news-bad news story, which only time will tell.    And finally, Orange didn't make the playoffs, so we have no really reliable information about them.  If anyone has any info, send it in and we'll update the rosters.

Century League Rosters

Century League Schedules
Villa Park--10-0, 21-4 (1st) "Spartans"

Based on what we knew when we first posted this preview, here's who should be on the roster this season:

Kyle Hogan 6'-3" Jr. G
Nick Herrera 5'-8" Jr. G
Lloyd Cotton 6'-2" So. G
Kyle LanFrancol 5'-9" Sr. G
Chris Selinsky 6'-2" Jr. G
Corey Miller 6'-1" Jr. G
Jeff Maxwell 6'-4" Sr. G/F
Sean Phaler 6'-9" Jr. F
Brice Prather 6'-9" Sr. F
Brian Biesner 5-10 Sr.G
Scott Lanois 6-6 Jr. C
David Heilberg 6-4 Jr. F

Villa Park graduated 5 seniors, including Matt MacGinnis and Tommy Stankan, but return 3 starters, Miller, Prather,and Phaler.

Update 11/19/01 from OC Register to the roster:

Newcomers to weatch:

Lloyd Cotton 6'-3" So. G/F
Andrew Haiser 6'-2" Jr. G
Scott Lanois 6'-6" Jre. F
Chris Selinsky 6'-2" Jr.

The Register's "Outlook" has the following blurb only:

"The Spartans have four all-league players back and are picked to repeat as league champions. "  

Not a surprise.


Villa Park
Coach: Kevin Reynolds

D 01 @ Alta Loma
04 @ Fontana
10-15 @ Troy Tourn
18-22 @ Anaheim Tourn
26-29 @ Estancia Tourn
J 05 @ Mater Dei
08 @ *Orange
11 @ *Canyon/A
15 *Santa Ana Valley
18 *Foothill
22 @ *El Modena
25 *Orange
29 *Canyon/A
F 01 *Santa Ana Valley
02 @ Poly/LB
05 *Foothill
07 *El Modena

Canyon /Anaheim-- 8-2, 18-12 (2nd) "Commanches"
Nate Miller 6'-0" Jr. G
Derron Putnam 6'-2" Sr. G
Brandon Joseph 5'-8" Sr. G
Mike Simon 5'-11" Jr. G
Jared Bender 6'-4" Sr. F
Dan Juberg 5'10" Jr. G
(graduated 9 seniors, 3 starters)

Update 11/19/01 from the O.C. Register:

Nate Miller 6'-2 Jr. G (all-league)
Brandon Joseph 5'-9" Sr. G (6th man)
Derron Putnam 6'-2" Sr. G (league MVP)
Dan Juberg 5'-8" Jr. G
Jared Bender 6'-4" Sr. F (2nd team all league)
Newcomers to watch:
Vanden Stelly 5'-8" G
Saied Omar 5'-6" So. G
Jeff Rusthoven 6'-3" G
Ryan Ito 5'-6" Jr. G
Jason Hurley 5'-9" G--Costa Mesa transfer
A.J. Atkinson 6'-2" G/F
Alex Valentine 6'-3" F
Tremayne Didser 6'-2" G
Tristan Sheridan 5'-10" G
Richie Hunt 6'-2" G
Sean Hafezizadeh 5'-6" G

Outlook from the O.C. Register--"The Comanches have a strong shooting team that should be right back in the mix for one of the automatic playoff berths."


Coach: Dave Taylor
N 30 Trabuco Hills
D 05 @ Mission Viejo
07 @ San Clemente
10-15 @ Ocean View Tourn
19-22 @ Mission Prep Tourn
24-29 @ Modesto Tourn
J 08 *El Modena
11 @ *Villa Park
15 @ *Orange
18 *Santa Ana Valley
22 *Foothill
25 @ *El Modena
29 *Villa Park
F 01 *Orange
05 @ *Santa Ana Valley
07 *Foothill
Foothill--5-5, 14-12 (3rd) "Knights"
DeShaun Edwards 5'-11" Jr. G
Brett Bigler 5'-11" Jr. G
Andy Folick 5'-8" Jr. G
Eddie Moreno 5'-9" Sr. G
Brandt Bangs 5'-10" So. G
Luis Nicilas 6'-1" Sr. F
James Eves 6'-2" Jr. F
Francisco Flores 6'-6" Sr. C
Henry "Hummer" Herman 6'-1" Sr. F
(graduated 5 seniors, moving up a lot of JV guys this year)

Update: 11/19/01: From the O.C Register:

Brandt Bangs 5'-9" So. G  (10 ppg)
Brett Bigler 6'-0" Jr. G  (6apg)
DeShaun Edwards 6'-2" Jr. G  (5 ppg)
Francisco Flores 6'-7" Sr. C (2 ppg, 2 bpg)
Newcomers to watch:
James Eves 6'-3" Jr. F
Luis Nicolas 6'-3" Sr. F
Ben Worrall 6'-3" F
Jaye Jarmon 6'-2" F
Jeff O'Tool 6'-0" G

Outlook: "Tom McCluskey believes the Knights are much-improved over last season and should be in the hunt for one of the automatic playoff berths."

Coach: Tom McCluskey

N-26/D-1 @ Mission Viejo Tourn
D 07 @ Sonora
12 California
14 @ Tustin
18-22 @ Anaheim Tourn
26-29 @ Orange Tourn
J 04 Mission Viejo
08 Santa Ana Valley
11 @ *Orange
15 *El Modena
18 @ *Villa Park
22 @ *Canyon/A
25 @ *Santa Ana Valley
29 *Orange
F 01 @ *El Modena
05 *Villa Park
07 *Canyon/A

El Modena--4-6, 11-16 (4th)  "Vanguards"
Jerard Rabb  Sr. G
Dominic Robinson Jr. G
John Penir Sr. F
Tavon Robinson Jr. F
Michael Diekmann Jr. G
Nathan Armstrong Sr. C
Michael Pitre Jr. F
Mario Perez Jr. G
Justin Collins Jr. C
Cody Brandel Jr. C
David Church Jr. G/F
Brandon Moranz Jr. G/F
Waymen Livingstone Sr. G
Ryan Weisner So. C
Ruben Chavez Sr. G
Andy Lunas Sr. G
Gracent Carter Jr. G/F
Shane Young Jr. G

Update 11/19/01:  Now that the O.C. Register has started issuing their season previews of leagues, we can update this roster:

Mario Perez 6'-2" Jr. F (20 ppg)
Jerard Rabb 6'-3" Sr. G (17 ppg, all league)
Tavon Robinson 6'-2" Sr. F (10 ppg, 12 rpg)
Dominic Robinson 5'-5" Jr. G (7 ppg, 8 apg, 2nd team all-league)
Michael Diekman 6'-3" Jr. F
Cody Brandel 6'-2" Jr. C
John Penir 6'-0" Sr. F
Newcomer to watch:
Grayson Carter 5'-8" Jr. G

Er, um, ok.....comparing the rosters, it looks like we had a few more guys, so we're not sure what happened here.  The Register did have the coach's/paper's outlook for the season: "The top nine players from last year could be back for the Vanguards, but they all play for the football team, which could keep them busy until the second week of December. If they all return, El Modena will be a force by the end of the season."

El Modena
Coach: Roger MacLachlan

N-26/D-1 @ La Habra Tourn
D 04 Santiago
06 @ Marina
10-13 @ Sonora Tourn
18 Western
20 @ Laguna Hills
26-29 @ Century Tourn
J 08 Canyon/A
11 @ Santa Ana Valley
15 @ *Foothill
18 *Orange
22 *Villa Park
25 @ *Canyon/A
29 *Santa Ana Valley
F 01 *Foothill
05 @ *Orange
07 @ *Villa Park

Santa Ana Valley--3-7,  11-16 (5th) "Falcons"
AJ Alaman 5'-11" Sr. F
Luis Torres 5'-9" Sr. G (2 ppg)
Cris Holquin 5'-9" Sr. G
Enrique Flores 5'-9" Sr. G (5 ppg)
Dean Tran 5'-2" Jr. G
Pedro Nambo 6'-0" Sr. F
Alex Oregel 5'-8' Sr. G (12 ppg, 4 apg)
Martin Gonzalez 5'-11" So G (11.ppg, 6 rpg)
Mario Ceja 5'-11" So. G
Brandon Rogers 6'-1" Sr. G (8 ppg, 3 rpg)
Eddie Prregrino 6'-0" Jr. F
Jeovany Cueva 5'-9" So. G
David Werdel 6'-2" Sr. F (13.9 ppg, 8.2 rpg)
(return everyone but two seniors, one starter)

Update from the O.C. Register 11/19/01:

Newcomers to watch:

Tommy Zecena 5'-9" Jr. G
Mario Ceja 6'-0" So. G
Joevany Cueva 5'-10" So. G

Outlook from the Register--"With seven returners, including four starters, and three talented newcomers, the Falcons are ready to make a push for the playoffs."


Santa Ana Valley
Coach: Ken Stancil

N 26 @ Edison
N-26/D-1 @ Mission Viejo Tourn
D 3-8 @ La Quinta Tourn
11 @ Rancho Alamitos
12 Tustin
14 San Clemente
26-29 @ Century Tourn
J 08 @ *Foothill
11 *El Modena
15 @ *Villa Park
18 *Canyon/A
22 *Orange
25 *Foothill
29 @ *El Modena
F 01 *Villa Park
05 @ *Canyon/A
08 @ *Orange

Orange--0-10, 1-25 (6th)--We didn't have any roster info, but as of 11/19/01, the Register started publishing their league previews.

Updated 11/19/01:  This is from the O.C. Register:

Returners: none
Newcomers to watch:
Justin Colins 6'-4" Jr. F--El Mo transfer
James Reeves 6'-2" Jr. G--El Mo transfer
Quenton Parker 6'-4" Jr. F
Marcus Smith 6'-0" Sr. PG
Antonio Polk 6'-2" Jr. G
Felipe Sandoval 6'-3" So. F
Durrell Moss 6'-3" Jr. F
Jesse Tavarro 6'-1" Jr. G
Erik Thompson 6'-2" Sr. F
John Garcia 6'-2" Jr. F

Outlook: "A lot of young, unproven talent, but former Perris Coach Andre Smith (first year) believes the Panthers have a shot to qualify for the playoffs.  Smith led Perris to a league title and two second-place finishes in his three years at the school before taking over at Orange. "

Coach: Andre Smith

N 28 Cantwell Scrd Heart
D 05 @ Western
10-13 @ Western Tourn
17-20 @ Garden Grove Tourn
Orange Tourn
J03 @ Costa Mesa
08 *Villa Park
11 *Foothill
15 @ *Canyon/A
18 @ *El Modena
22 @ *Santa Ana Valley
25 @ *Villa Park
29 @ *Foothill
F 01 *Canyon/A
05 *El Modena
07 *Santa Ana Valley

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