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CIF-SS Large Enrollment Division Preview:
Garden Grove League 2001-02--(Nov. 22, 2001)

Bolsa Grande
Garden Grove
La Quinta/Westminster
Los Amigos
Rancho Alamitos
Santiago/Garden Grove

The Garden Grove League is one of those Orange County leagues which can either be good, or not so good.     This past year, the league was only moderately competitive, and two teams out of seven had more than 10 wins overall, not an especially competitive showing.   Santiago, the third place team made it to the II-AA playoffs, and was beaten by Sonora in the first round; Los Amigos suffered a similar fate losing to Kennedy in the first round, and Bolsa Grande, the No. 3 finisher (in a tie) also lost in the first round of the II-A playoffs to Artesia.   Of course, the fact that the teams in the league are fairly evenly matched, does at least make for competitive league contests, which is what high school ball is all about, after all.

We don't know a lot about any of these individual teams, and had to rely almost exclusively on the OC Register's published preview (it hit the paper today, November 22, 2001).  We've noted the order of finish predicted by the Register, which for the sake of those who don't want to wade through each preview is as follows: 1.  Bolsa Grande, 2. Los Amigos, 3. Pacifica, 4. Santiago, 5. Rancho Alamitos, 6. Garden Grove, and 7. La Quinta.    Personally, we're not making any predictions.  

From a "Players to Watch" point of view, the only player we would think of a someone to watch, at least a player with a demonstrated ability is senior Omar Amaral, a solid point guard for Bolsa Grande.  Other players will develop as the season progresses.

What follows is what we know about the teams thus far this season, which means we're looking at old rosters and predicting who will be returning and which younger players will be stepping up.  The schedules are accurate as far as we know, We encourage coaches to send us their official rosters (via e-mail) and any other information about their teams so we can update these previews.

Garden Grove League Rosters Garden Grove League Schedules
Los Amigos--10-2, 17-11 (1st)  "Lobos"

We must have misplaced our playoff roster for Los Amigos, because we've had to rely instead entirely on the OC Register's preview.  Here's what the paper published on 11/22/01:


Chris Jalem 5'-7" Sr. G

Newcomers to watch:

Hector Degante 5'-11" Sr. G
Billy Huynh 5'-9" Sr. G
Chris Small 6'-4" Sr. F
Chris Finau 6'-2" So. C
John Finau 6'-0" So. F

Outlook:  The Lobos graduated the league MVP and two other all-league players so Grable is depending on an influx of new talent to defend the league title. [and with only one returning player worthy of mention, it had better be a pretty big influx. . . ]

Los Amigos
Coach: Don Grable

N 27 Saddleback
D 01 @ Fountain Valley
3-8 @ La Quinta Tourn
10-15 @ Sonora Tourn
19 @ *La Quinta/W
26-29 @ Century Tourn
J 07 *Rancho Alamitos
09 @ *Garden Grove
11 *Santiago/GG
14 @ *Bolsa Grande
16 *Pacifica
18 *La Quinta/W
25 @ *Rancho Alamitos
30 *Garden Grove
F 01 @ *Santiago/GG
05 *Bolsa Grande
07 @ *Pacifica

Bolsa Grande--7-5, 9-17  (2nd tie)  "Matadors"

Based on last season's playoff roster, here's who we expect to see:

Vilakone Visaychack  5'-9" Sr. G
Omar Amaral  5'-11" Sr. G
Ken Ton  5'-5" Sr. G
Jimmy Ngo  5'-10" Sr. G
Soln Tran  5'-9" Sr. G
Jack San 5'-10" Sr. G/F
David Doan  6'-2" Jr. G/F
Adam Godinez  6'-3" Sr. F
Daniel Nevarez  6'-1" Jr. F
Anthony Nguyen  5'-10" Sr. F
Rich Brodowski  5'-10" Sr. G/F

The Orange County Register published their preview of the Garden Grove League on Thursday, November 22, and they picked Bolsa Grande to finish first, followed by Los Amigos, Pacifica, Santiago, Rango Alamitos, Garden Grove and then La Quinta. Based on the preview, here's what Bolsa Grande looks like:

Coach: Scott Snyder (second year, 9-17)

Omar Amaral 6'-0 Sr. G
David Doan 6'-3" Jr. G/F
Jimmy Ngo 5'-11" Sr. G
Vilakone Visaychack 5'-9" Sr. G
Adam Godinez 6'-3" Sr. F

Newcomers to watch:

Jimmy Martinez 6'-1" Sr. F
Miguel Gonzalez 6'-0" Sr. G
Daniel Nevarez 6'-12" Jr. G/F
Anthony Nguyen 5'-9" Sr. F
Nick Holloway 6'-0" Jr. G

Outlook:  Amaral, among the county's top scoers, teams with Doan in the backcourt as the matadors have a deeper supporting caset to compete for the league title. 


Bolsa Grande
Coach: Scott Snyder

N-26/D-1 @ Buena Park Tourn
D 3-8 @ Valley Chr/C Tourn
12 @ Cypress
14 Pioneer
19 @ *Garden Grove
21 *Santiago/GG
26-29 @ Katella Tourn
J 09 *Pacifica
11 @ *La Quinta/W
14 *Los Amigos
16 @ *Rancho Alamitos
18 *Garden Grove
23 @ *Santiago/GG
30 @ *Pacifica
F 01 *La Quinta/W
05 @ *Los Amigos
07 *Rancho Alamitos

Santiago/ Garden Grove--7-5,  9-16, (2nd tie)  "Cavaliers"

Based on the playoff roster from last season, we feel certain these guys will return for 2001-02:

Giovanni Sanchez 5'-8" Sr. G
Charlie Carter 5'-11" Sr. G
Freddy Brito 5'-10" Jr. G
Justin Nguyen 5'-10' So. F
Alez Puente 5'-11" Sr. F

The OC Register's preview agrees for the most part.   Here's the additional info the OC Register published on 11/22 about Santiago:

Coach: Ramon Potestas (3rd season, 11-41)


Freddy Brito 5'-10" Jr. F
Charlie Carter 5'-11" Sr. G
Justin Nguyen 6'-1" So. F
Alex Puente 6'-0" Sr. F
Giovanni Sanchez 5'-10" Sr. G

Newcomers to watch:

Raymond Barros 6'-1" So. G
Jose Buenrostro 5'-9" Sr. G
Luis Salinas 6'-4" So. C/F
Alain Tekurio 6'-3" So. C

Outlook: Potestas projects a top-four league finish and a post-season appearance.


Santiago/Garden Grove
Coach: Val Potestas

N 26 @ Century
D 04 @ El Modena
08 @ Western
10-15 @ Western Tourn
21 @ *Bolsa Grande
26-29 @ Century Tourn
J 07 @ *Pacifica
09 *La Quinta/W
11 @ *Los Amigos
14 *Rancho Alamitos
16 *Garden Grove
23 *Bolsa Grande
25 *Pacifica
28 @ *La Quinta/W
H 01 *Los Amigos
05 @ *Rancho Alamitos
07 @ *Garden Grove

Garden Grove--7-5, 14-9  (2nd tie)  "Argonauts"

The Argonauts went to the playoffs last year, and while they didnt' have a long run, they return several players from the roster of last season's team. Still, the Register picked them to finish 6th in league, well out of the running this year.  Here's who we expect to see returning:

Robert Heideman 5'-10" Jr. F
Joe Monsour 6'-2" Jr. F
Adam Buth 6'-1" Sr. F
Brian Pierce 6'-6" So. F
Mark Singer 5'-9" So. G
Jacob Artes 6'-3" Jr. C
Tommy Luu 5'-7" So. G
Robert Romero 6'-1" Jr. F

The OC Register preview (11/22/01) pretty much confirmed this, and added the following information:

Returners: --None identified by the Register (Huh?   Did all these guys listed above simply leave?)

Newcomers to watch:

Brian Pierce 6'-3" So. F
Joe Monsour 6'-2" Jr. F
Marc Singer 5'-10" So. G
Veli Taumoefalu 6'-2" Jr. F

Outlook:  With no returners, the Argonauts will depend on a lot of new faces to surprise teams in league.


Garden Grove
Coach: Ken Frank

D 01 @ Orange
05 @ Sage Hill
10-15 @ Western Tourn
11 Saddleback
17-22 @ Garden Grove Tourn
19 *Bolsa Grande
21 *Pacifica
28 @ Whittier
J 07 @ *La Quinta/W
09 *Los Amigos
11 @ *Rancho Alamitos
16 @ *Sanitago/GG
18 @ *Bolsa Grande
23 @ *Pacifica
25 *La Quinta/W
30 @ *Los Amigos
F 01 *Rancho Alamitos
07 *Santiago/GG

Rancho Alamitos--5-7, 7-18 (4th) "Vaqueros"

Rancho didn't qualify for the playoffs this past season, and they've got a new first year coach, so they're just trying to put together some wins and make it through the league season to a post-season berth. The only info we have on them comes from the Orange County Register's preview of the Garden Grove League published by the paper on Nov. 22 (Thanksgiving day), and the paper picked them to finish fifth, so they're not considered likely (by some at least) to make the playoffs.  Here's what we know:

Coach: Vern Broadnax (first year)


Art Aguilar 6'-1" Sr. G/F
William Jackson 5'-8" Jr. G
Richard Torres 6'-2" Jr. F

Newcomers to Watch:

Antwan Richardson 6'-2" S.r F
Keenbert Asuncion 5'-6" Sr. G

Outlook:  The Vaqueros will rely on Aguilar, Jackson and Torres heavily to stay in the hunt. 


Rancho Alamitos
Coach: Vern Broadnax

N 26 @ Buena Park Tourn
D 3-8 @ Valley Chr/C Tourn
11 Santa Ana Valley
19 @ *Pacifica
21 *La Quinta/W
26-29 @ Century Tourn
J 07 @ *Los Amigos
11 *Garden Grove
14 @ *Santiago/GG
16 *Bolsa Grande
18 *Pacifica
23 @ *La Quinta/W
25 *Los Amigos
26 Westminster
F 01 @ *Garden Grove
05 *Santiago/GG
07 @ *Bolsa Grande

La Quinta/ Westminster--3-9, 4-21 (5th tie)  "Aztecs"

The Aztecs are picked by the Register to finish last, which is one step below where they finished the 2000-01 season.  We have no information independently of the Register's preview, so we'll just pass that along here:

Coach:  Romone Neal (first year)


Albert Subandhi 6'-5" Sr. F
Vu Nguyen 6'-1" Sr. G

Newcomers to watch:
Marcus Fort 5'-11" So. G/F
Daniel Lim 6'-1" Jr. G

Outlook:  Neal expects the Aztecs to improve gradually and stay in the mix.

La Quinta/Westminster
Coach: Romone Neal

N 28 Western
D 3-8 La Quinta Tourn
10-15 @ Western Tourn
13 @ Estancia
19 *Los Amigos
21 @ *Rancho Alamitos
26-29 @ Estancia Tourn
J 07 *Garden Grove
09 @ *Santiago/GG
11 *Bolsa Grande
14 @ *Pacifica
23 @ *Los Amigos
25 @ *Garden Grove
30 *Santiago/GG
F 01 @ *Bolsa Grande
05 *Pacifica

Pacifica/ Garden Grove-- 3-9, 9-17  (5th tie)  "Mariners"

Pacifica graduated all their starters, after finishing in last place, with is both a good thing and a bad thing.....The OC Register has picked them to finish third, behind only Bolsa Grande and Los Amigos. Can't wait to see what the Times' thinks.  Maybe the Register's guys (Chris Zupke wrote the preview) know something.  Here's what the OC Register preview (posted 11/22/01) said:

Coach: David Friedman (second Year, 7-21)
2000-01 records, league finish:  7-21, 3-9 (tied fifth)

Aaron Washington 6'-2" Sr. G/F
Jared Cook 6'-2" Sr. F
Billy Shine 6'-5" Sr. C
Alfred Fragoso 6'-2" Sr. G

Newcomers to watch:

Jason Brock  6'-3" Jr. G/F
James Estrada 6'-1" So. G
Rommell Poblete 5'-4" Jr. G
Brandin Scharlin 5'-7" Jr. G

Outlook:  The Mariners graduated all their starters but have young talent to keep them competitive in league.


Coach: Dave Friedman

N 27 Pacifica Tourn
D 03 @ El Segundo Tourn
11 Mary Star
19 *Rancho Alamitos
21 @ *Garden Grove
26 @ Century Tourn
J 03 @ St Bernard
07 *Santiago/GG
09 @ *Bolsa Grande
14 *La Quinta/W
16 @ *Los Amigos
18 @ *Rancho Alamitos
23 *Garden Grove
25 @ *Santiago/GG
30 *Bolsa Grande
F 05 @ *La Quinta/W
07 *Los Amigos


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