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CIF-SS Large Enrollment Division Preview:
Movaje River League 2001-02--(Nov. 11, 2001)

Apple Valley
Rim of the World

Most of the schools in the Mojave River League have historically been in Division II, at least the schools which find themselves in the playoffs.  This past season, Apple Valley, which finished second in league, qualified for the II-A playoffs, and after beating Diamond Ranch in the first round, lost to eventual semifinalist Muir in the second round.   Hesperia, which finished third in league, also qualified for the playoffs in II-A but lost to Bonita in the first round. Rim of the World, which won the league, was in the II-AA playoff bracket, and after beating Norco, an at-large entry from the Mountain View League, lost to eventual State Champion Compton Dominguez in the second round.  The other two teams, Serrano, and Sultana did not win the requiste 11 games overall, and thus didn't qualify for playoffs.  Again, we're working with limited information as far as "previews" are concerned.   What follows is what we know about the teams thus far this season, which means we're looking at old rosters and trying to predict who will be returning and which younger players will be stepping up. The schedules are accurate as far as we know. We encourage coaches to send us their official rosters (via e-mail, not on the message board, please) and any other information about their teams so we can update the previews and rosters as the season progresses.

Mojave River League Mojave River League Schedules
Rim of the World 7-1, 13-12 (1st)

We don't know a thing about the team that will be wearing uniforms for Rim of the World this season (2001-02) because they apparently graduated most of the roster from last season, the team which made it to the second round of II-AA playoffs before getting hammered by Tyson Chandler, who is now in the NBA playing for the Bulls.  We do know Rim will return Kurt Oliver 6'-0" Jr. G, but that's about it for now.

Rim Of The World
Coach: Jim Vaughan

N-26/D-1 @ Beaumont Tourn
D 03 Temecula Valley
05 @ Bloomington
13 @ Kaiser
14 Yucaipa
18-21 @ San Bernardino Tourn
26-29 @ San Gorgonio Tourn
J 04 *Sultana
08 @ *Apple Valley
11 *Hesperia
15 *Silverado
18 @ *Serrano
25 @ *Sultana
29 *Apple Valley
F 01 @ *Hesperia
05 @ *Silverado
08 *Serrano

Apple Valley--3-5, 12-11 (2nd)  "Sun Devils"

Apple Valley returns the following players for 2001-02:

Jamal Holden  6'-3" Sr. G
Kyle Godfrey  5'-11" Jr. G
Will Logan  6'-1" So. G
Darrel Sipes 6'-5" Sr. F
Sam Roberts  5'-7" Sr. G
Carlton Murray  6'-3" Sr. F
Victor Lara  5'-10" So. G

They graduated about half the roster, 7 players in all, including three starters.

Apple Valley
Coach: Bob Kent

N-26/D-1 @ Beaumont Tourn
D 4-8 @ Arlington Tourn
11 @ Victor Valley
13 Barstow
18-21 @ San Bernardino Tourn
J 04 @ *Serrano
08 *Rim of the World
11 @ *Sultana
15 *Hesperia
18 @ Granite Hills
22 Silverado
25 *Serrano
29 @ *Rim of the World
F 01 *Sultana
05 @ *Hesperia
08 Granite HIlls

Hesperia--3-4, 9-12 (3rd)   "Scorpions"

Hesperia had a 10 man roster last season, and graduated 4 seniors, including three starters;  they return two junior starters (now seniors).  Here are the players returning:

*Jake Puckett 5'-11" Sr. G
*Jay Robertson 6'-6" Sr. C
Jacob Lolis 5'-11 Sr. F
Joe Hunter 6'-3" Sr. F
Mark De La Cruz 5'-10" So. G
Steve Trujillo 6'-2" Jr. C


Coach: Sergio Lugo

N 27-30 @ San Gorgonio Tourn
D 04 Silver Valley
6-8 @ Silver Valley Tourn
10 Big Bear
11 @ Barstow
14 @ Granite HIlls
19-29 @ West Valley Tourn
J 04 @ Victor Valley
08 *Serrano
11 @ *Rim of the World
15 @ *Apple Valley
18 *Sultana
25 @ Victor Valley
29 @ *Serrano
F 01 *Rim of the World
05 *Apple Valley
08 @ *Sultana

Serrano--2-6, 8-16 (4th tie)

Serrano didn't qualify for the playoffs last season and thus we dont' know anything. Really, we don't know a thing about these guys.

Coach: Joe Hansen

N-28/D-1 Serrano Tourn
D 10 Paloma Valley
11-15 @ Rancho Cucamonga Tourn
17 Granite HIlls
19-29 @ West Valley Tourn
J 02 @ Silverado
04 *Apple Valley
08 @ *Hesperia
11 @ Burroughs/R
15 @ *Sultana
18 *Rim of the World
22 @ Barstow
25 @ *Apple Valley
29 *Hesperia
F 01 Burroughs/R
05 *Sultana
08 @ *Rim of the World

Sultana--2-6, 8-19 (4th tie) "Sultans"

The Sultans didn't qualify for post-season play, but may be in the best position of all, returning just about everyone from last year's roster, graduating only 3 players last June.    Of course, since they didn't qualify for the playoffs last year, that may not be such a good thing....just kidding.  Players expected to return are:

Matt Hankerson 5'-11" Sr. G
Mike Shumaker 6'-2" Sr. F
Brian Noffert 5'-11" Sr. G
Danny Franklin 6'-1" Sr. F
Charles Comeaux 6'-3" Sr. F
Nate Stokes 5'-9" Sr. G
Traven Hardiman 6'-1" Jr. F

Coach: Kent Baker

N 27 @ Serrano Tourn
D 03 @ Quartz Hill
11 @ Granite Hills
13 Victor Valley
26 @ Katella Tourn
J 04 @ *Rim of the World
08 Barstow
11 *Apple Valley
15 *Serrano
18 @ *Hesperia
25 *Rim of the World
29 @ Barstow
F 01 @ *Apple Valley
05 @ *Silverado
08 *Hesperia

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