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CIF-SS Large Enrollment Division Preview:
Moore League 2001-02--(Nov. 21, 2001)

Cabrillo/Long Beach
Poly/Long Beach
Wilson/Long Beach

The Moore League is always one of the premiere leagues in SoCal, and usually features many of the top D-I prospects, and this year will be no different, with likely D-I players like Marcedes Lewis, Bobby Jones, Carlos Rivers, Reggie Butler, and others.  The king of the court in this league is Long Beach Poly, which didn't make it as far as they had planned at the beginning of last season,  but still had a respectable run deep into the playoffs, even if they didn't win a CIF-SS Championship.  Based on the new configuarations for the playoffs, they could be the Division I-AA favorite this year though given some of the flux and rebuilding that will be going on with some of the other schools in the Division.   Of course, there's always Ayala, and maybe a challenge from a newcomer like Diamond Bar, or some other Inland Empire large-enrollment  team,  but Poly is our pick as the favorite in D-IAA if they can live up to even half their potential.    Beyond Poly, we'd look for an interesting league race with Millikan, which returns a lot of excellent athletes, and also picked up a few nice transfers, but the question is whether they will be deep enough to take on the Jackrabbits. Lakewood should return much of its roster, Compton and Cabrillo are complete mysteries, and the rest of the league is young and rebuilding.

What follows is what we know about the teams thus far this season, which means we're looking at old rosters and predicting who will be returning and which younger players will be stepping up.  The schedules are accurate as far as we know, We encourage coaches to send us their official rosters (via e-mail) and any other information about their teams so we can update these previews.

Moore League Rosters Moore League Schedules
LB Poly--12-0, 22-5  (1st)   "Jackrabbits"

A predicted league title....So what else is new?  A loaded Poly team.  Ho-hum.... just another day at the office...More big exposure, one-day "extravaganza" events, large tournaments, top competition, and great coaching.   Yes, LB Poly will again be the team to beat in the Moore League, and they have been ranked variously as high as the No. 7 or 8 team in the country by some of the pre-season polls we've read.  That may or may not be too high, but there's no doubt that the title is theirs to lose.  We haven't spoken with coach Palmer about his official roster yet, but here's what we know about the projected Jackrabbit squad this year based on last year's roster and what we know about the incoming transfers:

Anticipated returners:

Mike Washington  5'-11" Sr. G
Mike Pagan  5'-8" So. G
Isaiah Freeman  5'-9" Jr. G
Carlos Rivers 5'-11" Sr. G
Reggie Butler  6'-6" Sr. F
Mike Roche  6'-6" Sr. F
Marcedes Lewis  6'-8" Sr. F
Winston Justice  6'-7" Sr. F
Ryan Love  6'-6" Sr. F

Top Newcomers (transfers):

Bobby Jones 6'-7" Sr. F/G --Dominguez
Saul Langster 6'-5" Sr. G--Dominguez

Not on the roster:

Jamel Gay 6'-3" Sr. G--transferred to Artesia


Poly/ Long Beach
Coach: Rom Palmer

D TBA Dominguez
17 @ Mission Prep Tourn
26 @ Modesto Tourn
J 07 @ *Jordan
09 @ *Wilson/LB
11 *MIllikan
14 *Lakewood
16 @ *Cabrillo/LB
18 *Compton
25 *Wilson/LB
26 @ *Jordan (Lynwood)
28 *Millikan
30 @ *Lakewood
F 01 *Cabrillo/LB
02 Nike Extravangaza/CSULB
04 @ *Compton

LB Jordan--9-3, 19-10 (2nd) "Panthers"

Jordan is now two seasons past the Travon Bryant-era, and while we're not sure about all the names you'll be seeing on the Panthers roster, coach Ron Massey does return a relatively talented couple of guys like Damon Banks, as well as the possibility of playing several freshman on varsity.  These are some of the names we've heard mentioned for the 2001-02 season roster:

Kenny McClary 6'-2" Fr. G/F
Brantley Watson  6'-2" Fr. G
Morgan Rosborough  6'-5" Fr. F
Damion Massey 5'-5" So. G
Antoine King 6'-1" Jr. G
Damon Banks 6'-1" Sr. G


Coach: Ron Massey

N 26-30 @ Redondo Tourn
D 04 @ Santa Margarita
14 @ Fremont
15 @ Palisades
26-29 @ Torrey Pines Tourn
J 07 *Poly/LB
09 *Compton
11 @ *Lakewood
16 @ *Wilson/LB
18 *Cabrillo/LB
23 @ *Millikan
23 @ *Poly/LB
25 @ *Compton
28 *Lakewood
F 01 *Wilson/LB
04 @ *Cabrillo/LB
06 *Millikan

LB Millikan--7-4, 17-9 (3rd) "Rams"
Iren Anderson  5'-9" Jr. G
Marcus Dove  6'-6" Jr. G
Matt Raitz  6'-4" Sr. F
Melvyn Nicholson  6'-3" Jr. G
Dominic Freeman  6'-5" Sr. F
Vince Cofield  6'-4" Sr. F
Mark Lewis  6'-3" Jr. G

The returners
Marcus Dove 6'-7" Jr. G
Dominic Freeman 6'-5" Sr. F
Matt Raitz 6'-4" Sr. F
Iren Anderson 5'-9" Jr. G
Mark Lewis 6'-3" Jr. G
Melvin Nicholson 6'-3" Jr. G

Top Newcomers:

John Temple Sr. G
Brandon Robinson Sr. G
Corey Tran Jr. G
Ryan Hynes 6'-7" Jr. F
Jeffrey Comminey 6'-3"  Jr. G

Millikan could be one of the better teams in the league this season, with five new players added to the roster.  Marcus Dove an explosive 6' 7"  wing, while Dominic Freeman is a solid small forward . Matt Raitz is an excellent shooter and Iren Anderson is a good lead guard with good court vision who can get the ball to guys like, Mark Lewis, another goot perimeter shooter or Melvin Nicholson, who will see time in the backcourt.


Coach: Kelly San Jose

N-27/D-1 @ Cerritos/Gahr Tourn
D 4-8 @ Los Alamitos Tourn
26-29 @ St Anthony Tourn
J 07 @ *Cabrillo/LB
09 *Lakewood
11 @ *Poly/LB
14 *Wilson/LB
16 @ *Compton
23 *Jordan
24 *Cabrillo/LB
25 @ *Lakewood
28 *Poly/LB
30 @ *Wilson/LB
F 01 *Compton
06 @ *Jordan

LB Wilson--5-7, 11-16 (4th) "Bruins"

Wilson barely made the playoffs and we're not certain who they will return to the roster, but this is a list of the players who should be returning from last year's playoff squad:

Jakarri Hunt  6'-2" Sr. G
Nick Buckley  6'-3" Sr. G
Jason Malone  6'-2" Sr. G
Kevin Crokett  6'-1" Jr. G
Alex Lebeauf  6'-4" Sr. C
Nick Trump  6'-3" Jr. G

Wilson/Long Beach
Coach: Ted Hollister

N-27/D-1 @ Gahr Tourn
D 05 @ Gahr
07 @ Santa Margarita
10-15 @ Sonora Tourn
26-29 @ St Anthony Tourn
J 09 *Poly/LB
11 @ *Cabrillo/LB
14 @ *MIllikan
16 *Jordan
18 @ *Lakewood
23 *Compton
25 @ *Poly/LB
28 *Cabrillo/LB
30 *Millikan
F 01 @ *Jordan
04 *Lakewood
06 @ *Compton

Compton-- 5-7, 12-13 (4th)   "Tarbabes"

We'll be the first to say, we don't have a clue. But when we find out, we'll include it here.

Roster not Available

Coach: Derrick Florence

J 07 *Lakewood
09 @ *Jordan
14 *Cabrillo/LB
16 *Millikan
18 @ *Poly/LB
23 @ *Wilson/LB
24 @ *Lakewood
25 *Jordan
30 *Cabrillo/LB
F 01 @ *Millikan
04 *Poly/LB
06 *Wilson/LB

Lakewood--4-8, 12-14 (5th)  "Lancers"

The Lancers return quite a few players from last season, or should.  We haven't seen a complete official roster, but here's who we're guessing you'll see based on last season's playoff roster:

Joshua Anderson  6'-1" Jr. F
Eugene Carey  5'-8" Sr. G
Chester Gabriel  6'-2" Sr. F
Dontray Greer  6'--3" Sr. F
Robert Hughing  6'-3" Sr. F
Michael Jones  5'-8" Sr. G
Tyrell McLaurin  6'-1" Sr. F
Doug Peterson  6'-2" Jr. F
Leo Thomas  5'-4" So. G
Ese Lemusu  6'-4" Sr. F
John Wegner  6'-5" Sr. F


Coach: Matt Ruiz

N-26/D-1 @ Gahr Tourn
D 6-8 @ Carpinteria Tourn
15 @ Hueneme
26-29 @ Chino Tourn
J 07 @ *Compton
09 @ *Millikan
11 *Jordan
14 @ *Poly/LB
18 *Wilson/LB
23 *Cabrillo/LB
24 *Compton
25 *Millikan
28 @ *Jordan
30 *Poly/LB
F 02 @ Downey (@Lynwood)
04 @ *Wilson/LB
06 @ *Cabrillo/LB

LB Cabrilllo--0-12, 4-16 (6th) "Jaguars"

We don't have a clue right now.  Seriously. No roster from last year, no e-mails from anyone this year, and we haven't seen anyone over the summer we expect to return to the Jaguars.  We're looking forward to seeing the LB Press Telegram's capsule preview though to update this....

Cabrillo/Long Beach
Coach: Monty Owens

N-27/D-1 @ Pacifica Tourn
D 5-8 @ El Rancho Tourn
26-29 @ Estancia Tourn
J 07 *Millikan
11 *Wilson/LB
14 @ *Compton
16 *Poly/LB
18 @ *Jordan
23 @ *Lakewood
24 @ *Millikan
28 @ *Wilson/LB
30 *Compton
F 01 @ *Poly/LB
04 *Jordan
06 *Lakewood

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