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CIF-SS Large Enrollment Division Preview:
Mountain View League 2001-02--(Nov. 22, 2001)

Jurupa Valley
La Sierra

The Mountain View League has been a very strong league in recent years, led by Corona Centennial as the most successful among the programs.  Last year, Centennial made it to the I-A semifinals, losing to Section champion (and D-I State Champs) Mater Dei.  The Huskies lost a lot of their best players (Jamaal Williams who is now at New Mexico, David Sybesma,  Bryan Gonzales, Willie Staten, Anthony Smith Erik Soderberg who is on scholarship at Portland, and Bryan Williams), but they are still probably the top team in the league, and will return a number of Riverside's best talent, including Lance Soderberg and JR Reese, a talented point guard.   Santiago returns Deon Simpson, a very talented shooter,   and they may actually be the team which give Centennial a run for the league title.   We don't know a lot yet about the other teams, but we do know who should be returning and we have accurate schedules (at least they are the schedules from the CIF. . . which doesn't mean they're accurate, but they are official).  What follows is what we know about the teams thus far this season, which in some cases isn't a lot, and it also means we're looking at old rosters and predicting who will be returning and which younger players will be stepping up.  The schedules are accurate as far as we know, We encourage coaches to send us their official rosters (via e-mail) and any other information about their teams so we can update these previews.

Mountain View League Rosters Mountain View League Schedules
Centennial / Corona--10-0, 24-2 (1st) "Huskies"

Centennial graduated 7 seniors from last year's CIF finalist team, but with the strength of the development program at the school, they will continue to not only rebuild, but reload from the JV program.  Here's who should return, and who we expect will be coming up:

Lance Soderberg 6'-9" Sr. F
Nykolas Peppers 5'-10" Sr. G
Dimitrius Alexander 6'-1" Sr. G
Anthony Alexander  6'3" Sr. G
J.R. Reese 6'-3" Sr. G
Ismael Brisman 6'-2" Sr. G
Brett Soderberg 6'-4" Jr. F
Nick Woodard 6'-5" So. F
Anthony Goods  5’11” Fr. G
James Hughes  5’9” So. G
Ryan Tiamzon  6'4" Fr. F
Justin Williams  6’3” So. G

Update 11/27/01:   Today's edition of the Riverside Press Enterprise contained the paper's Riverside and San Bernardino region team previews and player profiles written and compiled by PE staff writer Richard Chaplin. The original story can be found at this link, and there's also a separate overview piece too,  but we've excerpted the portion pertaining to Corona Centennial:


Coach: Val Popov
2000-01 record: 28-3 (reached Division 1A final)

Outlook: Despite having only two returning starters and losing to graduation top players Jamaal Williams, David Sybesma and Eric Soderberg, area coaches expect the defending Mountain View League champion and Division 1 finalist to be a strong contender again. "J.R. Reece is a heckuva guard. (And) Lance (Soderberg) is a very solid ballplayer," Sweeney said. "Barring injuries on that team, they could go far." Canyon Springs coach Jeff Stovall offered this caveat: "At the beginning, they could have a hard time trying to find out who's going to step up and be the leader."


Coach: Val Popov

D 10-15 @ Ocean View Troun
17-21 @ Centennial Tourn
26-29 @ Orange Tourn
J 09 *Corona
11 *La Sierra
16 @ *Jurupa Valley
18 @ *Norco
19 @ Lynwood Classic
23 *Santiago/C
25 @ *Corona
30 @ *La Sierra
F 01 *Jurupa Valley
02 @ Nike Extravangaza
06 *Norco
08 @ *Santiago/C

La Sierra--6'-4" 14-11 (2nd) "Eagles"

We don't have a lot of accurate info, but we will predict (based on last year's squad) who is returning and who isn't:

Jonathan Allenegui 6'-0"Jr. G
Perrin Johnson 6'-3" Jr. F/C--transferred to Claremont
Jeffeth Maxim 6'-2" Jr. F
Quenton Parker 6'-2" Jr. F
Andy Segura 5'-8" Sr. G
Oscar Vasquez 6'-3" Jr. F/C
Marcus Smith  6'0" Sr. G --transferred in

The Eagles graduated 9 seniors off a team which made it to the second round of the I-A playoffs, losing to Mater Dei,  so it will be interesting to see how they respond to the challenge.


La Sierra


Jurupa Valley--5-5, 13-13 (3rd) "Jaguars"

Jurupa Valley finished third in league and made it to the Division I-AA playoffs, but lost in the first round to Mission Viejo, the South Coast League's No. 3 team.  Here's who we would expect to see returning, as well as the names of a few newcomers who may play varsity this year:

Omar Dela Torre 5'-11" Sr. G
Carl Jones 6'-0" Sr. G
Erick Wright 6'-0" Sr. F
Damian Frias 5'-11" Sr. G
Daniel Ayala 6'-0" Sr. G
Michael West 5'-10" Sr. G
Ryan Marcroft 6'-7" Sr. C
Raul Brito 5'-9" Sr. G
James Zucca 6'-3" Jr. F
Justin Lozano 5'-8" So. G
Lamar Lofton 5'-7" Jr. G
Matt Hodak 6'-2" Sr. F


Jurupa Valley
Coach: Mark Gard

N-28/D-1 @ Serrano Tourn
D 4-8 @ Ramona Tourn
10 Notre Dame/R
13 Poly/R
18-22 @ Irvine Tourn
J 03 @ Montclair
09 @ *Norco
11 @ *Corona
16 *Centennial/Cor
18 @ *Santiago/C
23 *La Sierra
25 *Norco
30 *Corona
F 01 @ *Centennial/Cor
06 *Santiago/C
08 @ *La Sierra

Norco- 4-6, 13-13 (4th)  "Cougars"

Norco entered the II-AA playoffs last season as a wild-card entry (finishing out of the top half of the league), and they drew Rim of the World, losing in the first round.  We don't have much information at all about who will be on the team this year, but these are the guys who should return from that playoff squad, barring transfers:

David Cuadra 5'-6" Jr. G
Lenny Morre 5'-6" Jr. G
Jeremy Black 6'-0" Jr. G
Derrick Loop 6'-2" Sr. F
Tolani Ogunyoku 6'-2" Sr. F
Trevor Graves 6'-3" Sr. F

Coach: Jon Cabrera

N 26 @ Paloma Valley
29 Don Lugo
D 4-8 @ Ramona Tourn
11-14 @ Centennial Tourn
17 Temescal Canyon
26-29 @ Katella Tourn
J 04 Rancho Verde
09 *Jurupa Valley
11 @ *Santiago/C
16 @ *La Sierra
18 *Centennial/Cor
23 @ *Corona
25 @ *Jurupa Valley
30 *Santiago/C
F 01 *La Sierra
06 @ *Centennial/Cor
08 *Corona

Santiago/ Corona--3-7, 10-17 (5th)  "Sharks"

Santiago didn't make the playoffs, finishing out of the top half and without the required 11-wins, but they still return some very talented players, including Deon Simpson, one of the quickest and saaviest players in the Inland Empire.  Here's a look at the players we believe will return from last year's team, and a few who will be coming up:

Deon Simpson  5'-9" Jr. G
Justin May  6'-3" Jr. F
Cody Simioli  5'-7" Jr. G
Chester Coleman 6'-0" Sr. G
Bryan LeDuc  6'-3" Jr. F
Marlon Johnson  5'-11" Sr. G
Noel Cliett  6'-2" Sr. F
Josh Black  5'-9" Sr. G
Ciprian Boitor  6'-0" Sr. G
Trey Clark  6'5" So. G/F
Timothy Denson  5’11” So. G


Coach: Paul White

N-26/D-1 @ Beaumont Tourn
D 03 @ Rubidoux
07 Chaparral
10-15 @ El Dorado Tourn
19-29 @ West Valley Tourn
J 09 *La Sierra
11 *Norco
16 @ *Corona
18 *Jurupa Valley
23 @ *Centennial/Cor
25 @ *La Sierra
30 @ *Norco
F 01 *Corona
06 @ *Jurupa Valley
08 *Centennial/Cor

Corona--2-8, 7-19 (6th)

We received a roster from one of the coaches at Corona, so we assume that it will be accurate for the 2001-02 season:

Jason Dias 6'6" C Sr.*
Kevin Morrow 6"4" G/F Jr.*
Kevin Thorsell 6'4" C Jr.
Mitch Jasso 6'3" C/F Jr.
Mike Hyun 6'1" F Sr.*
Miguel Duran 6'2" F Sr.*
Shawn Smith 5'11" G Sr.*
Gilbert Garcia 6'0" G Jr.
Mike Larsen 6'0" G Jr.
Chris Almasy 5'10" G Jr.
John Nixon 5'11" G Sr.
Nat Brown 5'11" G/F Sr.
Dillion Herber 6'3" G/FSo.
Jason Smith 5'10" G Jr.

This will be Coach Robles' 16th year at Corona High. After winning five straight Mountain View League titles from 1991-1996, the school has had some down years as the talent in the area has migrated to some of the newer schools that have opened during that time frame, including schools like Corona Centennial and Corona Santiago. Corona HS has still managed to make the playoffs 3 out the last 5 years but, this year the coaching staff feels confident that they have fielded the best team they've had since the 1996 season. 

Coach: Joe Robles

N 26 @ Arlington
27-30 @ Norte Vista Tourn
D 10-15 @ El Dorado Tourn
18 @ Redlands East Valley
19 @ Norte Vista
26-29 @ Las Vegas Tourn
J 03 Chaparral
09 @ *Centennial/Cor
11 *Jurupa Valley
16 *Santiago/C
18 @ *La Sierra
23 *Norco
25 *Centennial/Cor
30 @ *Jurupa Valley
F 01 @ *Santiago/C
06 *La Sierra
08 @ *Norco


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