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CIF-SS Large Enrollment Division Preview:
South Coast League 2001-02--(Nov. 10, 2001)

Capistrano Valley
Dana Hills
El Toro
Mission Viejo
San Clemente
Trabuco Hills

The South Coast League is one of the most competitive in Orange County and annually produces one, two or three teams who are contenders for a CIF Section championship and this past season two of the top teams in the league made it all the way to the Section finals in Divisions I-AAA (Capo Valley), and I-AA (El Toro), and these were two teams we consistently had ranked among our top 5 in each division throughout the season.  El Toro made it to the I-AA finals losing to Glendora, while Capo lost to Upland in the title game in I-AAA.  Mission Viejo, a Division I-AA team last year, made it to the second round of playoffs, beating Jurupa Valley (Mtn. View League's No. 3 team) and then losing to Cajon. San Clemente, which entered the Division I-AA playoffs as an "at-large" entry (only the top three teams in the league get automatic entry into the playoffs),  made it to the quarterfinals, beating Westminster in the first round (Golden West League's No. 2 finisher), Silverado (Desert Sky's No. 2), and then pulling up just short to JW North (Ivy League's No. 1 team).   San Clemente's coach, Brad Davis, however resigned abruptly this past month, so what effect that will have on them is uncertain. Trabuco Hills also entered the playoffs as an "at-large" team, but as the 5th place team in the league, wound up in a "Wild-Card" (or "out of bracket") game prior to the first round, and wound up losing to Arlington, a team which shocked a lot of people making it all the way to the quarterfinals before losing to Claremont.  Only Dana Hills did not make it to the playoffs, and as a result, we know next to nothing about them this year.

The league has several top players and college prospects, including a few who have already committed, and the talent in this league is perhaps equivalent to Orange County's other top league, the Serra League.   Travis Niesen from Mission Viejo has committed to the University of Santa Clara, and will sign a letter of intent in a few weeks, and others who are receiving serious attention from colleges include Jake Franzen, Matt Sweany and Pete DeCasas from Capo Valley, Kevin Stacey (a transfer from Santa Margarita who didn't play at all last year other than club ball), Aaron Tudor and James Webster (a transfer from Mater Dei, who is also a top baseball player and who this season also emerged as a potential college prospect for football--he had never played the sport prior to this season, but has the potential to play at the D-I level according to most who follow that sport), and several others.

What follows is what we know about the teams thus far this season, which means we're looking at old rosters and trying to predict who will be returning and which younger players will be stepping up.  The schedules are accurate as far as we know. We encourage coaches to send us their official rosters (via e-mail, not on the message board, please) and any other information about their teams so we can update the previews and rosters as the season progresses.

South Coast League Rosters South Coast League Schedules
Capistrano Valley-- 10-0, 23-3   (1st)

Returning players for 2001-2002 include:

Jake Franzen  6'-3" Sr. F
Matt Sweany  6'-4" Sr. F/G
Connoer Lefler  6'-0" Sr. G
Pete DeCasas  6'-3" Sr. F/G
Chris Goswiller  6'-6" Sr. F
JJ Hair  6'-7" Sr. C/F

Capo is always loaded and they return All-CIF 1st team players Franzen and Sweany, has a terrific JV system so they are always bringing new players up to replace the seniors who graduate, and this year, they'll have to find some players to replace Jeff Gloger (now at UCI on scholarship), Pat Lefler, Justin Demere, and Bryan Mallon, who all graduated.  The schedule is very ambitious, including an early start at the tough Clovis West Tournament, which will feature many of the top teams from the Southern, Central and Sac Joaquin.

Update 11/28/01:  The OC Register (print version only) published their South Coast League preview.  Here's the information we gathered from that preview:

Coach:  Brian Mulligan (7th year, 120-49)
2000-01 records, league finish:  27-4, 10-0

Pete DeCasas 6'-4" Sr. G (12.7 ppg)
Jake Franzen 6'-3' Sr. G  (13.8 ppg)
Matt Sweany 6'-4" Sr. G (14.5 ppg)
J.J. Hair 6'-7" Sr. C
Chris Goswiller 6'-6" Sr. F/C

Newcomers to watch:
Davis Baker 6'-4" So. G
Kenny Chambers 6'-5" Jr. F
Damien Munoz 5'-10" Jr. G
Ryan Morrell 5'-9" Jr. G

Outlook:  The defending champion Cougars have a talented trio of guards in Decasas, Franzen and Sweany.

The coaches in the league have picked this team to finish first again, according to the Register.


Capistrano Valley
Coach: Brian Mulligan

N-28/D-1 @ Clovis West Tourn
D 12 Woodbridge
15 Los Alamitos
18-22 @ Anaheim Conv Cntr Tourn
@ Torrey Pines Tourn
J 02 @ Sonora
05 @ Alta Loma
09 *Trabuco Hills
11 @ *San Clemente
14 *Mission Viejo
16 @ *El Toro
18 @ *Dana Hills
25 @ *Trabuco Hills
26 *San Clemente
F 01 @ *Mission Viejo
05 *El Toro
07 *Dana Hills

El Toro--8-2, 23-3 (2nd)   "Chargers"

El Toro lost Chris Parish (All-CIF 2nd team), Ashkan Nazeri (All CIF 1st team), and Matt Green (All-CIF 1st team), but they still return some excellent players.   Here's a list of the players we believe will be on this year's roster:

Jonathan Duran 6'-1" Jr. G
Nolan Schmidt 6'-3" Jr. F
Pat Carney 6'-0" Jr. G
Chris Fairbanks 6'-4" Sr. F
Matt Danison 6'-3" Jr. G
Will Brown  6'-1" Jr. F
Joey Aguirre 6'-3" Sr. F
Ronnie Penyz 6'-4" Jr. F
Kevin England 6'-5" Sr. C

Updated 11/28/01:  The OC Register published their league profile and preview today.  Here's what the paper had about  El Toro, which the league's coaches pick to finish 5th this season:

Coach:   Todd Dixon (6th year, 103-39)
2000-01 records, league finish: 28-3, 8-2 (2nd)

Kevin England 6'-5" Sr. C
Will Brown 6'-2" Jr. F
Matt Danison 6'-3" Jr. G
Joey Aguirre 6'-2" Sr. G
Nolan Schmidt 6'-3" Jr. F

Newcomers to weatch:
Patrick Carney 6'-0" Jr. G
Matt Claflin 6'-4" Jr. F
Ronni Pentz 6'-3" Jr. GF
Jonathan Johnson 6'-2" Fr. G
Darryl Best 6'-2" Fr. G

Outlook:  Potentially, El Toro could start two freshman and three juniors.


El Toro
Coach: Todd Dixon

N 26 Santa Ana
28 @ Los Alamitos
3-8 @ Newport Harbor Tourn
18-22 @ Katella Tourn
26-29 @ La Quinta/LQ Tourn
J 02 Servite
09 @ *Dana Hills
11 *Trabuco Hills
14 @ *San Clemente
16 *Capistrano Valley
18 *Mission Viejo
25 *Dana Hills
26 @ *Trabuco Hills
F 01 *San Clemente
05 @ *Capistrano Valley
07 @ *Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo--5-5, 16-10 (3rd) "Diablos"

Mission Viejo was good last year, but this year with Neisen, Stacy, and Engstrom and Hanson, they will be one of the taller teams in Orange County.    Here's who should be on the roster:

Lance Ortiz 5'-7" Jr. G
Travis Niesen 6'-8" Sr. F
Erik Engstrom 6'-7" Sr. F
Dan Hanson 6'-7" Sr. C
Joe Fleskoski 6'-1" Sr. G
Joel Zamora 6'-0" Sr. G
Brandon Ralph 6'-2" Sr. G
Kevin Stacey 6'-3" Sr. G (transfer from Santa Margarita)

Updated 11/28/01:  The OC Register published their league preview and a capsule report on Mission Viejo.  The coaches in the league pick them to finish second behind only Capo Valley.  Here's what the preview said:

Coach: Jeff Cunningham (5th year, 49-58)
2000-01 records, league finish:  17-11, 5-5 (3rd)

Travis Niesen 6'-7" r. F (20.3 ppg, 9.7 rpg)
Erik Engstrom 6'-7" Sr. C
Brandon Ralph 6'-2" Sr. G
Joel Zamora 6'-0" Sr. G
Joe Fleskoski 6'-3" Sr. G
Lance Ortiz 5'-10" Jr. G

Newcomers to watch:
Kevin Stacey 6'-4" Sr. G/F--transfer from SMCHS
Travis Wittick 5'-10" Jr. G
Jake Collins 6'-3" Jr. G --transfer from SMCHS
Jed Collins 6'-2" So. F--transfer from SMCHS
Jordan Palmer 6'-5" Sr. F/C
Brian McTeigue 6'-1" sR. F

Outlook:  The Diablos have Santa Clara-bound Niesen and football standouts Fleskoski, Palmer and Wittick.  Misison Viejo also has three transfers from Santa Margarita in Stacey and the Collins brothers.


Mission Viejo
Coach: Jeff Cunningham

N-26/D-1 Mission Viejo Tourn
D 05 Canyon/A
07 @ Fontana
14 @ Aliso Niguel
18-22 @ Katella Tourn
26-29 @ Mt Carmel Tourn
J 04 @ Foothill
09 *San Clemente
11 *Dana HIlls
14 @ *Capistrano Valley
16 *Trabuco Hills
18 @ *El Toro
25 @ *Dana Hills
26 @ *San Clemente
F 01 *Capistrano Valley
05 @ *Trabuco Hills
07 *El Toro

San Clemente--4-6, 17-9 (4th) "Tritons"

San Clemente graduated 8 seniors, and in large part will be rebuilding.  Here are the players slated to return:

Craig Miller 5'-10' Sr. G
Mike Kulczycki  6'-4" Sr. C
Josh Jones 6'-1" Sr. F
Matt King 6'-3" Sr. G
Beau Berenger 6'-1" Sr. G
Beau Bedde 6'-1" Jr. F

Updated 11/28/01:  The OC Register did their preview of San Clemente today, and here's what the paper noted about the team, which the coaches pick to finish 6th in league:

Coach: Shawn Mulligan (1st year)
2000-01 records, league finish:  17-9, 4-6 (4th)

Beau Berenger 6'-0" Sr. G
Josh Jones 6'-1" Sr. F
Matt King 6'-2" Sr. G
Mike Kulcycki 6'-3" sr. C
Craig Miller 6'-0" Sr. G

Newcomers to watch:
Brent Ferulli 6'-1" Sr. G
Jared Holcolm 5'-11" Sr. G
Riley Stephenson 5'-11" Jr. G
Todd Rusinkovich 6'-2" Jr. F
Vaughn Hutchins 5'-11" Jr. G
Marcus Blackshire 6'-5" So. F

Outlook:  Mulligan, an assistant the past two season at Dana Hills, was hired earlier this month.  Therefore, the Tritons might start slow as evaluations are made and lineups are set.



San Clemente
Coach: Brad Davis

N-26/D-1 @ Mission Viejo Tourn
D 07 Canyon/A
17-22 @ La Costa Cnyn Tourn
26-29 @ Estancia Tourn
J 09 @ *Mission Viejo
11 *Capistrano Valley
14 *El Toro
16 @ *Dana Hills
18 @ *Trabuco Hills
23 *Mission Viejo
25 @ *Capistrano Valley
F 01 @ *El Toro
05 *Dana Hills
07 *Trabuco Hills

Trabuco Hills--3-7, 13-12 (5th) "Mustangs"

Trabuco Hills returns just about everyone, having graduated just two seniors. This will be a tallish and very tough team, with good guard play and nice rebounding.  Here are the players returning: 

Aaron Tudor 6'-2" Sr. G
James Webster 6'-4" Sr. F
John Baggerly 6'-2" Sr. F
John Kupper 6'-4" Sr. G
Travis Wittich 5'-10" Jr. G
Marcus Wooden 6'-2" Sr. F
Matt Borland 6'-5" Jr. F
Dava Schatz 5'-8" Sr. G
Brian Corbett 6'-3" Sr. F
Brian White 6'-5" Jr. F
Brian Clemente 5'-9" Sr. G
Jeff Mee 6'-1" Jr. F
(only graduated 2 seniors, very tall, tough team)

Updated 11/28/01:  The Register published their team and league previews for the South Coast League, and here's what they had on Trabuco Hills, which the coaches in the league have picked to finish 3rd:

Coach: Rainer Wulf  (15th year, 225-162)
2000-01 records, league finish:  13-13, 3-7 (5th)

Aaron Tudor 6'-2" Sr. G
John Baggerly 6'-2" Sr. G/F
John Kupper 6'-5"  Sr. G
Brian Corbett 6'-5" Sr. G/F
Marcus Wooden 6'-2" Sr. G/F
Matt Borland 6'-5" Jr. F

Newcomers to watch:

Brian Clement 5'-9" Sr. G
Jeff Mee 6'-2" Jr. F
Brian White 6'-6" Jr. F
Tom Bryne 6'-5" Sr. C
Scott Ugrin 6'-3" Sr. F
Colt Yoder 6'-5" Sr. C
Greg Moss 6'-1" Sr. G
Aaron Aoigan 6'-1" Sr. G

Outlook:  The Mustangs are stocked with guards, led by Tudor, a Division I prospect.


Trabuco Hills
Coach: Rainer Wulf

N 27 @ Aliso Niguel
30 Canyon
D 4-8 @ Arlington Tourn
14 Northwood
19-22 @ La Costa Cyn Tourn
26-29 @ Las Vegas, NV Tourn
J 09 @ *Capistrano Valley
11 @ *El Toro
14 *Dana Hills
16 @ *Mission Viejo
18 *San Clemente
23 *Capistrano Valley
25 *El Toro
F 01 @ *Dana Hills
05 *Mission Viejo
07 @ *San Clemente

Dana Hills-- 0-10, 9-16 (6th)

Dana Hills didn't make the playoffs, and as a result, we just don't know who they will have.  Dana Hills has a nice website for it's boys' hoops program, and hopefully they'll update it shortly with rosters (it has a schedule and other info, but no rosters).

Updated 11/28/01:   Thanks to the OC Register, which published a team capsule as a part of their league preview, we now have something to say about Dana Hills besides what's on their website:

Coach:  Mark Thornton (6th year, 54-79)
2000-01 records, league finish:  9-17, 0-10 (6th)

Mike Mooney 6'-4" Sr. C (10 ppg, 6 rpg)
Lorca Chanbari 5'-11" Jr. G (7 ppg, 4 apg)

Andrew Kerns 6'-2" Jr. F
Ryan Kerns 6'-1" Jer. F
Don Klein 6'-4" Sr. C
Austin Marshburn 6'-0" Sr. G
Jeff Kaplan 5'-10" Jr. G
Cory Sweeny 5'-10" Jr. G
Ray Mitchell 5'-10" So. G
Noah Camp 6'-3" Jr. F

Outlook:  thornton believes the Dolphins are quicker and whil shoot better than last year.

The coaches in the league pick the team to finish 4th.

Dana Hills
Coach: Mark Thornton

N-26/D-1 @ Loara Tourn
D 05 Laguna Hills
07 @ Aliso Niguel
11 Laguna Beach
14 @ Irvine
18-22 @ Irvine Tourn
26-30 @ Century Tourn
J 09 *El Toro
11 @ *Mission Viejo
14 @ *Trabuco Hills
16 *San Clemente
18 *Capistrano Valley
25 @ *El Toro
26 *Mission Viejo
30 *Trabuco Hills
F 05 @ *San Clemente
07 @ *Capistrano VAlley

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