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CIF-SS Large Enrollment Division Preview:
Sunset League 2001-02--(Nov.2, 2001)

Fountain Valley
Huntington Beach
Los Alamitos

The Sunset League is one of Orange County's strongest and toughest leagues, each year featuring some of the best players in the region.  Los Al has been at the top of the league standings for at least the last five years, and this year they will return some excellent players.  Players to watch include Eric Yarger and Glenn Jones.  For Fountain Valley, look for Kevin Edmunds, a solid prospect as well. Marina doesn't feature a marquee player, but they have some excellent athletes and will contend for a title. Esperanza has played together all summer and fall (as the "Aztecs") and they should return Mark Lovein (a great name for an excellent athlete). Edison will move up a lot of JV guys but also have plenty of experienced players returning.  And as for Huntington Beach, the only team in the league which didn't make last season's playoffs, we really have no idea who will be returning.  Schedules and partial rosters listed below, in order of league finish from last season (not alphabetically).

Update 11/27/01:   The Long Beach Press Telegram's "Prep Sports" section (also a website) featured it's boys' basketball prep previews today and yesterday (11/26 & 11/27), and among the leagues and teams featured was a brief rundown by staff writers James Melroy and Ted Kian on the Sunset League.  Here's the excerpt on the Sunset League which can be found as part of the story in the link above:

For the last five seasons, Los Alamitos has won the league title. It appears that No.‚6 could be a possibility. The Griffins return two all-league selections in guard Mark Lotman and forward Borissa Nadazdin. Lotman, a senior, averaged 10 points and 5 rebounds a game, while Nadazdin, a junior, averaged 12 points and 6 rebounds. Los Alamitos will have to contend with strong challenges from Esperanza and Fountain Valley.

Sunset League Rosters Sunset League Schedules
Los Alamitos--10-0, 18-6, (1st)   "Griffins"

Returning players anticipated to include:
Matt Horowitz  5'-7" Sr. G
Chris Capp 5'-9" Sr. G
Steve Paranal  5'-9" Sr. G
David Whalley  6'-3" Sr. G
Chris Bodziak  6'-0" Jr. G
Trevor Franchi  5'-10" Sr. G
Mark Lotman  6'-4" Sr. G/F
John Kahraman  5'-10" Jr. C
Robbie Haynes  5'-11" So. G
Rochand Scoby  6'-3" Sr. F
Eric Yarger  6'-5" Sr. F
Glenn "DeShaun" Jones  6'-4" Sr. F

Update 11/28/01:  The OC Register published their Sunset League preview (print version only, not on the web, so we have to type this stuff in).  Here's what the paper had to say about Los Al:

Coach: Russ May (2nd year 18-11)
2000-01 records, league finish 18-11, 10-0 (1st)

Mark Lotman 6'-4" Sr. G
Steve Paranal 5'-8" Sr. G
David Whalley 6'-3" Sr. G
Eric yarger 6'-4" Sr. F
DeShawn Jones 6'-4" Sr. F
Trevor Franchi 6'-0" Sr. G
Rochand Scoby 6'-4" Sr. F

Newcomers to watch: 
Boriss Nadazdin 6'-4" Jr. F
Kyle Brucculeri 6'-6" So. F
Robbie Haynes 6'-4" So. F
Darryl Morris 5'-8" So. G
Jon Kahraman 6'-0" Jr. G

Outlook:  With last season's league co-MVP's--Brian Rakusin [Claremont Mudd] and Eddie Courtemarche [also at CMC]--having graduated, the Griffins might not go 10-0 in Sunset games like they did last season.   But they return several experienced and talented players and will ahve a good chance to successfully defend their league championship.


Los Alamitos
Coach: Russ May

N 28 El Toro
D 01 Newport Harbor
4-8 Los Alamitos Tourn
12 @ Santa Margarita
15 @ Capistrano Valley
18-22 @ Anaheim Tourn
27-29 @ Daytona Tourn
J 04 *Fountain Valley
09 @ *Marina
11 @ *Edison
16 @ *Huntington Beach
18 *Esperanza
25 @ *Fountain Valley
30 *Marina
F 01 *Edison
05 *Huntington Beach
07 @ *Esperanza

Fountain Valley -- 7-3, 16-10 (2nd) "Barons"

Returning players anticipated to include:
Henry Palomino  6'-1" Sr. F
Casey Clark  6'-2" Sr. G
Eric Hayman  5'-10" Jr. G
O'Brien Rossi  5'-8" Sr. G
Nick Snowden  6'-0" Jr. G
Zach Wheatley  6'-4" Sr. F
Kevin Edmunds  6'-6" Sr. F
David Seifert  6'-3" Sr. F

Update 11/28/01:  The OC Register published their version of the Sunset League preview, and here's what the paper had to say about Fountain Valley, which the coaches in the league pick to finish 3rd, behind Los Al and Esperanza:

Coach:  Chris Madigan (2nd year, 17-11)
2000-01 records, league finish:  17-11, 7-3 (2nd)

Zach Wheatley 6'-5" Sr. F
Kevin Edmonds 6'-6" Sr. F
O'Brian Rossi 5'-8" Sr. G
Nick Snowden 6'-1" Jr. G

Newcomers to Watch:
David Seifert 6'-5" Sr. F
Derick Furyua 5'-9" Jr. G
Eric Hayman 5'-11" Jr. G
Jeff DeRitter 6'-3" Jr. F
Chris Turner 6'-1" Jr. G
John Carver 6'-2" Jr. G

Outlook:   Not an expecially tall team, but one with quickness and versatility.  It was a surprise  the Barons won 17 last season, but it won't be a surprise if they win that many or more this season.


Fountain Valley
Coach: Chris Madigan

D 01 Los Amigos
3-8 @ Fremont Tourn
10-15 @ Ocean View Tourn
20 @ Lynwood
22 Magnolia
26-29 @ Torrey Pines Tourn
J 04 @ *Los Alamitos
09 *Esperanza
11 @ *Huntington Beach
12 @ Laguna Hills
16 *Marina
18 @ *Edison
25 *Los Alamitos
30 @ *Esperanza
F 01 *Huntington Beach
05 @ *Marina
07 *Edison

Marina--5-5, 11-16 (3rd tie) "Vikings"

As of Nov. 2, we anticipate returning players will include:

Matt Costello 5'-9" Sr. G
Dan Diecidue 5'-10" Jr. G
Bucky Nadazdin 6'-3" Jr. F
Andrew Pham 5'-6" Sr. G
James Lambert 6'-2" So. G
Brian Riley 6'-2" Sr. F
Nick Ciaramitaro 5'-9" Sr. G
Brett Brown 5'-10" Jr. G
Richard Hung 5'-9" Jr. G

Updated 11/22/01:  Here's what the LA Times' "Huntington Beach Independent" wrote about teh Marina team in their local prep preview:

SCHOOL: Marina Vikings
COLORS: Navy, Columbia Blue & White
LEAGUE: Sunset
HEAD COACH: Roger Holmes (8th year)
2000-2001 RECORD: 14-13
LEAGUE FINISH: Third (6-5)

Nick Ciaramitaro (G, 6-0, Sr.);
James Lambert (6-2, G/F Soph.);
Dan Diecidue (6-0, F, Jr.).

Jon Yokoyama (G, 5-7, Sr.);
Stephen Becker (G, 5-11, Soph.);
Matt McNeese (F, 6-2, Jr.);
Brett Brown (G, 5-10, Jr.);
Richard Hung (G, 5-9, Jr.);
Matt Brennan (F, 6-3, Soph.);
Matt Lee (C, 6-5, Soph.);
Jeff Rivera (F, 6-0, Soph.).

OUTLOOK: Holmes will put a young but athletic team on the floor this season. "I think we will improve as the season goes on and we should be pretty good by the time league play rolls around," he said. "I really like this group and am fired up for the season to get underway. We are not very bigbut play extremely hard."

Update 11/28/01:  The OC Register published their version of the above, and they listed a couple more players as returners, including Brian Riley 6'-3" Sr. F, a player that we had as a returner, but the Times missed.   The Register listed the same players as "Newcomers to watch" as the Times listed as "Key Players."   Maybe they should be called "Key Newcomers to Watch."   Whatever.....

The Register did noted however that the coaches picked Marina to finish 4th in league, behind Los Al, Esperanza and Fountain Valley.


Coach: Roger Holmes

N 26 Laguna Beach
N-27/D-1 @ Pacifica Tourn
D 06 El Modena
10-15 @ Sonora Tourn
21 Chilliwack, Canada
27-30 @ Atascadero Tourn
J 02 @ El Dorado (@El Toro)
04 *Edison
09 *Los Alamitos
11 @ *Esperanza
16 @ *Fountain Valley
18 *Huntington Beach
25 @ *Edison
30 @ *Los Alamitos
F 01 *Esperanza
05 *Fountain Valley
07 @ *Huntington Beach

Esperanza--5-5, 12-14 (3rd tie) "Aztecs"

Returning players anticipated to include:
Burke Spencer  5'-9" Sr. G
Kyule Aurelio  5'-8" Jr. G
Braden Porter  6'-0" Jr. G
Mark Davidson  6'-5" Jr. F
Mark Lovein  6'-7" Jr. F
Mike Davis  6'-1" So. G
Jesse Hills  6'-7" Jr. C
Art Darien  5'-8" So. G
Cory Hayashi  5'-10" Sr. G

Updated 11/28/01:  This is from the OC Register's preview of the Sunset League (print version only, not on the Register's website):

Coach:  John Cyrus (6th year, 69-71)
2000-01 records, league finish  13-16, 5-5  (3rd)

Mark Lovein 6'-8" Jr. F
Burke Spencer 5'-9" Sr. G
Braden Porter 6'-0" Jr. G
Michael Davis 6'-1" Sr. G
Kyle Aurelio 5'-9" Jr. G

Newcomers to watch: 
Jesse Hills 6'-7" Jr. F
Ben Alvarado 6'-0" Sr. G
Cory Hayashi 5'-9" Sr. G
Vince Van Kurin 6'-2" Fr. G
Kris Kohl  6'-2" Sr. F

Outlook:   Cyrus likes the combination of talent and team spirit on the Aztecs roster.  They should compete for the league title [Note, the coaches in the league picked the team to finish second, behind Los Alamitos].


Coach: John Cyrus

N 26-30 @ Loara Tourn
D 04 La Habra
06 Troy
08 Sonora
18-22 @ Anaheim Tourn
26-29 @ Brea Olinda Tourn
J 02 @ Downey
04 *Huntington Beach
09 @ *Fountain Valley
11 *Marina
16 *Edison
18 @ *Los Alamitos
25 @ *Huntington Beach
30 *Fountain Valley
F 01 @ *Marina
05 @ *Edison
07 *Los Alamitos

Edison--4-6, 10-16 (5th) "Chargers"

We anticipate the returning players will include:

Beau Roquemore 6'-0" Sr. G
Mike Donegan 5'-10" Sr. G
Matt Furniss 6'-2" Sr. F
Billy Bruan 6'-3" Jr. G
Tommy Grady 6'-5" Jr. C
Chase Guitterez 6'-0" Jr. G
Lee Mabry 6'-0" Sr. G
David Huff 6'0-1" Jr. G
Alex Davis 6'-5" Jr. C
Eric Predergast 6'-1" Jr. F
John Nehrig 6'-4" Sr. F
Naki Fangupo 5'-8" Jr. G
Noah Monson 6'-0" Sr. G
Adam Knutsen 6'-0" Sr. G

Edison graduated 6 seniors, and will be moving up a lot of JV guys if our prediction is correct.

Update 11/22/01:  The LA Times featured it's OC local team preview in their local paper, the Huntington Beach Independent. Here's what the paper had on Edison, which is a bit more current than what we anticipated above when we posted our preview 20 days earlier:

SCHOOL: Edison Chargers
COLORS: Green & Gold
LEAGUE: Sunset
HEAD COACH: Rick Boyce (2nd year)
ASSISTANT COACHES: Judd Fryslie, Phil Guite

2000-2001 RECORD: 10-16


PLAYOFF RESULTS: Did not advance

Mike Donegan (G, 5-10, Sr.); [listed as a newcomer by the Register]
Matt Furniss (F/C, 6-3, Sr.);
Beau Roquemore (G, 6-1, Sr.);
Billy Braun (F, 6-3, Jr.). [listed as a newcomer by the Register]

Adam Knutsen (G, 6-0, Sr.);
Lee Mabry (G, 6-0, Sr.);
Jon Nehrig (F/C, 6-4, Sr.);
Naki Fangupo (G, 5-8, Jr.);
Tommy Grady (C, 6-5, Jr.);
David Huff (G, 6-2, Jr.);
Eric Prendergast (G/F, 6-2, Jr.).

OUTLOOK: Boyce begins his second year with a young team looking to make some noise in the Sunset League race. "We are young but we play hard," he said. "We should be a very competitive team by the time league play rolls around."

The OC Register's "Outlook" for the team stated: "The Chargers are young and lack returning varsity experience.  Boyce said they will need to execute well on offense to win. "

The coaches in the league pick them to finish last.


Coach: Rich Boyce

N 26 Santa Ana Valley
D 3-8 @ La Quinta Tourn
12 @ Newport Harbor
17-22 @ Irvine Tourn
27-29 @ Florida Tourn
J 02 Laguna Beach
04 @ *Marina
05 Buena Park
09 @ *Huntington Beach
11 *Los Alamitos
16 @ *Esperanza
18 *Fountain Valley
25 *Marina
30 *Huntington Beach
F 01 @ *Los Alamitos
05 *Esperanza
07 @ *Fountain Valley

Huntington Beach--0-10, 8-18 (6th)

As of 11/2/01:  No roster information available.

Thanks to the LA Times' Huntington Beach Independent (one of the Times' many local papers), here's what we now know:

SCHOOL: Huntington Beach Oilers
COLORS: Orange & Black
LEAGUE: Sunset
HEAD COACH: Richard Alvarez
ASSISTANT COACHES: Kevin Loftus; Donn Fisher
2000-2001 RECORD: 8-18
LEAGUE FINISH: Sixth (0-10)

PLAYOFF RESULTS: Did not advance

Bryan Harrison (G/F, 6-3, Sr.)

Nick Austin (G, 6-0, Sr.);
Brandon McLaughlin (F/C, 6-5, Soph.);
Thomas Ngo (F, 6-2, Sr.);
Paul Nitollama (G, 5-9. Sr.);
C.J. Pagnanelli (F, 5-11, Sr.);
Richard Rizk (G, 5-11, Sr.);
Nick Sellberg (F, 6-2, Jr.);
Bret VanVoorhis (C, 6-5, Jr.) [listed as a returner by the Register];
Ricky Wood (F, 6-2, Jr.);
Brent Yoshida (G, 5-9, Jr.).

OUTLOOK: "We hope to gain experience through our postseason schedule and be competitive in league play," Alvarez said.

The Register's "Outlook" had the following observation:  "Alvarez hopes that an improved attitude and a good summer program have set the foundation for an improved season for the Oilers."


Huntington Beach
Coach: Richard Alvarez

N 27 @ Newport Harbor
D 3-8 @ La Quinta Tourn
14 @ Saddleback
18-22 @ Irvine Tourn
26-29 @ Orange Tourn
J 02 Cypress
04 @ *Esperanza
05 @ Westminster
09 *Edison
11 *Fountain Valley
16 *Los Alamitos
18 @ *Marina
25 *Esperanza
30 @ *Edison
F 01 @ *Fountain Valley
05 @ *Los Alamitos
07 *Marina

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