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CIF-SS Small Enrollment Division Preview:
Harbor League 2001-02--(Nov. 1, 2001)

Lighthouse Christian
New Roads
Ribet Academy
Rolling Hills Prep

We thought when we posted our Heritage League preview that we had things correctly aligned. Little did we know that several CIF-SS schools had gotten together and formed a few new leagues and among them was the new "Harbor" league.  Since it's a new league, there's no defending champion, and there's no clear outright contender in our view.  This league has the potential to be one of the more competitive small school leagues, and it will actually have three defending league champs among its members (Price from the old Coastal Life League, Ribet from the Heritage League, and Rolling Hills Prep from the Express League).  Top players to keep an eye on this season include Oscar Edwards and Derrick Williams from Price, Thomas Woods from Price and Curtis Allen from Rolling Hills Prep.  

Harbor League Rosters

Harbor League Schedules

Price--23-3, 7-0  (1st)  "Knights" (State Champs--D-V)
Paul Simon  5'-9" Jr. G
Schuyler McKay  6'-2" So. G
Brandon Herron  6'-4" Sr. F/G
Khalief Washington 6'-5" Sr. F
Delbert Gordon 5'-8" Sr. G
Samuel McDonald  6'-2" So. G
Oscar Edwards 6'-4" Jr. F
Derrick Williams  6'-4" Jr. G/F (transfer from Campbell Hall)

Price is the defending State Division V and CIF Southern Section Division V-A Champions.  They graduated a lot of talented players last season, including Chris Alexander (Cal State Fullerton), and just escaped a number of close playoff games last season.  While this team will be talented, Ribet and Rolling Hills Prep will give them a run for their money.  Keep an eye on Oscar Edwards and junior Derrick Williams, a top transfer from Campbell Hall.

Coach: Michael Lynch

D 3-8 @ El Segundo Tourn
10-14 @ Calvary Chapel/D Tourn
17 Pacific Hills
21 Hawthorne
26-29 @ Fresno Chr Tourn
J 05 Verbum Dei
08 Orange Lutheran
12 @ Marshall
15 @ *Ribet Academy
18 Mission Prep
19 *New Roads
21 *Lighthouse Chr
25 @ *Rolling Hills Prep
29 @ *New Roads
31 *Lighthouse Chr
F 05 @ *Ribet Academy
08 *Rolling Hills Prep

Ribet Academy--10-0, 16-2 (1st) "Fightin Frogs"
Chris Booker 5'-10" Sr. G
Garrick Gaines 5'-10' Sr. G
Shomar Thomas 5'-11" Sr. G
Thomas Woods 6'-3' So. G
Donald DJ Shead 6'-0" Jr. G
Aston Penman 6'-2" Sr. F/C
Dirrye Caldwell 5'-10" So. G
Caleb Bassey 6'-4" Jr. F
Simon Schafferer 6'-0" Jr. F
Chris Saryan 6'-0" Jr. F
Yancy Clark 6'-4" Jr. F
Whitfield Usher 6'-4" Jr. F/C
(graduated only 1 senior,
starter Steffen Baghorn)

Ribet's schedule submitted to the CIf leaves something to be desired, and we're guessing that it's not complete.  Still, they will play in some very interesting tournaments including the Fresno Christian Tournament, which will feature most of the top D-V teams in the state.

Ribet Academy
Coach: Bobby Brimmer

N 23-24 @ Little Rock, AR
28 Bell-Jeff
D 08 @ Avalon
26-29 @ Fresno Tourn
J 15 @ *Price
18 *New Roads
25 @ *Lighthouse
29 @ *Rolling Hills Prep
F 01 @ *New Roads
05 *Price
08 *Lighthouse

Rolling Hills Prep--13-0, 16-5 (1st) "Huskies"
Curtis Allen 6'-3" So. F
Kyle Rose 6'-5" Sr. F
Kris Stricklin 6'-2" Jr. F
Ryan Walton 5'-7" So. G
DJ Wright 5'-5" So. G
Jason Daley 5'-9" So. G
Kevin Stamler 6'-0" Sr. F
Alex Elliott 6'-7" Sr. C
Jon Devencimo 5'-7" Jr. G
Brett Danna 6'-0" Jr. F
(graduated only 2 seniors)

Rolling Hills Prep has some of the best young players and could provide a stiff challenge to Price in league competition.  Curtis Allen is a legitimate prospect and will be one to keep an eye on this season. 


Rolling Hills Prep
Coach: Brian Knigin

D 03 Pacific Hills
07 @ Chadwick
08 @ California Baptist
11 @ Montclair Prep
14 @ Garfield
15 Serra
26-29 @ Fresno Chr Tourn
J 15 *New Roads
18 @ *Ribet Academy
19 @ Rose City Rumble
22 *Lighthouse Chr
25 *Price
29 *Ribet Academy
F 02 @ Narbone
04 *Lighthouse Chr
06 @ *New Roads
08 @ *Price

New Roads
New Roads finished the 2000-2001 season with a 7-14 overall and 3-5 in the Coastal Life League (which was disbanded at the end of the season).

The roster for 2001-02 is as follows:

Nate Perlmutter 5-9, So
Michael Hence 5-10, Jr
Evan Norrington, 5-10, So
Nigel Davidson, 5-9, Jr
Danny, Nario, 5-10, Sr
Chris Cannon, 6-0, So
Michael Whitfield, 6-3, Sr
Michael Farhat, 5-9, So
Matt Landis, 6-5, So
Carlos Hernandez, 6-0, Jr
Zack Bein, 5-10, Sr
Matt Van Horn, 5-11, Sr

New Roads
Coach: Rhea Taylor

N 26 West LA Baptist
N-28/D-1@ Laguna Blanca Tourn
D 07 @ Buckley
11 @ Malibu
14 @ AGBU
18 @ Santa Clarita Christian
21 St Genevieve
J 08 Stoneridge Prep
11 *Lighthouse
12 Shalhevet
15 @ *Rolling Hills Prep
18 @ *Price
22 @ *Ribet Academy
24 @ *Lighthouse
29 *Price
30 Westview
F 01 *Ribet Academy
04 LeLycee
06 *Rolling Hills Prep

Lighthouse Christian
Not a clue who is on this roster.  We do have the schedule though.
Lighthouse Christian
Coach: Chris Neds

N 27 Le Lycee
D 3-5 @ AGBU Tourn
07 Pioneer Baptist
11 @ Pioneer Baptist
13 Mesrobian
J 03 @ Pacific Chrisitan
08 Le Lycee
11 @ *New Roads
17 Stoneridge Prep
21 @ *Price
22 @ *Rolling Hills Prep
24 @ *New Roads
25 @ *Ribet Academy
29 @ Grace Brethren
31 @ *Price
F 01 @ Highland Hall
04 @ *Rolling Hills Prep
07 @ *Ribet Academy

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