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CIF-SS Small Enrollment Division Preview:
Hi-Lo League 2001-02--(Nov. 11, 2001)

Acad. of Academic Excellence
Baker Valley
Big Pine
Death Valley
Immanuel Christian
Lee Vining
Owens Valley

We don't often hear much about the schools located out in the desert, and sometimes there's a good reason for that, i.e., there's not much to hear about.  But even if there was, the news comes very slowly out of the high and low desert regions among the smallest enrollment schools principally because each of the schools in this league are so geographically diverse and there's just no metropolitan daily providing them with constant ink.  Baker Valley, Death Valley,   Big Pine, Lee Vining and Owens Valley are about as far from the metropolitan Los Angeles megalopolis as you can get and still be in what passes for civilization.  Of course, many believe that out there it's much more civilized, and with satellite tv, no overcrowding, clear skies and low crime rates, who are we to argue.  If you were ever curious about checking out a game at one of these schools, just get a map and look for highways 395 and 14, and try not to run over any wildlife on the way there.  Many of the schools in this league wind up playing teams in Nevada given their proximity, but the bottom line is that we know very little about what these schools will be like this year.

Last season Big Pine made it to the V-A playoffs and lost to Apple Valley in the first round;  Trona also lost in V-A first round polay to Joshua Springs, and Owns Valley, the No. 4 team in the league lost to Cal Lutheran, the Metro League's No. 1 team. Immanuel Christian, the No. 1 team in the Hi-Lo league was seeded in the V-A playoffs opposite Acaciawood, at that time a Free Lance team which has since joined the new San Joaquin League, and lost in the first round.   How any of these teams will do this year is just a complete mystery. We've got some roster info, but it's very limited, as is some of the scheduling info. 

We're working here with very limited information as far as "previews" are concerned.   What follows is what we know about the teams thus far this season, which means we're looking at old rosters and trying to predict who will be returning and which younger players will be stepping up. The schedules are accurate as far as we know. We encourage coaches to send us their official rosters (via e-mail, not on the message board, please) and any other information about their teams so we can update the previews and rosters as the season progresses.

Hi-Lo League Rosters Hi-Lo League Schedules
Immanuel Christian--10-2, 10-8 (1st) "Crusaders"
Frank Graham 5'-7" So. G
Charles Walters  5'-4" Jr. G
Curtis Staples  5'-10" Sr. G
Matt Minnick  5'-11" Sr. F/G
Gret Teeter  6'-3" Sr. C/F
Kevin Spargo  5'-11"Jr. F/G
Immanuel Christian


Big Pine--9-3, 13-6  (2nd tie) "Warriors"

Big Pine appears to be returning most of the roster from last season:

Elliot Thomas  5'-10" Jr. G
Trevin Wilson  5'-8" Jr. F
Kodi Pihner  5'-8" Sr. G
Ruben Bradley  5'-8" Jr. G
Jose Rico  5'-9" So. G
Marcin Rico  5'-9" Sr. G
Jason Fronczak  6'-0 Jr. F
Dylan Howall  5'-6" Jr. G
Alfred Patterson  5'-6" Sr. G
Brandon Dixon  5'-10" Sr. F
Carlos Meza  5'-8" So. G
Brandon Majors  6'-2" Sr. C
Johnny Madina  5'-7" So. F
James Mahoney 5'-=7" Jr. F
Nadua Bacoch  5'-11" Sr. F

Big Pine
Coach: Darrin Chirrick

N 28 Boron
30-31 @ Coleville Tourn
D 04 @ Gabbs, NV
07 Mammoth
14 @ Trona
18 @ Mammoth
20-21 @ Boron Tourn
J 08 @ *Lee Vining
11 @ *Owens Valley
12 *Immanuel Christian
22 *Lee Vining
25 @ *Immanuel Christian
26 *Owens Valley
29 @ *Lee Vining
F 01 @ *Owens Valley
02 *Immanuel Christian
07 @ Hi-Lo Lg Playoffs

Trona--9-3, 10-8 (2nd tie) "Tornadoes"

Trona should return the following players:

Andy Ramos  5'-3" Sr. G
JT Thompson  6'-0" So. G
Kris Doss 6'-2" Sr. G
Asa McCurdy  6'-2" Sr. F
Cody Hill 5'-7" Sr. G
Jacob Rivera  5'-11" Sr. G
Michael Parks  5'-11" Sr. G
Travis Ball 6'-1" Sr. F
Cody Corrion 6'-3" Jr. C

Coach: Dave Barrett

N 30 @ Boron
D 04 Bethel Christian
07 @ Bethel Christian
13 Apple Valley Chr
26-28 @ Victor Vly Chr Tourn
J 08 @ *Aca of Acad Excel
11 *Death Valley Aca
12 @ *Baker
14 @ Immanuel Christian
16 @ Owens Valley
17 Big Pine
22 *Aca of Acad Excel
25 @ *Death Valley Aca
26 *Baker
29 @ *Aca of Acad Excel
F 02 @ *Death Valley Aca
04 @ *Baker

Owens Valley--7-5, 11-11 (4th)

Oens Valley made the playoffs as the No. 4 team in the league, but we didn't receive any CIF media sheet and thus have no information.  They lost in the first round to California Lutheran last season in the V-A playoffs.

Owens Valley
Coach: TBA

D 04 Mammoth
6-8 @ Joshua Springs Tourn
14 @ Gabbs, NV
18 @ Trona
J 08 @ *Immanuel Chr
11 *Big Pine
12 @ *Lee Vining
14 *Acad of Aca Excel
18 @ *Acad of Aca Excel
22 *Immanuel Chr
25 @ *Lee Vining
26 @ *Big Pine
29 @ *Immanuel Chr
F 01 *Big Pine
02 *Lee Vining

Lee Vining--5-7, 6-9 (5th)

No roster, no schedule. Nada.

Lee Vining


Death Valley Academy--1-11, 1-11 (6th)

Ditto for Death Valley.   No roster, no other info except what looks like about half a schedule.

Death Valley
Coach: Joe R Davis

J 08 *Baker Valley
11 *Trona
12 *Acad of Aca Excel
22 @ *Baker Valley
25 @ *Trona
26 @ *Acad of Aca Excel
29 *Baker Valley
F 01 *Trona
02 *Acad of Aca Excel

Baker Valley--1-11, 1-14 (7th)

Baker Valley won only 1 game last season, and only played 15 games. This year, the schedule doesn't show any preseason tournaments, and there are 10 games, which means they are about 6 short (considering there are 8 teams in the league), so our guess is that the schedule at right is only half complete.

Baker Valley
Coach: Duane Bemis

D 27 @ Joshua Springs
J 08 @ *Death Valley Aca
11 *Aca of Acad Excel
12 *Trona
22 *Death Valley Aca
25 @ *Aca of Acad Excel
26 @ *Trona
29 @ *Death Valley Aca
F 01 *Aca of Acad Excel
02 *Trona

Academy of Academic Excellence
New to the league this year, freelance last season.
Academy of Academic Excellence
Coach: TBA

N 26 Mesa Grande
D 18-30 @ Victor Vly Chr Tourn
J 03 @ Mesa Grande
08 *Trona
11 @ *Baker Valley
12 @ *Death Valley
15 @ Owens Valley
17 Immanuel Christian
18 Owens Valley
22 @ *Trona
25 *Baker Valley
26 *Death Valley
29 *Trona
31 @ Palm Valley
F 01 @ *Baker Valley
02 @ *Death Valley

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