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CIF-SS Small Enrollment Division Preview:
Olympic League 2001-02--(Oct. 30, 2001)

Calvary Chapel/Santa Ana 
Lutheran of Orange
Valley Christian/Cerritos
Whittier Christian

The Olympic League generally features mostly Division IV teams, which is not at the upper end of the enrollment spectrum, but it features schools with slightly bigger enrollments than the Division V teams.  Calvary Chapel Santa Ana has been relatively successful in recent years, but they are virtually starting over this season having graduated 9 seniors from last year's roster.  We saw them at the Palm Springs Tournament, and don't think that they'll be in a position this season to repeat, but then you never know.  Orange Lutheran, Maranatha, Valley Christian Cerritos have also fielded strong teams in recent years, but there is no one player who is as dominant returning as some of the past players who graduated in recent years, including players like David Newkirk from Maranatha.  Of course, the lack of any marquee names means that the way is wide-open for new players to make a name for themselves.  The players listed below are the ones we anticipate will be on the rosters this season, and were listed on last March's playoff rosters.   Barring transfers, we'd expect to see these guys on these teams, at a minimum.  Again, as with our other roster listings, if anyone has more accurate information, let us know so we can update the rosters.

Update 11/27/01:   The Long Beach Press Telegram's "Prep Sports" section (also a website) featured it's boys' basketball prep previews today and yesterday (11/26 & 11/27), and among the leagues and teams featured was a brief rundown by staff writers James Melroy and Ted Kian on the Olympic League.  Here's the excerpt on the Olympic League which can be found as part of the story in the link above:

Orange Lutheran appears to be the early favorite to capture the league crown, but Valley Christian could challenge, provided it gets enough help from some new faces. The Crusaders graduated 10 players from last season's squad that finished 7-3 in league and tied for second place. But Valley Christian has a nice foundation to build upon in 6-7, 270-pound center Cory Kuyper. The senior averaged 9 points, 5 rebounds and 2 blocked shots last season. Senior Brandon Whitfield came on strong in the second half of the season and proved himself to be an excellent rebounder. But if the Crusaders have any postseason aspirations, they will have to get immediate contributions from seniors Yohance Barrett, Joel Holwerda and Bom Hamln, who all played on the J.V. squad last year.

Olympic League Rosters Olympic League Schedules
Calvary Chapel/ Santa Ana--9-1, 19-5 (1st) "Eagles"

Steven Olivas  Sr. F
Joey Jones  Jr G
(9 seniors graduated)

Updated 11/26/01:  The OC Register published their Olympic League Preview on Sunday, 11/25/01, giving us some additional info.   Here it is:

Coach: Bernie Francis (4th Season, 42-26
2000-01 record, league finish: 19-6, 9-1 (first)

Steven Olivas 5'-10" Sr. G
Joey Jones 5'-9" Jr. G

Newcomers to watch:
David Mamelli 6'-2" Jr. F
Jarred Hurst 6'-4" So. C
Chris Watson 6'-2" Sr. F
Jordan Cronk 6'-3" sr. F
Josh Laurent 5'-7" Sr. G
Sean Sullivan 6'-2" Jr. F

Outlook:  Francis said the Eagles will be a bit smaller than in past season, but they should be able to make up for that with improved speed.


Calvary Chapel/Santa Ana
Coach: Bernie Francis

N-26/D-1 @ La Habra Tourn
D 3-8 @ La Quinta Tourn
18 Calvary Chapel/D
26-29 @ Century Tourn
J 04 @ *Orange Lutheran
08 *Whittier Christian
15 *Maranatha
18 @ *Valley Christian/C
25 *Orange Lutheran
29 @ *Whittier Christian
F 05 @ *Maranatha
08 *Valley Christian/C

Lutheran/Orange--8-2, 12-11 (2nd)  "Lancers"

Here's who we expect to see returning from the playoff roster from last season:

Andrew Heim  5'-9"  Jr. G
Paul Jones  5'-9" Sr. G
Jason Taylor  5'-9" Sr. G
David Heim 5'-11" Sr. G
Darrell Jenkins  5'-9" Sr. G
Robin Olson  6'-1" Sr. F
Marc Troyer  6'-3" Sr. F
Brett Bye  6'-2" Sr. F
Nathan Klitzing  6'-2" Jr. G

Updated 11/26/01:  The OC Register published their Olympic League Preview on Sunday, 11/25/01, giving us some additional info.   Here it is:

Coach: Shawn Cassidy (7th season 85-67)
2000-01 rfecord, league finish: 13-12, 8-2 (2nd)

Jason Taylor 5'-10" Sr. G
Brett Bye 6'-2" Sr. F
David Heim 5'-11" Sr. G
Paul Jones 5'-10" Sr. G
Nathan Klitzing 6'-3" Jr. G

Newcomers to watch:
Andrew Heim 5'-9" Jr. G
Sean Leucke 6'-5" So. F
Joel Chester 6'-3" Jr. F

Outlook:  The Lancers will be an experienced team that will be deep at guard and have some young talent playing in the post.


Coach: Shawn Cassidy

N 30 Milwaukee Lutheran
D 3-8 @ La Quinta Tourn
14 @ Horizon, San Diego
17-22 @ Anaheim Conv Tourn
26-29 @ Century Tourn
J 04 *Calvary Chapel/SA
08 @ Price
11 @ *Valley Christian/C
15 *Whittier Christian
16 @ Servite
18 @ *Maranatha
25 @ *Calvary Chapel/SA
26 @ Ocean View
F 01 *Valley Christian/C
02 Tustin
05 @ *Whittier Christian
07 *Maranatha

Valley Christian/Cerritos--7-3, 18-11 (3rd) "Crusaders"

Based on last season's playoff roster, only two guys are anticipated to return:

Brandon Whitfield 5'-10" Sr. G
Cory Kuyper  6'-7" Sr. C
Virtually everyone graduated except these two.

Updated 11/26/01:  The OC Register published their Olympic League Preview on Sunday, 11/25/01, giving us some additional info.   Here it is:

Coach: Dan Leffler (2nd season, 18-11)
2000-01 record, league finish: 7-3, 18-11 (3rd)

Cory Kuyper 6'-7" Sr. C
Brandon Whitfield 6'-0" Sr. F

Newcomers to watch: 
Joe Holwerda 5'-11" Sr. G
Brian Astredo 5'-10" Sr. G
Rob Halma 6'-2" Sr. F
Mario Parrish 6'-2" Fr. G

Outlook:  With Kuyper playing in the middle, Leffler feels the Crusaders will have a better look int he post than last season.


Valley Christian/Cerritos
Coach: Dan Leffler

N 30 @ Paramount
D 3-8 Valley Chr/C Tourn
10-15 @ Troy Tourn
27-29 @ La Salle Tourn
J 04 @ *Whittier Christian
08 *Maranatha
11 @ *Orange Lutheran
18 *Calvary Chapel/SA
25 *Whittier Christian
29 @ *Maranatha
F 01 @ *Orange Lutheran
07 @ *Calvary Chapel/SA

Maranatha--4-6, 11-12  (4th)  "Minutemen"

Based on last year's playoff roster, here's who should return:

Stevce Sakanashi  6'-0" So. F
Donny Blume  5'-10" Sr. G
Richard Petteys  5'-11" Sr. G
John Gregorich  6'-6" Sr. C
Steve Ford  6'-0" Sr. G/F

Several seniors graduated, including leading scorer David Newkirk, so look for the Minutemen to look to new players and returners to replace the offensive output and the ability to rebound that Newkirk gave the team last season.


Coach: Sam Fowler

N-26-D-1 @ Brethren Tourn
28 Arcadia
D 04 @ Temple City
6-8 @ Poly Tourn
11 @ Flintridge Prep
12 @ Cantwell Scrd Heart
14 Malibu
18 Marshall
26-29 @ La Salle Tourn
J 08 *Valley Christian/C
11 @ *Whittier Christian
15 @ *Calvary Chapel/SA
18 *Orange Lutheran
29 @ *Valley Christian/C
F 01 *Whittier Christian
05 *Calvary Chapel/SA
07 @ *Orange Lutheran

Whittier Christian--0-10, 1-23 (6th) "Heralds"

W.C. didn't make playoffs last season, so we don't have any roster available to us.

Updated 11/26/01:  The OC Register published their Olympic League Preview on Sunday, 11/25/01, giving us some additional info.   Here it is:

Coach: Jim Christopher (1st year)
2000-01 record, league finish: 0-10, 1-23

Tim Albaneau 5'-9" Sr. G
Frank Sanchez 5'-11" Sr. G
Kyle Underwood 6'-3" Jr. F

Newcomers to watch:
Tom Hogue 6'-5" Jr. C
Matt Duncan 6'-3" Jr. F
Steve Johnson 6'-3" Jr F
Eddie Park 5'-5" Jr. G}
Abraham Santos 5'-10" Sr. G
Richard Torres 6'-1" Sr. F

Outlook:  Christopher, who coached in the Chicago Public School system, expectes the Heralds to be more competitive than a year ago.

Update 11/27/01:  The Whittier Daily News  and their  "Prep Sports" website featured a preview of the Del Rio League today written by Roger Murray, (the original article can be found at this link).  What follows is the portion pertaining to Whittier Christian

Last season: 1-23, 0-10, sixth.
Returning starters:
Guard Tim Albeanu (Sr., 5-9, 180)
Guard Frank Sanchez (Sr., 6-0, 170)

Other key returner:
Forward Richard Torres (Sr., 6-1, 165)

Key newcomers:
Point guard Abe Santos (Sr., 5-11, 185)
Center Tom Hogue (Jr., 6-4, 175)
Forward Kyle Underwood (Jr., 6-3, 160)
Forward Matt Duncan (Jr., 6-3, 180)
Guard Andy Koomen (Jr., 5-8, 145)
Guard Eddie Park (Jr., 5-5, 140)
Forward/center Russul Olaieau (Jr., 6-3, 170)
Guard Sean Bonawhitz (5-8, 160)

'Considering the Heralds' record last season, it doesn't take long to figure out what first-year coach Jim Christopher will stress this year. 'Ball-handling, shooting, defensive continuity, sustained intensity throughout the game,' Christopher said. 'This is a program that won just one game last year, and I think that is still in the minds of the players.' "

Whittier Christian
Coach: Jim Christopher

N-26/D-1 @ Brethren Chr Tourn
D 04 @ San Gabriel
06 Mesrobian
12 @ St Margaret’s
17-22 @ Garden Grove Tourn
24 Capistrano Valley
27-29 @ Atascadero Tourn
J 04 *Valley View
08 *Calvary Chapel/SA
11 *Maranatha
15 @ *Orange Lutheran
25 @ *Valley Christian/C
29 @ *Calvary Chapel/SA
F 01 @ *Maranatha
05 *Orange Lutheran

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