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CIF-SS Small Enrollment Division Preview:
Valley League 2001-02--(Nov. 11, 2001)

Glendale Adventist
San Gabriel Academy
Summit View
Valley Torah

We know next to nothing about the Valley League and therefore we're not offering any real insights into the teams which have competed in this league in the past, with the exception of Valley Torah, which continues to be a team which will likely take the league title again and which will probably find itself in Division V-A or V-AA of the revamped playoff divisions this year.  In fact, Valley Torah was the only team that we had a roster for this year until Kevin McCloskey, the coach at San Gabriel Academy e-mailed us his roster and a short preview of his program.   We also have schedules of some, but not all of the teams.   We encourage coaches to send us their official rosters (via e-mail, not on the message board, please) and any other information about their teams so we can update the previews and rosters as the season progresses.

Valley League Valley League Schedules
Valley Torah-- 8-0, 13-5 (1st) "Wolves"

Players on the 2001-02 team will be:

Eran Adison 6'-1" Jr. F.
Yaniv Gabay 6'-0" Jr. G
Yossi Goldman 6-2" Jr. F
Ardeshir Ishal 5'-8" Jr. G
Yair Katz 6'-4" Sr. C
Beni Malkin 5'-10" Sr. G
Omer Markush 5'-10" Sr. G
David Mazlin 6'-4" Sr. F/C
Justin Rosen 5'-9" Jr. G
Jeff Rosenfeld  6'-3" Sr. F
Yaakov Stulberger 6'-0" Jr. F
Eldad Younessi 5'-9" Jr. G

Valley Torah made it to the second round of the V-AA playoffs last season, beating Villanova Prep in a first round game and then losing to Rolling Hils Prep in the second round.

Valley Torah


Pilibos--6-2, 10-6 (2nd)
no roster available, only a schedule.  They made it to the second round of the V-AA playoffs last season, losing to Santa Clara, but we have no idea who is returning.
Coach: Sarkis Balian

N 29 @ Providence
D 04 @ St Genevieve
06 @ San Gabriel Academy
07 @ Masada
15 @ *Glendale Academy
17 @ Holy Martyrs
19 Lutheran/LA
20 @ *AGBU
J 08 @ *Valley Torah
09 @ *Coutin
14 Masada
16 @ *Summitview
18 @ Delphi
22 *Valley Torah
25 *Glendale Academy
F 02 San Gabriel Academy
05 *Summitview
06 *Coutin
08 *AGBU

AGBU--4-4, 8-10 (3rd)

AGBU also made it to the V-AA playoffs last year, losing in the first round to Whitewater.  We don't have a current roster, so can't say who is returning and who isn't

Coach: Hagop Halladjihn

N 21 Shalhevet
27 San Fernando Vly Aca
28 Mesrobian
29 @ Viewpoint
D 3-5 AGBU Tourn
06 @ San Fernando Vly Aca
14 *Summitview
18 @ Malibu
20 *Pilibos
J 08 @ Oaks Christian
10 Malibu
17 @ *Glendale Adventist
21 *Coutin
22 Milken Community
24 *Valley Torah
29 Oaks Christian
F 02 *Valley Torah
05 *Glendale Adventist
07 *Summitview
08 @ *Pilibos

San Gabriel Academy

Here's the roster for the 2001-02 season:

Chris Dominguez 6’2"   Sr. PF
Nick Rosas 6’2" Sr. PF
Jason Killebrew 6’4"  Sr. F
Mike Villanueva 5’8" Sr. PG
Francis Cheng  5’10" Sr. SF
Michael Tomas 5’9" Sr. F
Chris Ostos  6’0" Jr. SG
Clifton Baker 5’8"  Jr. G
Joe Abdul-Karim 5’8"  So. SG
Javier Piraino 5’11"  So. F
Eden Yoon 5’8"  So. F
David King 5’8"  Fr. PG

We also heard from Kevin McCloskey, the head coach at San Gabriel Academy, and in addition to letting us know about the school's new website which has a section for basketball, he also had the following to say about his team:

We have the best boys team SGA has ever fielded, and these seniors will set records for most wins in a four year span and hopefully playoff berths and a league championship. Having said that we are just an average team as compared to some of the top teams in our division. If we remain in Division V-AA we will compete but if moved up to IV-A we probably can't compete with the elite teams there. So all in all we are looking forward to a great year by our standards (we just moved into CIF 5 years ago) and we have some big games against St Francis and Price etc. If we start winning them then maybe we will get excited, but for now we just hope to get past the first round of the playoffs."


San Gabriel Academy
Coach: Kevin McCloskey

N 24 @ Loma Linda (Scrimmage)
D 4  Whittier Christian
06 Pillibos
@ Coutin
@ Summitville
@ St. Francis
@ Oaks Christian TOURNAMENT
J 5
@ Pasadena Poly
10 Price
@ Valley Torah
15 Coutin
17 Summitville
@ Glendale
F 02
@ Pillibos
07 Valley Torah


Like Coutin, Summit View didn't report their results from last season. We have no idea who will be there this year, but at least they submitted a roster to the CIF.

Summit View
Coach: Joel Babbitt

D 05 Westview
07 Summitview, West
10 *Valley Torah
13 San Gabriel Academy
14 @ *AGBU
J 05 @ *Valley Torah
07 @ Glendale Adventist
09 @ Westview
16 *Pilibos
17 @ San Gabriel Academy
23 Glendale Adventist
25 *Coutin
31 @ *Coutin
F 01 @ Summitview, West
05 @ *Pilibos
07 *AGBU


We haven't got a clue. They didnt' make the playoffs, didn't report their season results to the CIF at the end of last season, and didn't submit a schedule to the Southern Section office.  Hey, if they don't care, then we don't have the time to research who is there either.



Glendale Adventist Academy

No playoffs last year and no roster this year either. Schedule is from the CIF-SS office.

Glendale Adventist Academy
Coach: Michael Paden

N 27 @ La Sierra Academy
29 @ Newbury Park Adv
D 01 @ San Gabriel Academy
04 *Coutin
06 Newbury Park Adv
11-13 @ La Sierra Aca Tourn
15 Loma Linda Academy
19 Pacific Union Prep
J 07 *Summit View
15 *Pilibos
17 *AGBU
19 San Gabriel Academy
23 @ *Summit View
25 @ *Pilibos
26 @ *Valley Torah
29 @ *Coutin
31 *Valley Torah
F 05 @ *AGBU

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