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From National Athletic Trainers Association-- Basketball Players Risk Injury This Season

From National Athletic Trainers Association-- 1995 High School Basketball Injury Research Results

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Gatorade Sports Science Institute

Nerd World Sports Medicine Links Page

Pepperdine University: Sports Medicine

Southwest Texas State University: Institute for Sports Medicine and Human Performance

University of California, Irvine: Sports Medicine and Athletic Training

University of Charleston: Sports Medicine

University of New South Wales: Sports Medicine

University of North Dakota: Division of Sports Medicine

University of Nottingham: MSc in Sports Medicine

University of Virginia: Sports Medicine

Mike's Sports Medicine Page

Federation of International Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine from the University of Charleston

Stebbins Sports Medicine

MedWeb Sports Medicine

Orthopedics, Biomechanics and Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine & Running Injuries: A Web Text

Sports Medicine and Orthopedics Reviews for Primary Care Providers

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The National Sports Medicine Institute of the United Kingdom

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

North American Society for Pediatric Exercise Medicine (NASPEM)

The Physician and Sports Medicine Online

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Association for the Advancement of Applied Sports Psychology (AAASP)

Dr. Nideffer's Articles

The Mental Edge

Men's Fitness Magazine

Mind Tools - Sports Psychology

Sport and Exercise Psychology

APA Division 47

Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology (AAASP)

AAASP Directory of Graduate Programs in Applied Sport Psychology

American Psychological Association

German Association of Sport Psychologists

North American Society for Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity (NASPSPA)

Official 1996 Olympic Web Site

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Sport & Exercise Psychology

Sport Information Resource Center (SIRC)

Self-Help & Psychology Magazine- Basketball

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