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Recap: Boys' Game Scores From
Thursday, Feb. 3--(Feb. 4, 2000)

There weren't many games last night, but we managed to get about two-thirds of the scores from those which were rumored to have been taking place, and we also got out to see the Brentwood v. Pacific Hills game at Brentwood, not so much to get another look at Pacific Hills, but to see if Brentwood would be able to win its 10th game in order to qualify for the playoffs. Coming into the week, Brentwood was 7-14 overall, and in need of three more wins, and with five games remaining, it was looking iffy. . . that is until Brentwood knocked off Montclair Prep at MP on Tuesday. . . so at 8-14, Brentwood was looking in decent shape, and with games still remaining against Malibu on the 5th and Whitney on the 10th, they definitely have a shot at still making the D-IVA playoffs. . . which is why the win for them at home last night would have provided just a bit more cushion.  No one we spoke with gave them much of a chance against the No. 1 ranked team in D-VAA, but the game turned out to be a lot closer than the final score (see below) and Brentwood had at least three chances to win or tie the game with under a minute, but each time they committed an unforced turnover, or missed their free-throws.   And Pacific Hills also almost gave the game away. . . Here's the set-up:   Score is 50-54.  Brentwood scores at 10 seconds to make the score 52-54. . . the clock is running.  There's maybe 8 or 9 seconds remaining.  What do you do if you are PH?

Well, from our perspective, If you are Pacific Hills, you should run (not walk) away from the ball. . . don't pick it up.  Let the game clock expire, and the game is yours.  The risk is that the ref might blow his whistle and call a delay of game. . . but it's not a shooting penalty and most refs in that situation won't call anything.   With about 7 seconds on the clock,  a PH player picks up the ball, and attempts to inbound it. . . because of Brentwood's   pressure, he's forced to call timeout or risk a five-second count.    Ultimately, Brentwood again is forced to foul with two seconds, and a PH player goes to the line and ices the game.  But Brentwood still gets the ball back with 2 seconds. . . not enough time to really do anything, and time expires.    Anyway, it was an interesting game, and Brentwood played a lot better in the fourth quarter after a sluggish start than we recalled them playing when we saw them back in December. . . And PH must have been tired, because in a halfcourt game at least, they didn't play nearly as impressively as they did a week ago against Campbell Hall.  But they are still ranked No. 1, and Brentwood, at least for now is still next to last in Delphic League and has not yet qualified for the playoffs.  Still, a fun game, even if the crowd was sparse and a bit subdued.

Here's the rest of the results from yesterday.  If you know one of the scores shown as "not reported" send it in.  Thanks.

LA City Section League Games

Magnet League
Bravo Medical 71, Foshay 68
King 66, Marlton 55
LACES 88, Elizabeth St. 55
SOCES 66, Middle College 50
USC-Mast 87, Mid-City 69

Southern Section League Games

Academy League
Calvary Chapel Downey 122, Southern California Christian 26
Fairmont 66, Orangewood Acadmey 47
St. Margaret's 62, Capistrano Valley Christian 42

Christian League
Loma Linda Academy 71, Arrowhead Christian 44
Ontario Christian 60, Mesa Grande 41 
Western Christian 60, Woodcrest Christian 42

Coastal Life League
Price @ Shalhevet--not reported

Del Rio League
El Rancho 77, Pioneer 64
La Serna @ California--not reported
Santa Fe @ Whittier--not reported

Delphic League
Campbell Hall 76, Whitney 34
Crossroads 80, Montclair Prep 53
Pacific Hills 56, Brentwood 52

Express League
Pacific Christian @ New Roads--not reported

Freedom League
Wilson Creek 71, Los Pinos 66
Whitewater @ Masada--not reported
Zinsmeyer @ Star View--not reported

Heritage League
Ribet Academy 94, First Lutheran 57

Metro League
Boys Republic 65, Cal Lutheran 62

Mountain View League
Corona Centennial 109, Santiago Corona 57
Corona 69, Norco 55
La Sierra 53, Jurupa Valley 52

Olympic League
Maranatha @ Calvary Chapel Santa Ana--not reported

Omega League
Westmark @ Newbury Park Adventist--not reported
Ventura County Christian @ Trinity Lutheran--not reported

South Coast League
San Clemente 86, Dana Hills 82

Victory League
Desert Christian 74, Baptist Christian 48
Ambassador Christian 74, Hemet Baptist 48

Westside League
West Valley Christian @ Milken--not reported
Hillcrest Christian GH 83, Santa Clarita Christian 53

Southern Section Non-League Games

La Sierra Academy 47, Apple Valley Christian 39
Southwestern Academy 94,  AGBU 52
St. Michael's 61,  Tarbut V'Torah 53
Twin Pines 59,  CEDU 47

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