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Girls Division IV-AA Bracket:
First Round Pairings--(Feb 13, 2000)

This is a pretty small bracket (a 16 team-format) which will actually involve 19 teams (including six at-large entries, all of which will be involved in the three wild-card games below).  As a result of the odd number of entrants, the "Wild Card Games" will be played before the first round in this Division, and the wild cards will be on Thursday, February 17:

Wild Card A:  St. Paul @ St. Matthias
Wild Card B:  Big Bear @ Duarte
Wild Card C:  El Segundo @  St. Mary's Academy

Here's the bracketing through the final rounds.   As we've said now so many times that we're a bit tired of it, while we can't say that the bracketing is perfect, the committee(which this year consisted of five CIF commissioners--(Ray Plutko, a former CIF Southern Section Commissioner, Dean Crowley, also a former CIF-SS Commissioner, Jim Staunton, current CIF-SS Commissioner, Hal Harkness, the former LA CIF Section Commissioner, and Paul Castillo, the new Assistant Commissioner of Basketball for the Southern Section) did a pretty fair and equitable job in our view.  But if you have complaints, talk to them.

First round games
February 19
Feb. 23
Feb. 26

Alternate Site
March 3 or 4
@ The Pyramid
Bishop Conaty @ Morro Bay      
La Salle @ Rosamond
Winner Wild Card A @ Carpinteria  
Winner wild Card B @ Twentynine Palms
Winner Wild Card C @ Paraclete    
Sacred Heart Jesus @ Oak Park
Ramona Convent @ Whitney  
Louisville @ Valley Christian Cerritos

Essentially, through the first rounds, teams receiving a bye in the first round shall be the host team in the next round. All games with the excepiton fo the final round will start at 7:30 p.m. unless another time is mutually agreed upon and clearance is received from the CIF-SS Office.  Public coin flips will be held in the lobby of the CIF-SS Office at 9:00 a.m. ithe day following each playoff game [these coin flips will determine subsquent sites after the first round, i.e., which school will be the host].  Coin flips will be available after 9:30 a.m. and we'll try to keep everyone posted with them here. 

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