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Girls Division IV-AA Quarterfinal Results
& Bracket Updates--(Feb 24, 2000)

The second round, i.e., the quarterfinals in this smallish bracket, were played last night, Wednesday, February 23.  The results are shown below, and the semifinal matchups are also depicted.  Note that the games will be played at "Alternate Sites" which means that it's a neutral site selected by the host team (show with an *asterisk).   All games are at 7:30 p.m. and the semis will be played this Saturday, February 26.  Games and times are subject to change, so if you plan on attending, check with the local papers or here for further updates before making a drive.   Don't blame us if things turn out differently.  Consider yourself warned.

First round games
February 19
Feb. 23
Feb. 26

Alternate Site
March 3 or 4
@ The Pyramid
Bishop Conaty 28 @ Morro Bay 71 Morro Bay 50
Rosamond 26
Morro Bay

@ California HS

*St. Paul

La Salle 57 @ Rosamond 61
St. Paul 48 @ Carpinteria 47 Twentynine Palms 53
St. Paul 65
Duarte 54 @ Twentynine Palms 65
St. Mary's 52 @ Paraclete 41 Oak Park 50
St. Mary's  Academy 46
*Oak Park

@Agoura HS

Valley Christian Cerritos

Sacred Heart Jesus 36 @ Oak Park 82
Ramona Convent 43 @ Whitney 58 Valley Christian Cerritos 68
Whitney 59
Louisville 31 @ Valley Christian Cerritos 66

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