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Boys Division IV-AA 1st Round Scores
& Bracket Updated--(Feb 19, 2000)

The first round was played in this 16 team bracket last night after a round of five wild card games on Wednesday.  Here's what happened last night, Friday, February 18, 2000 in the first round:

Marshall Fundamental 88, El Segundo 56
Serra 80, Duarte 62
St. Paul 67, Murphy 53
Twentynine Palms 67, Salesian 55
St. Bernard 83, St. Joseph Santa Maria 52
Oak Park 48, Big Bear 45
Rosamond 74, Laguna Beach 58
Beaumont 82, La Salle 79

And based on these results, here's what the bracket now looks like for the quarterfinals which will be played on Tuesday, February 22, 2000 at "alternate sites" (which means that the game will be played on a neutral gym floor. . . there will still be a host team, designated with an asterisk (*), but it won't be the host team's home gym).  All game times are 7:30 p.m..  Check the local papers to see if there's been a location change. We can't and won't guarantee that the information below is accurate, and if it's not, don't come crying to us.

First round games
February 18
Feb. 22
Feb. 25
March 4
@ The Pond
El Segundo 56
Winner Wild Card A
@ Pasadena Marshall 68 Marshall



Serra 80
Winner Wild Card B
@ Duarte 62
Murphy 53 @ St. Paul 67 **St Paul

@ Whittier College

Twentynine Palms

Salesian 55
Winner Wild Card C
@ Twentynine Palms 67
St. Bernard 83 @ St. Joseph SM 52 *St. Brenard


Oak Park

Big Bear 45
Winner Wild Card D
@ Oak Park 48
Laguna Beach 58 @ Rosamond 74 Rosamond



Beaumont 82
Winner Wild Card E
@ La Salle 79

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