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Boys Division V-AA 2nd
Round Game Details--(Feb 20, 2000)

Division V-AA featured some intense rivalries and one of the most exciting finishes in the Buckley v. Montclair Prep game.  The Sweet 16 round is this Tuesday, so check the updated bracket for locations.  All game times are 7:30 p.m.  Here's what happened on Friday night: 

Division V-AA

Pacific Hills 79, Yeshiva 53-- We attended this game, but didn't stick around to get the final scoring, and this morning we didn't find a box in the papers.  The game was played Saturday night, 2/19/00 at Murphy High school in front of a packed house.  Unfortunately for YULA, they were unable to hang with the Bruins in the first half, and although the teams played even in the second half, the 20 point lead at the end of the first half proved insurmountable.  Pacific Hills will play Kilpatrick in the Sweet 16 round this Tuesday.

Kilpatrick 65, Thacher 62--Kilpatrick le 23-14 at the end of the first quarter and hung on to win 62-65 in the first round victory.   Kilpatrick was led by Manuel with 22, Robbins 11, Powell 2, Baker 4, Hayes 9, Ortiz 7, and Farmer 6.  Thacher was led by Thornes with 32 to lead all scorers and White had 9 rebounds and 3 points. Warren had 16 for Thacher to go along with 9 rebounds.   Kilpatrick will face Pacific Hills on Tuesday in the third round, "sweet 16" game. Scoring by quarters:  Kilpatrick 23  18  16  8--65;   Thacher: 14  16 16  16--62. 

Ribet 70, Desert Christian Bermuda Dunes 36--The Fighting Frogs trapped early and often, forcing the Conquerors into 20 turnovers in the first half alone.  Desert just never adjusted to the trap quickly enough and it cost them the game. Desert Christian: 4 6 12 14 -- 36 Ribet: 31 7 18 16 -- 72 Desert Christian: Brattrud 15, Smith 12, Kim 4, Houser 3, Raley 2. Ribet: Houghton 22, Manglioma 15, Tubbs 11, Edwards 10, Byrd 7, Jenkins 4, Pinman 2, Whitfield. .

Ontario Christian 91, Lone Pine 71--Justin Veenendaal had 25 points, five assists and four rebounds and Knights point guard Ryan Fuqua added 18 points, 14 assists and eight rebounds in the Division V-AA second-round contest.   Ontario Christian (20-4), the Christian League champion, advanced to Tuesday's third round against Ribet, a 70-38 winner
over Ribet Academy. Fuqua also dished out 14 assists and grabbed eight rebounds to lead Ontario Christian (20-4) to victory in a first-round game. Eugene Verkaik scored 17 and grabbed 10 rebounds for the Knights. Matt Hoekstra led all players with 12 rebounds for Ontario Christian. LONE PINE (71) Cervantes 22, Stell 14, Jones 13, Alvares 6, Chico 4, Lutze 4, Bhakta 3, Harry 2, Valdez 2, Tsosic 1. ONTARIO CHRISTIAN (91) Veenendaal 25, Fuqua 18, Verkaike 17, Gibson 13, Hoekstra 8, Grayson 3, Koolhaus 3, Fulkerson 2, Nanninga 2. Lone Pine 11 18 20 22 -- 71 Ontario Chr. 24 27 20 20 -- 91 Total fouls: LP 13, OC 15. Fouled out: none. Technical fouls: none.

Buckley 70, Montclair Prep 66-- The Daily News described this as "one of the biggest wins in school history" for Buckley, which picked up it's 15th consecutive win of the season over No. 8 ranked Montclair Prep before a sold out crowd at Buckley on Friday night.  Buckley now advances to the "Sweet 16" Round on Tuesday  and the No. 6 ranked Griffins will face No. 5 ranked St. Anthony's at home in Long Beach. On Friday night Buckley's trio of Colin Ward-Henniger (6'-4" Jr. SG/SF), David Gale (6'-0" So. PG) and Alex Clancy (5'-11" Jr. SG) scored 57 of the 70 points scored by the Griffins, who improved to 21-2.    Ward-Henninger finished with 23 points and 15 rebounds, while David Gale had 15 points (4 for 4 from three point range), 9 rebounds and 11 assists, and Alex Clancy hit five of 10 three point attempts.  The Griffins also got key contributions from Mike Lalazerian (5'-11" Sr. SG), Adam Pastor (6'-1" Sr. SG),  Jake Scannell (6'-4" Jr. F) and Simon Leonov (6'-5" Sr. F).  The game began with Gale blocking Andre Freeman's first shot attempt of the game, which had the Buckley home capacity crowd immediately fired up.   The lead changed hands during the first quarter five times as Lalazerian hit a three and Clancy hit three of his three point attempts.  Andre Freeman scored on two field goals and Will Sheslow, Jesse Bronner, Josiah Johnson and Derek Daniels also each scored a field goal in the first quarter.   Bronner and Johnson both went to the line once each in the first quarter, Bronner on an "and-1" and Johnson shooting two and they were both perfect from the line.   But ultimately, at the end of the first quarter, Buckley still led 16-15. In the second quarter, Johnson and Bronner both heated up and they helped Montclair to a 9 point lead early in the quarter. But with a little under 4 minutes remaining in the half Buckley, Gale then sparked another Griffin rally, an 11-0 run, with two consecutive three pointers which gave Buckley a two point lead with less than 40 seconds in the half.  Josiah Johnson managed to get off a three-pointer as time expired at the half, and Montclair Prep took a one point lead 37-36 into the locker room.   But the momentum in the game remained with Buckley, and in the third quarter, Colin Ward-Henninger responded with 8 points and Gale hit another two consecutive three-pointers to cut short another Montclair Prep rally as the Griffins outscored Montclair Prep 19-12 to take a 54-49 lead going into the fourth and decisive quarter.   In the fourth quarter, Buckley led by as many as 11, but with 3:40 remaining in the game, the Mounties started a comeback and managed to cut the lead to just four points, and then Gale picked up his 5th personal foul while setting a pick on Freeman, but with 1:43 to play, Montclair fouled Buckley's Simon Leonov who made one of two at the line, to give the Griffins a five point lead.  On Montclair's next possession, Josiah Johnson, a senior being recruited by several D-I schools, including Northwestern, UCLA and several others, hit the second of two three pointers in the fourth quarter to cut the lead to just two with 1:20 to play.  On Buckley's next possession, the Griffins remained calm, working the clock, and when Freeman and Sheslow tried to trap Mike Lalazerian on the sidelines, Lalazerian managed to get a shot-clock reset off a kicked ball with just two seconds remaining before a violation.  Buckley again remained poised, using the clock, and with just 13.3 seconds remaining, got off a shot close  which rimmed out;   Ward-Henninger grabbed the rebound and scored the offensive putback to give the Griffins a four point lead with just 12 seconds to play.  Montclair then inbounded the ball but turned it over giving the Griffins possession again with just  5 seconds to play.   On the inbounds, Buckley's Alex Clancy was fouled immediately, but he missed both free throws, giving Montclair the ball again with just 3.2 seconds, but  with a four point lead the game was out of reach, and when Montclair tried to inbound the ball, Leonov intercepted the final inbounds pass to lock up the win for Buckley.   For Montclair Prep, Johnson finished with 30 points and 11 rebounds, and Will Sheslow and Andre Freeman added 13 and 12 respectively, and Freeman added 7 assists and four steals. Montclair Prep  which finishes the season at 14-13.   Others scoring for Montclair were Gary Sonkur 3,  Jesse Bronner 6 and Derek Daniels 2.  For Buckley, the final scoring was Adam Pastor 4, Steven Broukhim 2, David Gale 15, Mike Lalazerian 4, Simon Leonov 3,  Colin Ward-Henninger 23 and Alex Clancy 19.   Scoring by quarters:  Buckley 16  20  19 15--70;  Montclair Prep 15 22  12  17--66.

St. Anthony 80, Desert Christian Lancaster 70-- Senior guard Jared Lloyd scored 12 of his season high 34 points in the third quarter as the Saints led from start to finish in a second ournd victory over thehost Knights (18-3).   The No. 5 ranked Knights will meet No. 6 ranked Buckley on Tuesday night in a Sweet 16 game at St. Anthony's.  Others scoring for St. Anthony's were Smith 20 Brown 2, Robinson 2, Holder 9, and Arzabal 3.  For Lancaster Desert Christian, scorers were Sescon 7, Parker 32, Waugh 11, Spears 8, and Nelson 2.

Flintridge Prep 62, Masada 47-- The Knights could not overcome the visiting Rebels. Antonio Harrison scored 10, Bryan Young 4, and Ben Kroop 14 as Flintridge Prep improved to 15-10 overall and Masada ended it's season with a 17-4 record.  Flintridge was also helped by Darren Wikasa's 4 points, Charles Winters' 4, Conor O'Byrne's 6 and Devin Brown's 6.  Brian Strnad had 8 and Matt Lauer had 7 for FP.  Masada was led by Jose Ballesteros with 10 and Steven Abron with 10.   Others scoring were Gregory Archie 4, Jamal Duncan 8,  Brandon Wettlaufer 9, Brandon Grisby 3, and Victor Thomas 3.   Scoring by quarters:  Flintridge Prep: 12  20  14  16--62;  Masada 4  20  11  12--47

Bell Jeff 83, AGBU 47--Bell Jeff jumped out to a 16-8 lead and then blasted AGBU with a 32-8 third quarter as Casey Markovic scored 27 points and Carloys Arroyo had 18 points and 10 rebounds.  Andy Bunning added 11 and Tony Essa had 10 for the Guards.  Others scoring were Christian Gopez with 3, Mike Yildiz 6, Que 4, Tyler Kealey 2, Shinnamon 2 and Sanchez 2.   Point guard Romel Cabrerra is academically ineligible and will be out for the rest of the playoffs.   Bell Jeff improved to 22-6.  AGBU was led by Gozunian with 17 and Elikian 15.    Scoring by quarters:  Bell Jeff-- 16  21  32  14--83;   AGBU-- 8  17  6  17--48.

Calvary Chapel Downey 88, Whitewater 50-- Tim Drisdom scored 18 ponts and J. James scored 17 while Banuelos had 16 and Henderson 11 for as the No. 3 seeded Grizzlies (22-5) raced out to a 22 point halftime lead and downed the Sains (17-4). Drisdom also had 12 rebounds and 10 assists in the game.

Woodcrest Christian 83, Valley Christian Santa Maria 70--Woodcrest Christian opened up a 24-point lead in the third quarter by scoring 27 points. Santa Maria Valley Christian (13-12) cut the lead to six late in the fourth quarter, but only scored two points the rest of the game. Woodcrest Christian made a 500-mile round trip two days after trekking 198 miles to Boron, but came back with another victory, despite being the fourth-place team from the Christian League. Kris Powers scored 32 points for the Royals (14-11), a season and career high. Steven Boyd tied a Woodcrest Christian record when he made four three-pointers, bringing his total to 52. Kevin Carpenter scored 14 points and grabbed 21 rebounds, the most rebounds in a single game for the Royals since 1991.WOODCREST CHRISTIAN (83) -- Carpenter 14, Reed 5, Boyd 20, Powers 32, Gallegos 10, Musich 2. VALLEY CHRISTIAN (70) -- Kirby 5, Pacheko 4, Carnell 22, Carlon 2, Lynwood 23, Mason 1, Lockart 4, Cristenson 9. Halftime score -- Woodcrest Christian 34-21. Three-point goals -- Boyd 4, Kirby, Carnell, Lynwood 3, Cristenson. Total fouls -- Woodcrest Christian 16, Valley Christian 16. Fouled out -- none

Western Christan 61, Bloomington Christian 37--Despite Western Christian's starting center 6'6" Brad Meister spraining his ankle while being fouled on a  dunk attempt in the 1st minute of the game, and his absence from the rest of the game, Western Christian easily handled Bloomington Christian on Friday night in the second round win.   Meister is reportedly questionable for Tuesday's Sweet 16 game against defending State Champion Santa Clara.  On Friday night, joey dyche (6'-0" Sr. G) finished with 25 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 assists while Brandon Gross came in off the bench to fill in for the 6'-5" 240 lb Martin, and he had 14 p;oints.   Shawn Lokar (6'-4" Jr. F) had 16 points, 7 assists and 5 steals, and 21 rebounds, well over his average of 12.2 points and 10.1 rebounds in league play.

Santa Clara 60, Grace Brethren 49--Earl Hall had 16 points, nine rebounds and seven assists for defending state champion Santa Clara (16-6) at home.  Jason Angell added 16 points and Albert Sorio had 13, including three 3-point field goals.  Jason Beauchamp and Ryan Shaffer had 17 and 16 points, respectively, for Grace Brethren (17-8). 

Chadwick 58, Desert 52--Wes Putnam scored 10 of his 13 points in the fourth quarter as the host Dolphins (16-7) recovered from a 41-34 deficit to advance to the quarterfinals. Putnam finished the game with 13 points while Michael Reich recorded a game-high 18 points and 14 rebounds. Peter McCaslin scored seven of his 16 points in the fourth quarter and had 10 assists.

Valley Torah v. La Verne Lutheran-- Abey Malking scored 17 and Gershon Goldberger had 12 as Valley Torah won the second round contest played Saturday night, 2/19/00, at Montclair Prep.  Valley Torah improves to 16-5 and will meet Chadwick on Tuesday in the Sweet 16 round.  Cholton Smith ahd 23 points for La Verne Lutheran which finishes the season at 17-8.   Others scoring for Valley Torah were Markush 8, Simkin 8, Simon 5 and Greenfield 3.    Others scoring for La Verne Lutheran were Thomas 8, Michael Lee 10, Cumberland 6, Arterburn 1.  Scoring by quarters:  La Verne Lutheran--16  10   17  5--48;  Valley Torah--12  14  14  13--53.

Apple Valley Christian 41, Sherman Indian 40--Norman Willow's 23 points were not enough to keep Riverside Sherman Indian from losing to Apple Valley Christian in a first-round Division V-AA game. The Braves (13-4) had a chance to win, but missed a layup with one second left. Apple Valley Christian (13-11) limited Sherman Indian to eight points in the first quarter.  Apple Valley will play Campbell Hall in the Tuesday third round. APPLE VALLEY CHRISTIAN (41) -- Manahl 3, Vaughn 4, Carter 9, Powell 4, Taylor 9, Stewart 12. SHERMAN INDIAN (40) -- Willow 23, Flores 2, Lee 3, Nez 7, Jackovich 5. Halftime score -- Tied, 23-23. Three-point goals -- Manahl, Powell, Taylor, Willow 3, Lee, Nez. Total fouls -- Sherman Indian 19, Apple Valley Christian 9. Fouled out -- Jackovich, Nez.

Campbell Hall 87, Villanova Prep 41--Richard Fore and Matt Mueller had 15 points each for visiting Villanova (13-10). Mueller also had 10 rebounds. Campbell Hall jumped to a 22-0 lead in the first quarter. Jesse Foster scored eight of his 18 points in the first quarter, when the Vikings built a 22-0 lead in a second-round victory at Campbell Hall.  Foster added 10 rebounds and five blocked shots.  Derrick Williams had 18 points, 10 rebounds and four blocked shots, and Hassan Bassiri added 21 points and seven assists for the Vikings (20-8). 

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