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Boys Division V-A: First Round
Results & Bracket--(Feb 17, 2000)

Here are the results from Division V-A's first round games, played on Wednesday, February 16:

West LA Baptist 62, Westmark 45
Wilson Creek 70, Cal Lutheran 64
Rolling Hills Prep 78, First Lutheran 49
Orangewood Academy 85, Stoneridge Prep 72
Big Pine--bye
Hillcrest Christian GH 73, Christian Center Academy 50
Southwestern Academy--bye
Antelope Valley Christian--bye
Mesrobian 83, Owens Valley 55
Shandon 82, Santa Clarita Christian 67
Tarbut v' Torah 523, Maricopa 49
West Valley Christian 79, Newbury Park Adventist 63
Immanuel Christian 68, Trinity Lutheran 38
Heritage (Eastside) Christian--bye

Here's the bracketing through the final rounds. All second round games are tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. and this bracket now also reflects the winners of the coin flips.  One note, the Heritage Christian v. Immanuel Christian game has been moved to Ball Jr. HS., so if you're planning on attending this game, that's where it is, and we've also been told it's going to be played tonight, because Immanuel Christian is a 7th Day Adventist school, and they observe the Sabbath from Friday at sundown until Saturday at sundown.  As for other changes, well, you're on your own.  We'll try to post any other changes if they occur, but if we don't get them, check the local papers. And as always, if there's a change that we don't know about, don't blame us.

First round games
February 16
  Second Round
Feb. 18
  Third Round
Feb. 22
Feb. 25
Feb. 29
March 4

Upper half of Bracket          
Price @ Bye

W.L.A. Baptist

W.LA Baptist 62 @ Westmark 45
Wilson Creek @ Cal Lutheran

Rolling Hills Prep
Wilson Creek

First Lutheran 49 @ Rolling Hills Prep 78
Stoneridge Prep 72 @ Orangewood Acad. 85

Orangewood Acad.
Big Pine

Big Pine @ Bye
Christian Center Acad. 50 @ Hillcrest Chr. GH 73

Hillcrest Christian GH

Southwestern @ Bye
Lower Half Bracket          
Antelope Valley Chr. @ Bye

AV Chr.

Owens Valley 55 @ Mesrobian 83
Santa Clarita Chr. 67 @ Shandon 82 Shandon
Pioneer Baptist
Pioneer Baptist 65 @ Hesperia Christian 52
Maricopa 49 @ Tarbut v' Torah 52 Tarbut v' Torah
West Valley Chr.
West Valley Christian 79 @ Newbury Park Adv. 63
Trinity Lutheran 38 @ Immanuel Chr. 68

Immanuel Christian
@ Ball Jr. HS
v. Heritage Chr.

Heritage Christian
(Eastside Chr.)
@ Bye

Essentially, through the first rounds, teams receiving a bye in the first round shall be the host team in the next round. All games with the exception of the final round will start at 7:30 p.m. unless another time is mutually agreed upon and clearance is received from the CIF-SS Office.  Public coin flips will be held in the lobby of the CIF-SS Office at 9:00 a.m. the day following each playoff game [these coin flips will determine subsquent sites after the first round, i.e., which school will be the host].  If a two teams have played home games, then there will be a flip.  The team with the fewer number of home games gets to be the host in the next round.  Complicated?  Probably, but all coin flips will be available after 9:30 a.m. at the CIF office, and we'll try to keep everyone posted with them here, but we can't promise the time. 

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