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SoCalHoops Class Of 2000:
Top Power Forward/Post Players--(Apr. 22, 2000)

It's been a while since we updated our top player lists, but we finally got around to it.  The post and power forwards in this class in SoCal are not as plentiful overall as some of the other positions, but among the top players, there's a greater concentration of Division I prospects than at any other position in the class.  Oh, and the SoCal class of post/power forwards also boasts one of only two [the other is DeShawn Stevenson] McDonald's All-Americans from California--Travon Bryant, who is presently deciding between Cal, Kansas and Missouri.  

We've selected the top players from among those we've watched throughout the year, during the regular high school season, at pre-season and post-season tournaments, spring leagues, shootouts, spring tournaments, and everywhere else we've seen guys play since we did our last lists in the fall.   And as we did last fall, we've divided the players into two groups:  The "Top 25," the "Next Top 40".   In our view, most of the Top 25 guys are Division I college-level players, and a lot of them have already signed.  The rest of the guys either are or could be college-level players, at some level.  For many of those not yet committed, at least those who intend to go to college straight out of high school, the window of opportunity is getting smaller, and many will go D-II, D-III or NAIA, and a good number will choose to attend JUCO's.  A very small number may attend prep school.   But one way or the other, you're likely to see many of these guys continue their playing careers for at least another few years in college.

We will continue to be unconventional, at least with respect to the compilations of our lists of players:  Unlike many other sites who write about recruiting and identify top high school players, we don't use numerical rankings. College coaches will make their own evaluations, and the point of our lists is not to "rank" players, but to get the word out about players to those who are in a position to actually recruit them, i.e.,  the college coaches. Admittedly, with the seniors, there's not much opportunity left for these guys to be seen, but you never know. . . . Most club coaches, high school coaches, recruiting services, and other players already know about the guys listed here, and likewise, everyone's got an opinion of who is "best" or "better" than the next guy.  But we'd rather use broad categories instead of straight numerical rankings, because, after all, what's the difference really between the #1 player and #10 or #15?   It's subjective,   just like everything else in life. 

We don't claim to have seen every player in SoCal in the senior class, but we've seen most of the top players.  We've gone to more games since last September, virtually one or two games a day during the high school season, so we've seen a lot of these guys.  But that doesn't mean that we've seen everyone there is to see.   We can't be everywhere, and obviously we will miss some guys.

Our lists include players from Fresno in the North, to San Diego in the South, i.e., the entire SoCal region.  We've shown players at their primary position. If you don't see a player on one list, look on another, because we may have listed someone at a position other than where you might expect. We have not listed players who attended prep schools outside of California.

Lastly, if we've left a player off the list, it may or may not be an oversight, but if you think someone deserves to be on our lists let us know.  

SoCalHoops Top 25 Senior Centers/Post Players
(Class of 2000)

Player Ht--Grade--Pos. High School College
Andreas Bloch 6'-8" Sr. PF Fresno Central
Keith Brooks  6'-6" Sr. PF Compton Dominguez
Travon Bryant   6'-8" Sr. PF   Long Beach Jordan   Cal/Missouri/Kansas
James Cady   6'-10" Sr. C   Stockdale Cal Poly Pomona
Chris Davis 6'-7" Sr. PF   Crenshaw
Adam Drell   6'-7" Sr. PF   Chatsworth
Justin Garcia   7'-1" Sr. C   Jurupa Valley   Northern Arizona
Jeff Grgas   6'-8" Sr. PF   Los Alamitos   Westmont
Gregg Guenther   6'-9" Sr. PF   LA Taft   USC
Jason Johnson   6'-8" Sr. PF   Upland
Will Kimble   6'-8" Sr. PF   San BernardinoPacific   Pepperdine
Chris Lopez   6'-7" Sr. PF   Fresno Edison
Chris Manker   6'-10" Sr. C/F   Laguna Beach   Oregon State
Jean Marley-Pierre 6'-7" Sr. PF San Diego El Camino Coppin State
Daniel Melton   6'-9" Sr. C   Loara
Eugene Moore   6'-7" Sr. PF   LA Washington
Vili Morton   6'-9" Sr. C   Twentynine Palms UC Riverside
Ellis Myles   6'-7" Sr. PF   Compton Centennial   Louisville
Chris Neff   6'-8" Sr. PF   Bishop's School
Tyler Newton   6’-9" Sr. F/C   Burbank Burroughs
Aerick Sanders   6'-10" Sr. C/PF   Serra   San Diego State
Patrick Salyer   6'-7" Sr. PF   Orange Lutheran
Ryan Stacey   6'-7" Sr. PF   Santa Margarita
Joe Travis   6'-8" Sr. PF   Long Beach Poly
Lloyd Walls   6'-9" Sr. C   Esperanza Loyola Marymount
Chris Walton   6'-8" Sr. PF   USDHS   San Diego State
Kam Walton   6'-8" Sr. F   USDHS   Harvard
DeMarcus Williams   6'-8" Sr. C/PF   Upland   Washington
Andrew Zahn   6'-9" Sr. C/PF   Redondo Union   Arizona

SoCalHoops Next Top 40 Senior Posts/Power Forwards
(Class of 2000)

Lamar Abbott   6'-4" Sr. PF  Vista
Mark Ahlberg   6'-6" Sr. PF   Troy
Sahael Almuallem   6'-8" Sr. C   Quartz Hill
Zach Balver   6'-7" Sr. PF   Indio
Tezarray Banks   6'-7" Sr. C   Lakewood
Bobby Bassman   6'-5" Sr. PF   Milken
Juan Becerra   6'-5" Sr. PF   Southwest
Jeremiah Bell   6'-4" Sr. PF   Ocean View
Jim Bosma   6'-3" Sr. PF   Capo Valley
John Browner   6'-9" Sr.  PF Horizon
Kenny Carter   6'-8" Sr. PF   Los Alamitos
Jaren Corpening   6'-9" Sr. F   Quartz Hill
Brett Crane   6'-8" Sr. G   Ontario
Peter Dalrymple   6'-8" Sr. PF/C   Moorpark
Mike Grisante   6'-7" Sr. F   Saugus
Dewayne Harris   6'-7" Sr. PF   Gardena
Jordi Higueras   6'-5" Sr. F   Palm Springs
Charles Jones   6'-5" Sr. PF   Long Beach Poly
Malik Jones   6'-6" Sr. C/F   Ayala
Mike Keddington   6'-6" Sr. C/F   Channel Islands
Justin Lozano   6'-6" Sr. PF   Charter Oak
DJ Lucas   6'-5" Sr. F/C   Ayala
Josh Mativa   6'-4" Sr. PF   Elsinore
Ryan McCormick   6'-5" Sr. F/C   Camarillo
Robert Mendoza   6'-7" Sr. F/C   Anaheim
Adam Olson   6'-7" Sr. PF/C   USDHS
Robert Osorio   6'-5 Sr. PF/C   Righetti
Charlie Peterson   6'-7" Sr. F   Santa Barbara
Chase Peterson   6'-6" Sr. F/C   El Toro
Jeremiah Phillips   6'-5" Sr. F   Silverado
Duncan Reid   6'-6" Sr. PF   Glendora
Eric Roller   6'-3" Sr. PF   North Hollywood
Adam Sahagun   6'-4" Sr. F   Lakewood
Andrew Simon   6'-8" Sr. PF/C   Damien
Justin Tidwell   6'-8" Sr. PF   Quartz Hill
Nick Vavakin   6'-7" Sr. C   Ayala
Jeff White   6'-5" Sr. PF El Capitan
William White   6'-5" Sr. PF   Morse
Dylan Wilson   6'-5" Sr. PF Patrick Henry
Jamaal Williams   6'-6" Sr. PF   St. Augustine

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