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SoCalHoops Class Of 2000:
Top Shooting/Combo Guards--(Apr. 22, 2000)

It's been a while since we updated our top player lists, but we finally got around to it.  The Shooting Guard/Combo Guard position probably has the most players of any in the class, and this was a very tough list to compile because there are so many good, solid players in SoCal.

We've selected the top players from among those we've watched throughout the year, during the regular high school season, at pre-season and post-season tournaments, spring leagues, shootouts, spring tournaments, and everywhere else we've seen guys play since we did our last lists in the fall.   As we did in last fall, we've divided them into three groups:  The "Top 25," the "Next Top 30", and "Best of the Rest".   In our view, most of the Top 25 guys are Division I college-level players, and some of them have already signed.  The rest of the guys either are or could be college-level players, at some level.  For many of those not yet committed, at least those who intend to go to college straight out of high school, the window of opportunity is getting smaller, and many will go D-II, D-III or NAIA, and a good number will choose to attend JUCO's.  A very small number may attend prep school.  But one way or the other, you're likely to see many of these guys continue their playing careers for at least another few years in college.

We will continue to be unconventional, at least with respect to the compilations of our lists of players:  Unlike many other sites who write about recruiting and identify top high school players, we don't use numerical rankings. College coaches will make their own evaluations, and the point of our lists is not to "rank" players, but to get the word out about players to those who are in a position to actually recruit them, i.e.,  the college coaches, so they can watch the guys play.  Admittedly, with the seniors, there's not much opportunity left for these guys to be seen, but you never know.  Most club coaches, high school coaches, recruiting services, and other players already know about the guys listed here, and likewise, everyone's got an opinion of who is "best" or "better" than the next guy.  So, we'd rather use broad categories instead of straight numerical rankings.  It's subjective, we know, but so is everything else in life.  

We don't claim to have seen every player in SoCal in the senior class, but we've seen most of the top players.  We've gone to more games since last September, virtually one or two games a day during the high school season, so we've seen a lot of these guys.  But that doesn't mean that we've seen everyone there is to see.   We can't be everywhere, and obviously we will miss some guys.

Our lists include players from Fresno in the North, to San Diego in the South, i.e., the entire SoCal region.  We've shown players at their primary position. If you don't see a player on one list, look on another, because we may have listed someone at a position other than where you might expect. We have not listed players who attended prep schools outside of California.

Lastly, if we've left a player off the list, it may or may not be an oversight, but if you think someone deserves to be on our lists let us know.   Here are the Shooting/Combo Guards in SoCal in the Class of 2000:

SoCalHoops Top 25 Senior Shooting/Combo Guards
(Class of 2000) 

Player Ht-Gr-Pos High School College
Deshawn Anderson   6'-3" Sr. SG Fresno Washington Union
Derrick Andrew   6’-2" Sr. SG/PG Rancho Cucamonga
Nick Booker   6'-5" Sr. SG The Bishops School, La Jolla Davidson
Jason Breland   6’-4" Sr. SG Westchester
Ryan Dillon   6'-3" Sr. SG Victory Valley
Branduin Fullove   6'-4" Sr. SG Simi Valley   UCSB
Michael Hall   6'-4" Sr. SG San Bernardino Pacific   Pepperdine
Larry Johnson   6'-4" Sr. SG Dominguez
Tommy Johnson   6'-4" Sr. SG Los Angeles Crenshaw   Wash.St.
Steve McMaryion   6’-4" Sr. SG Palisades
Brennan Martin   6’-6" Sr. SG Trabucco Hills   Texas A&Am/Prep
Bobby Mitchell   6'-0" Sr. SG LA Reseda
Ryan Mollins   6'-5" Sr. SG Redondo Union
Steve Moore   6-3 Sr. SG Compton Dominguez
Jason Morrissette   6'-4" Sr. SG LA Fairfax   Santa Clara
James Phillips   6'-4" Sr. SG   Temecula Valley
Darrelle Rowe   5'-10" Sr. SG Pasadena Muir  
Jaime Sanchez   5'-10" Sr. PG/SG Bishop Diego
Steve Scoggin   6'-0" Sr. SG Mater Dei   UNLV
Jon Steven   6'-5" Sr. SG Anaheim Esperanza
DeShawn Stevenson 6'-5" Sr. SG   Fresno Washington Union   Kansas
Todd Tomlinson      6'-1" Sr. SG Moorpark
Alfred Williams   6'-3" Sr. SG   Bakersfield
Ryan Wilber   6’-4" Sr. SG   Brea Olinda Humboldt State
Matt Winter   6'-2" Sr. SG   Heritage Christian

SoCalHoops Next Top 30 Senior Shooting/Combo Guards
(Class of 2000)

Jason Angell   5'-10" Sr. SG Oxnard Santa Clara
Peter Benjamin 6'-0" Sr. SG Long Beach Millikan
Myree Bowden   6'-1" Sr. SG   Bakersfield South
Martin Castro   5'-11" Sr. SG   Santa Monica
Tracey Cathey   6'-2" Sr. SG   Morningside
Tim Chevalier   5'-11" Sr. SG/PG Thousand Oaks
Jamaal Dean   6'-2" Sr. SG   Verbum Dei
Joey Dyche   6'-0" Sr. SG   Western Christian
DeAndre Gipson   6'-2" Sr. G   Buena Park
Clint Hamblin   6'-3" Sr. SG   Village Christian
Sidney Hampton 6'-3" Sr. SG   Valley View
Alec Hanson   6'-0" Sr. SG   Corona del Mar
Jovan Jester 6'-0" Sr. SG Marshall Fundamental
Chasen Jones   6'-0" Sr. SG/PG Ayala
Marqui Jones   6'-4" SG   Fairfax
Sharif Joshua   6'-2" Sr. SG   Pacific Hills
Ryan Keller   6'-1" Sr. G   Los Alamitos
Larry Knox 6-3 Sr. SG   LA Cleveland
Anthony Kyles   6'-1" Sr. SG   Pacific Hills
Dylan Mathis   6'-5" Sr. SG   Redondo Union
Marc McCoy   6'-1" Sr. SG/PG Ayala
Steven Miller   6'-3" Sr. SG   Anaheim
Eric Norcross 6'-5" Sr. SG Clovis West
Mario Roberts   6'-1" Sr. SG/PG Manual Arts
Ronald Ruffin   6'-4" Sr. SG   Chatsworth
Franklin Thomas 6'-3" Sr. SG   Hueneme
Julian Trisby   6'-4" Sr. SG  Helix
Dwayne Trotter   6’-4" Sr. SG   Morningside
Jonathan Wade   6'-0" Sr. SG/PG Pacific Hills
Brent Williams   6'-2" Sr. SG   Santa Barbara
KC Walling   6'-3" Sr. SG   Santa Barbara
Ryan Westbrook   6'-3" Sr. SG   Ocean View
Jason Whieldon   6'-1" Sr. SG   Orange Lutheran

SoCalHoops Best of the Rest Top Senior Shooting/Combo Guards
(Class of 2000)

Sylvester Allison   5'-10" Sr. SG   Alhambra HS
Willie Bailey   5'-11" Sr. SG Crawford
Andrew Bloomfield 6'-2" Sr. SG   LA Baptist HS
Doug Brown   6'-4" Sr. SG   Esperanza
Kalaan Brown   6'-4" Sr. G   Silverado
Drew Bryant   6'-2" Sr. SG   South Pasadena
Tory Cohn   6'-2" Sr. SG   Beaumont
Brandon Conner   6'-2" Sr. G   Leuzinger
Andrew Contreras   5'-9" Sr. SG   San Gabriel HS
Art D'Egidio   6'-1" Sr. SG   Chaminade
Jason Davis   6'-3" Sr. SG   Glendora
Brandon Dixon   6'-3" Jr. G   Leuzinger
Rielly Embrey   6'-1" Sr. SG  Poway
Joe Frias   5'-10" Sr SG   Downey HS
Charles Gibson   6'-2" Sr. SG   Canyon Springs
Damien Gilchrist   6'-0" Sr. SG   JW North
Justin Greene   6'-0" Sr. SG/SF USDHS
Mike Holloway   6'-2" Sr. SG   St. Paul
Matt Houghton   5'-9" Sr. SG/PG Ribet
Francis Ireifej   6'-2" Sr. SG   Mission Viejo
Deric Issacs   6'-2" Sr. SG   Bolsa Grande
Andre Johnson   6'-0" Sr. SG/PG Carson
Jason Kenoyer   5'-10" Sr. SG   La Salle
Alex Landa   5'-9" Sr. SG/PG Santa Ana Valley
Andy Lawrence   6'-1" Sr. SG   University
Courtney Lytle   6'-0" Sr. SG Morse
Karim McDougal   6’-4" Sr. SG   Rancho Cucamonga
Edward McKinney   6'-1" Sr. SG   Inglewood
Joseph Mamaradlo 5'-9" Sr. SG   Brethren Christian
Steven Montepegue 5'-11" Sr. SG   Righetti
Senian Norman   6'-0" Sr. SG   Inglewood
Chrismen Oliver   5'-9" Sr. SG/PG St. Bernard
Taurus Parish   6'-1" Sr. SG   Colton
Lonnel Penman   6'-3" Sr. SG   Long Beach Poly
James Phillips   6'-3" Sr. SG   Temecula Valley HS
Chris Prins   6'-4 Sr. SG   Christian San Diego
Allan Purnell   6’-3" Sr. SG   Savanna
Chris Pittman   6'-2" Sr. SG   Mayfair
Frank Reed   6'-0" Sr. SG   Burbank
Tommy Remillard   5'-11" Sr. SG   La Salle
Ryan Ross   6'-1" Sr. SG   Aliso Niguel
Jocquis Sconiers   6'-1" Sr. G   Rialto
Adam Segal   6'-1" Sr. SG   Royal
Robert Serra   6'-0" Sr. SG   Grace Brethren
Jason Smallwood   5'-11" Sr. SG   La Habra
Kraig Smith   6'-2" Sr. SG   South Hills
Jeff Souther   6'-1" Sr. SG   Canyon Country Canyon
Logan Steinhauer   6'-0" Sr. SG/PG West Torrance
Tim Tampus   5'-8" Sr. SG/PG Saugus
Brian Thompson   6'-0" Sr. SG   Chino HS
Jeremiah Thompson 6'-4" Sr. SG   Compton
Robert Watkins   6'-2" Sr. SG   Verbum Dei
Brent Wethers   6’-1" Sr. SG   Murrieta Valley HS
Curtis Williams   6'-4" Sr. SG   Warren
George Williams   5'-11" Sr. SG   Santa Monica
Michael Williams   6'-3" Sr. SG   Desert
Mike Yildiz   6'-0" Sr. SG   Bell-Jeff
Gilbert Yousefian   5'-9" Sr. SG   Glendale

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