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SoCalHoops Class Of 2000:
Top Wings/Small Forwards--(Apr. 22, 2000)

It's been a while since we updated our top player lists, but we finally got around to it.  Like the shooting guard/combo guards,  the wings and small forwards are one of the deeper positions in this class, and this was a very tough list to compile because there are so many good, solid players in SoCal this year.

We've selected the top players from among those we've watched throughout the year, during the regular high school season, at pre-season and post-season tournaments, spring leagues, shootouts, spring tournaments, and everywhere else we've seen guys play since we did our last lists in the fall.   As we did in last fall, we've divided them into three groups:  The "Top 25," the "Next Top 30", and "Best of the Rest".   In our view, most of the Top 25 guys are Division I college-level players, and some of them have already signed.  The rest of the guys either are or could be college-level players, at some level.  For many of those not yet committed, at least those who intend to go to college straight out of high school, the window of opportunity is getting smaller, and many will go D-II, D-III or NAIA, and a good number will choose to attend JUCO's.  A very small number may attend prep school.  But one way or the other, you're likely to see many of these guys continue their playing careers for at least another few years in college.

We will continue to be unconventional, at least with respect to the compilations of our lists of players:  Unlike many other sites who write about recruiting and identify top high school players, we don't use numerical rankings. College coaches will make their own evaluations, and the point of our lists is not to "rank" players, but to get the word out about players to those who are in a position to actually recruit them, i.e.,  the college coaches, so they can watch the guys play.  Admittedly, with the seniors, there's not much opportunity left for these guys to be seen, but you never know.  Most club coaches, high school coaches, recruiting services, and other players already know about the guys listed here, and likewise, everyone's got an opinion of who is "best" or "better" than the next guy.  So, we'd rather use broad categories instead of straight numerical rankings.  It's subjective, we know, but so is everything else in life.  

We don't claim to have seen every player in SoCal in the senior class, but we've seen most of the top players.  We've gone to more games since last September, virtually one or two games a day during the high school season, so we've seen a lot of these guys.  But that doesn't mean that we've seen everyone there is to see.   We can't be everywhere, and obviously we will miss some guys.

Our lists include players from Fresno in the North, to San Diego in the South, i.e., the entire SoCal region.  We've shown players at their primary position. If you don't see a player on one list, look on another, because we may have listed someone at a position other than where you might expect. We have not listed players who attended prep schools outside of California.

Lastly, if we've left a player off the list, it may or may not be an oversight, but if you think someone deserves to be on our lists let us know.  

SoCalHoops Top 20 Senior Wing/Small Forwards
(Class of 2000)

Jeff Bonds   6-6 Sr. SF/SG   Mayfair   Cal Poly Pomona
Romel Beck   6'-5" Sr. F   Etiwanda
Doyle Cole   6'-7" Sr. F   Gardena Serra
Anthony Coleman   6'-9" Sr. SF/SG   Compton Centennial
Montel Duhon   6’-4" Sr. SG   Venice
Travis Hanour   6'-6" Sr. SG/SF   Laguna Beach   Arizona
Fred Hooks   6'-5" Sr. SF   SD Horizon
Sherman Gay   6'-7" Sr SF/SG   Dominguez
Josiah Johnson   6’-7" Sr. SF/SG Montclair Prep   UCLA
Teyo Johnson   6'-6" Sr. SF/SG   SD Mira Mesa   Stanford
David Joiner   6'-6" Sr. SF/SG   Rialto Sacramento State
Dustin Kaatz   6’-5" Sr. SF/SG   Marina   Humboldt State
Terrance Lawson   6'-4" Sr. SF   Westchester
Deverion Mackey   6'-4" Sr. SG/SF   Marshall Fundamental
Brett Michel   6'-6" Sr. SG/SF   Simi Valley
James Profit    6'-6" Sr. SF/SG  SD Serra
Brian Pruitt   6'-5" Sr. SF   Bishop Montgomery
Lamar Ruffin   6’-7" Sr. SG   Chapparal   Coppin State
Jason Sanford   6'-5" Sr. SF/SG   Pasadena Marshall
Scottie Stern   6’-4" Sr. SG/SF   LA Fairfax
Robert Turner   6'-7" Sr. SF/SG   Western   Pepperdine
Cedric Thompkins   6'-7" Sr. SF/PF   Westchester   Sacramento State
Blake Walker   6'-3" Sr. SF   El Cajon
Jordan Walker   6'-6" Sr. SF   Fontana
Walter White   6'-5" Sr. SF   Redondo Union
Felipe Williams   6'-4" Sr. SG/SF   Crossroads

SoCalHoops Next Top 30 Senior Wing/Small Forwards

Carlos Arroyo   6'-5" Sr. SF/PF   Bell-Jeff
Julian Blake   6'-5" Sr. SF   LA Dorsey
Marcel Burke   6'-5" SR. SF/SG   Ayala
Josh Duncan   6'-4" Sr. SF   Pasadena
Lionel Dixon   6'-4" Sr. SF   J.W. North
Adam Fain   6'-4 Sr. SF   Fresno Washington Union
Jesse Foster   6'-7" Sr. SF/PF   Campbell Hall
Eric Geffner   6'-5" Sr. SF   Harvard-Westlake
Danny Genung   6'-6" Sr. SF/PF   Redlands
Anthony Gosserand   6'-4" Sr. SF/PF   JW North
Ronald Gray   6'-1" Sr. SG/SF   LA Taft
Kevin Hansen   6'-4" Sr. SF/SG   Corona del Mar
Jammie Harris   6'-5" Sr. SF/SG    LA Canoga Park
Dustin Illingworth 6'-3" Sr. SG/SF Newport Harbor
Othell Johnson   6'-6" Sr. SF   Price
Christian McGuigan   6'-3" Sr. SG/SF   Mater Dei
Willie Montgomery   6'-2" Sr. SG/SF   Bolsa Grande
Gene Myvett   6'-4" Sr. SF/SG   Littlerock 
Chris Pacana   6'-1" Sr. SG/SF   Ayala
Ron Prettyman   6'-2" Sr. SG/SF   Los Alamitos
Leon Robbins   6'-5" Sr. SF   Hollywood
Ricky Rico   6'-7" Sr. SF   Morningside
Tyrone Riley   6'-6" Sr. SF/PF   LA Jordan
Justin Saad-Anthony   6'-5" Sr. SF/PF   LA El Camino Real
Dwayne Trotter   6'-4" Sr. SF   Morningside
Jontae Vinson  6'-5" Sr.SG    Lynwood 
Damiel Ware   6'-5" Sr. F   Arlington
Jimmy White  6'-3" Sr. SG/SF   Pacific Hills
Johnny Wiley   6'-4" Sr. SF   Bakersfield

SoCalHoops Best of Rest
Top Senior Wings/Small Forwards

Jaime Banuelos   6'-1" Sr. SF   Calvary Chapel Downey
Austin Beardsley   6'-5" Sr. F   Villa Park
Peter Beaudin   6'-6" Sr. SF/PF Antelope Valley Christian
Matt Biernat   6'-6" Sr. SF   Crespi
Jesse Bronner   6'-3" Sr. SF/SG Montclair Prep
Chris Cablayan   6'-4" Sr. SF/PF Corona Centennial
Tom Carroll   6'-8" Sr. F   Yucaipa
Sky Chambers   6'-2" Sr. F   Aliso Niguel
Chris Chatman   6'-4" Sr. SF   Tustin
Jarrett Clark   6'-3" Sr. SF   Lynwood
Donnie Cochran   6'-3" Sr. SF St. Augustine
Jeff Conover   6'-5" Sr. SF   USDHS
David Cordero   6'-5 Sr. F   Baldwin Park
J.J. Craig   6'-6" Sr. SF/PF Diamond Bar
Jason Crow   6'-4" Sr. SF   Manual Arts
Jon Cryer   6'-3" Sr. F   Chino HS
Eli Curtis   6'-3" Sr. SG/SF   Bellflower
Jason Davis   6'-3" Sr. F   Glendora
Mike Davis   6'-2" Sr. SG/SF   Banning
Damien Derrico   6'-4" Sr. SG/SF Sylmar
Mike Derse   6'-3" Sr. F   Ventura
Dominic Dix   6'-5" Sr. SF   LA Dorsey
Nick Dominelli   6'-2" Sr. SF   Santa Barbara
Christian Dundas   6'-2" Sr. F   Bishop Amat
Etienne Emanuel   6'-4" Sr. F   Nordhoff
Chaz Foster   6'-3" Sr. F   Leuzinger
Brian George   6'-6" Sr. SF   San Clemente
Darnell Graham   6'-4" Sr. F   Santa Ana
Mike Grimes   6'-5" Sr. SF/PF Crespi
Earl Hall   6'-4" Sr. SF   Oxnard Santa Clara
Kevin Hansen   6'-4" Sr. SF   Corona del Mar
Oliver Haworth   6'-1" Sr. SG/SF Highland
Steve Henderson 6'-5" Sr. SF   Marina
Brett Holbrook   6'-4" Sr. F   Dos Pueblos
Chris Hooks   6'-2" Sr. SG/SF Harvard-Westlake
Elliot Hucklebee   6'-3" Sr. SF   Pasadena
Jon James   6'-4" Sr. F   Bolsa Grande
Jason Jackson   6'-5" Sr. SF   Bakersfield
Jason Johnson   6'-7" Sr. SF   Upland
Nathan Jones   6'-3" Sr. SG/SF Costa Mesa
Donny Joubert   6'-2" Sr. SG/SF   Compton Centennial
David Kanongata'a   6'-3" Sr. F   Rio Mesa
Pierre Kacsinta   6'-2" Sr. SF   Providence
Ben Kroop   6'-9" Sr. SF   Flintridge Prep
Brock Kyler   6'-7" Sr. SF/SG El Modena
Jimmy LeDuc   6'-4" Sr. F   Santiago
Jim Lefebvre   6'-4" Sr. SF   Chaminade
Jonathan Levy   6'-6" Sr. SF   Ontario
Kai Lyles   6'-5" Sr. SF   Redlands East Valley
Bernard McCrumby 6'-1" Sr. SF   St. Bernard
Graham Miller   6'-3" Sr. SG/SF Glendora
Deandre Morris 6'-4" Sr. SF   Manual Arts
Ryan Naff   6'-4" Sr. SG/SF Costa Mesa
Anthony Naylor   6’-3" Sr. SG/SF Southwestern Academy
Kelechi Ogbunamiri 6'-3" Sr. SF Harvard-Westlake
Adam Olson   6'-8" Sr. SF SD University
Michael Oparah   6'-0" Sr. F Brethren Christian
Ben Owens   6'-6" Sr. SF Temescal Canyon
Lucas Pace   5'-10" Sr. SG/SF Capo Valley
Jeremiah Phillips   6'-5" Sr. SF Silverado
Ron Prettyman   6'-2" Sr. SG/SF   Los Alamitos
Ron Quinine   6'-3" Sr. F   Nogales
Alex Raminfar   6'-5" Sr. SF   Milken
Alex Rasmussen   6'-4" Sr. SF   Tustin
Romalice Reed   6'-5" Sr. SG/SF   Gahr
Ryan Rikansrud   6'-3" Sr. SF/SG Corona
Vernon Smith   6'-2" Sr. SF  Mission Bay
Zach Smith   6'-7" Sr. F   Oak Park
Corey Starks   6'-4" Sr. F/SG   Rancho Cucamonga
Mike Sterling   6'-2" Sr. F   Ayala
Will Svitek   6'-6" Sr. SF   Newbury Park
Dante Tatum   6'-3" Sr. SF/SG Morningside
Nick Trainer   6'-4" Sr. SF   Fallbrook HS
Liam Waters   6'-4" Sr. F   Hart
Don Williams   6'-5" Sr. SF   Pasadena Marshall
Vincent Williams   6'-6" Sr. SF/PF Santa Monica

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