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adidas Double Pump
"Super 40" Invitational--(Apr. 14,  2000)

What: Double Pump Invitational "Super 40"
When: April 15 & 16, 2000
Where: Cal State Northridge
Who:  Top 50 Double Pump Invitees
Times: Saturday--9:00a.m.  to 5:00 p.m., Sunday 9:00 a.m. to Noon

Earlier this week we alluded to the fact that adidas and Double Pump would be holding a special invitational workout for some of the top players in the region, and we just got the list of invitees, and it's got some of the top players from aorund the the country and includes many of the top players in SoCal.  The event is designed to be a true workout, with an early focus on post play, perimeter guard skills, defense, skill work, drills and fundamentals. In particular,  the concept is to allow college coaches in attendance to observe what the players can do in a structured settIng, with college-level coaching, not just in open and unstructured games where they run up and down the floor.  The workouts will be led by Phil Bryant and Aubrey McCreary, and Dave Hopla will also coach some shooting drills.  We've seen the agenda for each day and it's very structured and designed to show a variety of things besides just a player's pure athleticism.   Besides  inviting some of the top players to this event, the Pumps have also invited coaches from all over the country and there will be coaches from every Pac-10 school and virtually every other conference in the West as well.  Coaches from UCLA, Stanford, USC, Oregon, Oregon State, Arizona, Arizona State, Syracuse, New Mexico, and many other schools will be in attendance, and since this is not only an open evaluation period, but the late signing period as well, this will provide a terrific opportunity for coaches to see some of the best basketball in the region. . . between this event and Rockfish, there will be just a ton of good basketball tomorrow and Sunday.  Here's the list of attendees who will be participating (arranged in ascending order of height):

Bakari Altheimer 5'-11" Jr. PG   St. Elizabeth HS, Oakland, CA
James Fontenet 5'-11" Jr. PG   St. Mary's HS, Arizona
Andrew Moore 5'-11" Jr. SG   Crespi HS, Encino, CA
David Gale 6'-0" So. PG   Buckley HS, Sherman Oaks, CA
Alex Gamboa 6'-0" Jr. PG   Reno HS, Reno, Nevada
Tschomba Bien 6'-2" So (JC) SG   Mineral Jr. College
Derrick Craven 6'-2" Jr. SG/PG   Bishop Montgomery, Torrance, CA
Errick Craven 6'-2" Jr. PG/SG   Bishop Montgomery, Torrance, CA
Brandon Heath 6'-2" So. SG   Westchester HS, Los Angeles, CA
Chris Hernandez 6'-2" Jr. PG   Clovis West HS, Clovis, CA
Kenton Paulino 6'-2" Jr. SG   Fremont HS, Los Angeles, CA
Salim Stoudamire 6'-2" Jr. SG   Lake Oswego, Oregon
Kevin Augustine 6'-3" So. (JC)   USC Transfer
Jason Breland 6'-4" Sr. SG   Westchester HS, Los Angeles, CA
Baker Dunleavy 6'-4" Jr.  SG   Jesuit HS, Portland, Oregon
Quinn Hawking 6'-4" Jr. SG   El Dorado HS, Orange, CA
Paul Komandino 6'-4" Jr. SG   Brophy Prep, Arizona
Ryan Tricco 6'-4" Jr. SG   Brophy Prep HS, Arizona
Torin Beeler 6'-5" Jr. SG/SF   Ocean View, Huntington Beach, CA
Anthony Davis 6'-5" Jr. SG   Cleveland HS, Reseda, CA
Jonathan Harper 6'-5" Jr. SG/SF   Long Beach Poly, Long Beach, CA
Markee White 6'-6" Jr. SF   Long Beach Poly, Long Beach, CA
Jon Wilkins 6'-5" Jr. SF   Hamilton, Arizona
Evan Burns 6'-6" So. PF   Fairfax HS, Los Angeles, CA
Josh Carrier 6'-6" Jr. SG   Bowling Green, Kentucky
Keith Everage 6'-6" So. SF   Westchester HS, Los Angeles, CA
Jamaal Williams 6'-6" Jr. SG/SF   Corona Centennial HS, Corona, CA
Craig Smith 6'-7" Jr. PF   Fairfax HS, Los Angeles, CA
Scott Borchart 6'-8" Jr. PF   Chaminade HS, West Hills, CA
Dennis Lattimore 6'-8" Jr. PF   Halstead HS, Kansas
Doug Thomas 6'-8" Jr. PF   Pasadena HS, Pasadena, CA
Jason Carter 6'-9" Jr. PF   Bishop Gorman HS, Las Vegas, NV
David Padgett 6'-9" Fr. F/C   Reno HS, Reno, Nevada
Bo Segeberg 6'-9" Fr. (College)   Sacramento State Transfer
Dustin Villapigue 6'-9" Jr. PF   Simi Valley HS, Simi Valley, CA
Kevin Fellows 6'-10" Jr. C   Meridian HS, Idaho
Channing Frye 6'-10" Jr. C   St. Mary's HS, Arizona
Mike Stephens 6'-10" Jr. C   Napa HS, Napa, CA
Martin Iti 6'-11" So. C   Servite HS, Anaheim, CA
Chris Jackson 6'-11" Jr. C   Los Alamos, New Mexico
Chad Bell 7'-0" Jr. C   Westchester HS, Los Angeles, CA

This list actually totals to 43, and we anticipate that there will be a few more players in attendance as well.  We'll have some reports on the event during the weekend, including some photos, so stay tuned.

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