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Bob Gibbons TOC Update: 
Belmont Shore--(May 28, 2000)

Obviously we can't be in two places at once, but we've been hearing some news about what's been happening at the Gibbons tournament in North Carolina, and Dinos Trigonis has in fact called us via cell phone with at least one report.   The Belmont Shore team with Dinos has:

Dijon Thompson    6'-7" Jr. PG/SG/SF     Redondo Union
Cody Pearson    6'-4" Jr. SG    Sherman Oaks Notre Dame
Harrison Schaen    6'-8" Fr. PF    Mater Dei
Jamaal Walls    6'-6" So. PF    Crenshaw
Patrick Leffler    6'-2" Jr. SG    Orange County (we're not sure where he's going to school now, and         
Rick Rickert    6'-10" Jr. F    Minnesota 

There may be someone else on the roster, but if so, we don't know about it.  On Friday, Belmont Shore beat the Durham Disciples 72-69, and Rickert, according to several other scouts we spoke with, showed not only some great post moves, but the ability to score and step out and shoot.  Freshman Harrison Schaen also continued to impress with his poise and skills.

Unfortunately for Belmont Shore, they were also in the same pool as the Michigan Mustangs, which still managed to beat them, even without both Kelvin Torbert and Robert Whaley, who, according to the Mustangs coach,  Chris Grier,   said that Whaley elected not to come because of his prom, while Torbert is ill with mono.  We don't yet have a score for the Mustangs game, but we heard it was a 7 point loss to the Mustangs.  Belmont also beat a strong St. Louis Gateway team, 66-63, and thus finished at 2-1 in pool play, and thus they will advance to the "Select Championship" tournament (which features all the second place pool teams).    The Mustangs won the pool, going undefeated, and they advance to the "National Championship" bracket single-elimination tournament.

More later. . .

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