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SoCalHoops Tournament News

4th Annual adidas-Mats Madness:
IEBP Rosters--(May 28, 2000)

We'll make this short and sweet:  We haven't watched any of the IEBP games.  We've talked briefly with Keith Howard and Julius Patterson, and we'll catch some of their games later today.  Here are the rosters:

IEBP All Stars

Kevin Pinkney   6'-8" Jr. F   Colton
Micah Lombard   6'-7" Jr. F   Claremont
Damio Ware   6'-6" Sr. F   Arlington
Blake Walker   6'-5" Sr. F   Cajon
Jeremy Lopez   6'-4" So. F   Riverside poly
Cory McJimson   6'-4" So. G/F   Fontana
Joe Buller   6'-3" Jr. G   Chaparral
Donovan Morris   6'-3" So. G   Cajon
Kris Maxey   6'-2" Jr. SG/PG   Elsinore
Gerald De Vance   5'-9" Jr. PG   Cathedral City
Deon Simpson   5'-7" Fr. G   Santiago

IEBP Ballers

Chris Adams   6'-7" Jr. F   Pacific
Christopher Dean   6'-6" Jr. F   Bonita
Jackson Wood   6'-6" Jr. F   Beaumont
Shaddean Aaron   6'-5" So. F   Claremont
Chris Brazelton   6'-4" Jr. SG/SF   Redlands East Valley
Michael Frazier   6'-3" Jr. G   San Jacinto
Marvin Lea   6'-2" So. G   Riverside MLK
Talani Calhous   6'-0" So. G   Notre Dame Riverside
Larry Dew   6'-0" Jr. G   Cajon
Jonathan Durran   6'-0" Fr. G   Mater Dei

IEBP Players

Chris Duffy   6'-7" Jr. F   Valley View
Johnny Dukes   6'-7" So. F   Eisenhower
Daniel Dorn   6'-5" So. F   JW North
Sean Marshall   6'-4" Fr. F/G   Eisenhower
Rummel Clark   6'-3" So. G/F   Cajon
Tyrone marshall   6'-2" Jr. G   Eisenhower
Justin Griffin   6'-1" Jr. G   Santiago
Greg Johnson   6'-1' So. G   Cajon
Travis Peters   6'-1" Jr. G   Claremont
Bryan Burrell   6'-0" Fr. PG   Ontario

More later. . .

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