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SoCalHoops Tournament News

4th Annual adidas-Mats' Madness
Site Maps & Driving Directions--(May 25, 2000)

The 4th Annual adidas-Mats' Madness Tournament will take place at six different Fresno area high schools this weekend.  We've got maps, links to the schools' own websites (pretty useless, but what the heck. . .) and most importantly, driving directions from the Tournament Headquarters.

Sunnyside HS Washington Union Edison HS McLane HS Central HS Roosevelt HS

Sunnyside High School (click for map)--Tournament Headquarters

1019 S. Peach Ave.
(at Kings Canyon Hwy CA-180 & Peach Ave) 
Fresno, CA 93727
(559) 253-6700

Sunnyside is a brand new high school and if you've been to Vegas and seen the facilities there, this will remind a lot of that, except it's nicer.  Two clean, sparkling gyms, really nice floors, and a modern campus. If you're really curious, here's a link to the Sunnyside HS website, but it really won't be useful for the tournament.  But it's still a nice site anyway.

Directions to Sunnyside From Los Angeles:

Since this is SoCalHoops, we're assuming that everyone is coming from this general direction.  Hey, the NorCal Preps guys can give you maps from the Bay Area or other points north.

Take the 405 Freeway north (headed to Sacramento). Eventually, after you leave the San Fernando Valley, the 405 turns into the 5 Freeway. Proceed on the 5 North towards Bakersfield, and when the I-5 splits just past the Grapevine in the Central Valley, take Highway 99 North through Bakersfield and then to Fresno (You'll continue on the 99 North for about another 131.6 miles, not to put too fine a pencil to it).  When you reach the California Hwy 41 turnoff, take the 41 North towards Yosemite. Take the VAN NESS AVE exit towards CIVIC CENTER and proceed for about .2 miles, and then you'll merge onto San Benito Street.  Turn left at "O" Street and then turn right onto "P" Street.  You'll then want to proceed East on CA-180 for another three miles until you reach Peach.  Turn right and you'll see the campus at 1019 S. Peach Avenue.  

Plan on spending at least 4 hours for the drive (less if you can really hammer. . .), but four hours is about right, especially if you have a van full of players. . .

And since the tournament headquarters is at Sunnyside HS, and everyone has to check in there first, (at least that's the customary thing to do at tournaments like this) we've provided links to maps for each site below, and driving directions to each site from Sunnyside HS.  Hey, if you get lost, don't blame us. . . 

Tournament Location #2

Washington Union HS (click for map)
6041 S. Elm Avenue, Fresno

Washington Union is located at the south end of Fresno, technically in the town of Easton, but for the sake of convenience, it's considered one of the local Fresno schools.  The school has a website, but there's not much useful information for anyone who will be visiting there over the weekend.   Still, here's the link to the school if you care to check it out.  If you are coming from Sunnyside HS, plan on about a

Directions from Tournament HQ: From Sunnyside HS, it's about a 10-15 minute drive.  Leave Sunnyside via Peach and head north to Hwy 180 (Kings Canyon Hwy) and head west (a left turn off Peach), and go about 3.7 miles and then turn left onto M Street.  M Street will take you to the Hwy 41 South onramp, which you'll take to where it merges with the 99 South. In another .4 of a mile, you'll merge again onto the CA-41 South; proceed for another .5 mile, and then exit at the 41 South / Jensen Avenue exit. Turn you'll turn right onto CA-41 S  (which is basically a two lane road at this point, with farms rural housing on both sides.   Proceed south on 41 until you reach Elm, and you'll see the school right. . . . don't worry, you're not lost. . . it just seems that way. . . Actually the route using the freeway is pretty simple. 

Tournament Location #3

Edison High School (click for map)
540 E. California Ave
Fresno, CA 93706
(559) 457-2650

Edison High School is pretty easy to find, not nearly as difficult as Washington Union seems, nor is it as remote.  This is one of the single-gym sites (actually only Sunnyside and Washington Union will have two gyms in use). Like the other sites, the school has its own website, which is completely irrelevant for this tournament, but here's the link anyway.

Directions from Tournament HQ:   From Sunnyside HS, it's about a 5 mile trip, so plan accordingly. Start by turning left at CA-180, and take 180  towards Ventura Avenue.  Proceed for about 4.4 miles and stay straight and go onto Ventura Avenue. Take Ventura for about 2/10ths of a mile and turn right at A Street.  You'll see the school at 540 E. California. Simple. .  .

Tournament Location #4

McLane High School (click for map)
2727 N. Cedar Ave
Fresno, CA 93703
(559) 248-5100

McLane is another single-gym site.    The school is located about 4 miles north of Sunnyside HS, and in case you care to visit the website for the school, here's the link.

Directions from Tournament HQ:   From Sunnyside HS,  take Peach North to McKinley and turn left (west).   The school is located near N. Cedar and McKinley, and is pretty easy to find. Just look for the quonset-hut type gym roof.  The buildings are also painted brick red, so you can't miss it.

Tournament Location #5

Central High School East Campus (click for map)
3232 W. Cornelia Ave.
Fresno, Ca. 93722

Central HS has two campuses.  According to Dennis Magro, one of the tournament directors, the campus you'll want is the East Campus, the one on Cornelia, which is another brand new school.  Again, the school's website will be largely irrelvant, and indeed it's pretty confusing, but if you like confusion, please visit their site.  The one thing that's confusing, is that Sunnyside is located east of the Hwy 99, and Central is located to the West of the 99. . . and there's another campus to the West of the one that you'll be looking for.  Confused? Good.

Directions from Tournament HQ:   From Sunnyside HS it's about 10 miles, so plan accordingly.  Go north on Peach Ave and turn left at Kings Canyon Hwy (Hwy 180).  Take the 180 west to the 99 Freeway and then go north on 99.  You'll go about 5.9 miles and then you'll exit at Ahslan Ave.   Take W. Ashlan west (left off the freeway) for about another half-mile and then turn at Cornelia.  You'll see the school.

Tournament Location #6

Roosevelt HS (click for map)
4250 E. Tulare Street
Fresno, CA 93702
(559) 253-5200

Once again, the school does have its own website, but it won't do you any good this coming weekend, unless you want to look at the pictures so you'll remember what the place looks like.  The school is probably the closest to Sunnyside and it's pretty hard to miss.

Directions from Tournament HQ:  Take the 180 (Kings Canyon Hwy) West and turn right on S. Cedar Ave.  Continue four blocks (the blocks will only be on your left, no street intersections on the right) north to E. Tulare and you will see the school.  Pretty easy. It's about 2.5 miles from Sunnyside so you can get there in a matter of a few minutes. 

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