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Rockfish: A Correction & Note
From The Head Fish--(July 11, 2000)

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Our earlier note about the Rockfish was essentially correct, except for one small item:  The practice location was incorrect. . . In our prior article from today, we noted that we thought practices would be at USC. . . that was incorrect, and we received an e-mail from Dave Benezra asking that we make a correction and let anyone and everyone know two things:  1) The correct schedule and 2) The fact that while parents of players and college coaches are welcome to come by to observe the practices, they are essentially closed-door sessions and thus members of the general public will not be admitted. 

Here's the "Official word" from the head fish, Dave Benezra:  "All Rockfish teams will be practicing at LACC on 7/12 & 7/13. Coaches are certainly invited along with the parents of players on the teams. We do not allow "lookie-Lou's" at the practices however. Can you please post a correction."

No problem. Done.

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