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adidas Las Vegas Big Time 2000:
Pool Play Results For Sunday, July 16--(July 19, 2000)

bigtime.gif (3695 bytes)We had some computer problems at the Big Time (who hasn't had glitches traveling with a laptop; those hotel phones can be hell), but we're back here in LA a day earlier than we had planned, and so while the final games are being played between the last 16 teams in the tournament (out of a total 312 teams who started on Saturday), we've got some time to post up some stuff from the tournament, including info about a lot of the teams from SoCal who played, including some stuff you won't find anywhere else, including the official site for the tournament which is run by Rivals.  We won't be posting the brackets this time, because the Rivals folks have thoughtfully put them together, but we will link to them from our index page so they can be easily accessed by our readers.

Here are the complete results for Sunday's pool play games.  Some teams played 2 games on Sunday, while others only played one, having played two on Saturday. 

Green Valley Main
9:00am Gateway BBC I (MO)- 79, NEP AAU (PA)- 53
10:20am Illinois Fire (IL)- 97, EBO/EA Sports (CA) - 79
11:40am Beach Ball Select (SC)- 76, Houston Select (TX)- 67
1:00pm Stormin's Classic (DE)- 81, Colorado Blue 17's (CO)- 68
2:20pm Michigan Mustangs I (MI)- 90, Belmont Shore (CA)- 87
3:40pm Pittsburg Jots (PA)- 76, Team Detroit (MI)- 66
5:00pm Wisconsin FOH Sr (WI)- 57, NJ Roadrunners (NJ)- 44
6:20pm Ft Worth Lions (TX)- 53, Oklahoma Rebels (OK)- 80
7:40pm New York Ravens (NY)- 85, Payton/Baker Pinnacle (WA)- 83
9:00pm Municpal Gardens (IN)- 101, Newark Ram Ath Prog (NJ)- 85
Green Valley Auxiliary
9:00am Atlanta Celtics I (GA)- 106, Arkansas Angels (AR)- 67
10:20am Student Athlete Bronocs (NY)- 78, Pump & Run Ariz (AZ)- 76
11:40am Tim Thomas Playaz Gold (NJ)- 98, Las Vegas Stars (NV)- 88
1:00pm Oakland Slam N Jam I (CA)- 75, Squires Richmond (VA)- 63
2:20pm Cleveland BBC 17's (OH)- 77, Raleigh Heat (NC)- 66
3:40pm Long Island Panthers (NY)- 77, Team Breakdown (FL)- 73
5:00pm Alabama Ice (AL)- 73, Salt Lake Metro (UT)- 54
6:20pm Gateway BBC I (MO)- 55, Illnois Fire (IL)- 53
7:40pm NEP AAU (PA)- 80, EBO/EA Sports (CA)- 60
9:00pm Pump & Run (CA)- 85, Hunting Park Warriors (PA)- 61
Durango Main
9:00am Donnyell  Marshall Found I (NY)- 77, Raleigh Razorbacks (NC)- 75
10:20am Tallahasse Wildcats (FL)- 86, Baltimore Select (MD)- 75
11:40am Hunting Park Warriors (PA)- 72, Newark Ram Ath (NJ)- 52
1:00pm DC Assault (MD)- 70, Gym Rats (NJ)- 67
2:20pm Athletes First (OK)- 90, Texas Blue Chip I (TX)- 64
3:40pm New Orleans Jazz(LA)-85, USA Players (VA)- 76
5:00pm Inland I (CA)- 66, Aim High (TX)- 64
6:20pm Pump & Run Arizona (AZ)- 81, Atlanta Celtics I (GA)- 87
7:40pm Student Ath Broncos (NY)- 70, Arkansas Angels (AR)- 49
9:00pm Beach Ball Select (SC)- 85, Tim Thomas Playaz Gold (NJ)- 76
Durango Auxiliary
9:00am Ft Worth Lions (TX)- 64, New York Ravens (NY)- 60
10:20am Oklahoma Rebels (OK)- 71, Payton/Baker Pinnacle (WA)- 67
11:40am Pump & Run (CA)- 89, Municpal Gardens (IN)- 88
1:00pm Friends of Hoop Orange (WA)- 61, Stay In The Game (WI)- 47
2:20pm Houston Superstars I (TX)- 65, Double Pump AS (CA)- 55
3:40pm Team Carolina Sonics (SC)- 73, Sam Rines/Team Philly (PA)- 65
5:00pm Los Angeles Rockfish (CA)- 63, Dallas Salm-N-Jam (TX)- 36
6:20pm Raleigh Razorbacks (NC)-80, Baltimore Select(MD)-70
7:40pm Tallahassee Wildcats (FL)- 80, Donnyell Marshall Foundry I (NY)- 78
9:00pm Houston Select (TX)- 69, Las Vegas Stars (NV)- 55
Silverado Main
9:00am IEBP Players (CA)- 76 Cleveland BBall 16's (OH)- 50
10:20am Houston AAY (TX)- 74, Colorado Elite (CO)- 57
`11:40am Sam Rines Team Philly  I (PA)- 63, Donnyell Marshall Found II (NY)- 53
1:00pm Upstate So Carolina (SC)- 86, Tucson Just Hoops (AZ)- 56
2:20pm Portland BBall Elite (OR)- 91, Inland II (CA)- 64
3:40pm Toledo Stars (OH)- 79, Skyhawks (NV)- 31
5:00pm Santa Margarita I (CA)- 76, Friends of Hoop White (WA)- 58
6:20pm Friends of Hoop Black (WA)- 59, Santa Margarita II (CA)- 51
7:40pm The Hoop (OH)- 104, Belmont Shore West (CA)- 66
9:00pm FBS Long Beach (CA)- 68, Sam Rines/Team Philly I (PA)- 63
Silverado Auxiliary
9:00am Santa Margarita II (CA)- 72, Belmont Shore West (CA)- 53
10:20am The Hoop (OH)- 75, Friends of Hoop Black (WA)-66
11:40am FBS Long Beach (CA)- 72, Houston Prep Allstars (TX)- 69
1:00pm Virginia Finest (VA)- 69, Youth Interlock I (PA)- 59
2:20pm Team N Dakota Wolves (ND)- forfiet, IEBP All Stars (CA)
3:40pm Ft Worth Lions II (TX)- 79, IEBP Ballers (CA)- 45
5:00pm Florida Flash (FL)- 56, Youth Interlock II (PA)- 50
6:20pm Colorado Elite (CO)- 69, IEBP Players (CA)- 59
7:40pm Houston AAY (TX)- 94, Cleveland BBall 16's (OH)- 64
9:00pm Donnyell Marshall Found II (NY)- 66, Houston Prep Allstars (TX)- 62
Foothill Main
9:00am Toledo Players I (OH)- 67, LA Rockfish Marlins (CA)- 54
10:20am MBA Select (IN)- 67, Houston Superstars II (TX)- 54
11:40am Milwaukee Pal Blue Devils(WI)- 57, Olimpia Milano (Italy)- 45
1:00pm BWBA II (CA)- 79, Gym Rats Jrs (NJ)- 63
2:20pm Team Hawaii (HI)- 54, Green Valley (NV)- 52
3:40pm Gateway BBC II (MO)- 72, Gym Rats Voorhees (NJ)- 56
5:00pm BWBA I (CA)- 95, Bishop Gorman (NV)- 58
6:20pm Oakland S & J II (CA)- 70, Wisconsin FOH Jr (WI)- 56
7:40pm Chaffey Washington (WA)- 65, Metro East Warriors (IL)- 57
9:00pm LA Rockfish Orcas (CA)- 81, Olimpia Milano (Italy)- 56
Foothill Auxiliary
9:00am Oakland S & J II (CA)- 81, Chaffey Washington (WA)- 58
10:20am Metro East Warriors (IL)-65, Wisconsin FOH Jr (WI)- 61
11:40am LA Rockfish Orcas (CA)- 70, Team Washington (WA)- 65
1:00pm Tim Thomas Playaz Red (NJ)- 73, Team Hoops Harsh (WA)- 53
2:20pm LA Rockfish Barracudas (CA)- 68, Texas Blue Chip II (TX)- 45
3:40pm Learning Exchange (WI)- 57, LA Rockfish Dolphins (CA)- 35
5:00pm Squires Danville (VA)- 67, Northern Stars (SD)- 59
6:20pm MBA Select (IN)- 74, Toledo Players I (OH)- 50
7:40pm LA Rockfish Marlins (CA)- 71, Houston Superstars II (TX)- 66
9:00pm Milwaukee Pal Blue Devils(WI)-65,Team Wash (WA)-54
Clark Main
9:00am Dallas Dirty Dozen Green (TX)- 69, Spiece NW Stars (IN)- 56
10:20am Club Aliso (CA)- 91, NE Ohio Stars (OH)-82(OT)
11:40am Bloomington Heat (IN)- 61, TC Titans (CA)- 57
1:00pm SW Oregon Stars I (OR)- 76, Fairfax Co Stars (VA)- 66
2:20pm AC Warriors (CO)- 87, San Bernardino Cardinals (CA)- 50
3:40pm SW Oregon Stars II (OR)- 79, Team Hoopaholics II (WA)- 70
5:00pm Spiece Gym Rats (IN)- 68, Brea Wildcats (CA)- 56
6:20pm Bonanza (NV)- 60, SW Oregon Stars III (OR)- 57
7:40pm Central Kansas Jazz (KS)- 70, Team Hoopaholics I (WA)- 63
9:00pm Stop Six (TX)- 93, TC Titans (CA)- 45
Clark Auxiliary
9:00am Central Kansas Jazz (KS)- 87, Bonanza (NV)- 64
10:20am Team Hoopaholics I (WA)- 85, SW Oregon Stars III (OR)- 31
11:40am Stop Six (TX)- 70, James Lee (VA)- 61
1:00pm Team Express (TX)- 76, Middlesex Magic (MA)- 70
2:20pm Inflite Elite (CA)- 62, Team Ohio Blue (OH)- 58
3:40pm Team Ohio Gold (OH)- 104, Red Storm BBall (CAN)- 44
5:00pm Oakland Hot Shots (CA)- 65, Dallas D Dozen Black (TX)- 60
6:20pm Dallas Dirty Dozen Green (TX)- 63, Club Aliso (CA)- 61
7:40pm NE Ohio Stars (OH)- 54, Spiece NW Stars (IN)- 53
9:00pm Bloomington Heat (IN)- 62,James Lee (VA)- 58
Valley Main
9:00am Team Yes Red (WA)- 83, Colorado White 17's (CO)- 62
10:20am Team Texas White (TX)- 68, Elite Basketball (MI)- 63
11:40am JR Hardballers (TX)- 82, Viking Experss (NV)- 64
1:00pm North Riverside Slam  & Jam (CA)- 78, Omaha Godfather's (NE)- 71
2:20pm Team Yes Black (WA)- 77, Colorado Blue 16's (CO)- 61
3:40pm Team Yes Blue (WA)- 96, Colorado White 16's (CO)- 38
5:00pm Team Texas Blue (TX)- 96, Bison/Runza Green (NE)- 38
6:20pm CAL/NY (CA)- 71, Salt Lake Metro Jrs (UT)- 61
7:40pm Bison/Runza All Stars (NE)- 83, Wisconsin Razz (WI)- 72
9:00pm Total Impact (CA)- 71, Viking Express (NV)- 67
Valley Auxiliary
9:00am Wisconsin Razz (WI)- 91, CAL/NY (CA)- 84
10:20am Bison/Runza All Stars (NE)- 72, Salt Lake Metro Jrs (UT)- 65
11:40am Shawnee Misson WC (KS)- 67, Total Impact (CA)- 49
1:00pm Oregon Nike (OR)- 89, Salt Lake Metro So (UT)- 51
2:20pm Wisconsin Select (WI)- 79, Arizona Heat (AZ)- 60
3:40pm Randolph Boys Club (WI)- 70, Salt Lake Metro II (UT)- 64
5:00pm Indiana Crusaders (IN)- 104, Nor-Cal Elite (CA)- 68
6:20pm Team Texas White (TX)- 72, Team Yes Red (WA)- 68
7:40pm Colorado White 17's (CO)- 82,Elite Basketball (MI)- 64
9:00pm JR Hardballers (TX)- 67, Shawnee Misson WC (KS)- 50
Cimarron Main
9:00am Eisenhower Cadets (WA)- 59, N Omaha Bears (NE)- 45
10:20am Oconomowoc Lakers (WI)- 62, El Camino Eagles (CA)- 45
11:40am Granite State Raiders (NH)- 63, Utah Select (UT)- 54
1:00pm MLK Wild Cats (TX)- 75, Tri County Cobras (MI)- 62
2:20pm World Wide BBall (CA)- 77, Clackamas (OR)- 61
3:40pm South Coast (CA)- 85, NWP Calgary Select (CAN)- 67
5:00pm Emerald City Pion (WA)- 85, Nebraska Express (NE)- 69
6:20pm Tulsa Hawks (OK)- 82, Las Vegas Select (NV)- 44
7:40pm Team Quebec (CAN)- 76, E Palo Alto/Woodside (CA)- 50
9:00pm Rocklin (CA)- 63, Utah Select (UT)- 62
Cimarron Auxiliary
9:00am E Palo Alto/Woodside (CA)- 72, Las Vegas Select (NV)- 43
10:20am Tulsa Hawks (OK)- 65, Team Quebec (CAN)- 62(OT)
11:40am Rocklin (CA)- 76, Team Lima (OH)- 72
1:00pm Jax Hoops (FL)- 77, JR Griffins (CAN)- 70
2:20pm Glass City Prospects (OH)- 79, San Diego Alleycats Red (CA)- 66
3:40pm Basketball BC (CAN)- 69, San Diego Alleycats White (CA)- 68
5:00pm Milwaukee Running Rebels (WI)- 80, AZ Slam (AZ)- 68
6:20pm Oconomowoc Lakers (WI)- 56, Eisenhower Cadets (WA)- 39
7:40pm N Omaha Bears (NE)- 94, El Camino Eagles (CA)- 68
9:00pm Granite State Raiders (NH)- 64, Team Lima (OH)- 44
Palo Verde Main
9:00am Colorado Demons (CO)- 72, San Diego And 1 (CA)- 55
10:20am Connecticut Flame (CT)- 68, Player's Only (OK)- 52
11:40am Esperanza Aztecs (CA)- 69, S Dakota Sr Royal (SD)- 67(OT)
1:00pm SE Texas All Stars (TX)- 71, S Dakota Sr Orange (SD)- 34
2:20pm Utah Titans (UT)- 78, SSA Sacramento I (CA)- 54
3:40pm Dakota Schoolers (SD)- 70, Diaper Dans (VA)- 50
5:00pm SSA Sacramento II (CA)-103, Las Vegas Panthers (NV)- 49
6:20pm Pittsburgh Jots (PA)- 89, Minnesota Sr Royal (MN)- 86(OT)
7:40pm Indy Warriors (IN)- 73, Colorado Superflow I (CO)- 55
9:00pm LC Lyncs (WA)- 65, Esperanza Aztecs (CA)- 53
Palo Verde Auxiliary
9:00am Minnesota Sr Royal (MN)- 55, Indy Warriors (IN)- 53
10:20am Pittsburgh Jots (PA)- 86, Colorado Superflow I (CO)- 56
11:40am Wrecking Crew (KY)- 83, LC Lyncs (WA)- 76
1:00pm Minnesota Sr Orange (MN)- 53, Komets (CA)- 45
2:20pm SYF Players (IN)- 122, EBO Alaska (AK)- 50
3:40pm Idaho Select (ID)- 86, Colorado Superflow II (CO)- 51
5:00pm Phat Game Rene (CA)- 88, Minnesota Jr Royal (MN)- 74
6:20pm Colorado Demons (CO)- 77, Player's Only (OK)- 42
7:40pm San Diego And 1 (CA)- 93, Connecticut Flame (CT)- 73
9:00pm Wrecking Crew (KY)- 72, S Dakota Sr Royal (SD)- 66
Las Vegas Main
9:00am Jackson Panthers (MS)- 76, Derek Smith Black (KY)- 74
10:20am Villa Park (CA)- 68, Idaho Magic Valley (ID)- 34
11:40am NE Texas All Stars (TX)- 90, Wellston R Rockets (OH)- 47
1:00pm Mad Moves, Inc (NV)- 98, Rams of Okla II (OK)- 68
2:20pm W Valley BBall Club I (CA) forfiet, Dallas Hoops (TX)
3:40pm Red Dogs (TX)- 66, W Valley BBall Club II (CA)- 58
5:00pm Martin Bros Select (IA)- 83, Albuquerque Hoos (NM)- 56
6:20pm So Idaho BBall Club (ID)- 67, W Valley BBall Club III (CA)- 43
7:40pm Brooklyn Beasts (NY)- 103, Marana (AZ)- 66
9:00pm LA Paladins (CA)- 110, Wellston R Rockets (OH)- 35
Las Vegas Auxiliary
9:00am Marana (AZ)- 78, W Valley BBall Club III (CA)- 55
10:20am Brooklyn Beasts (NY)- 99, So Idaho BBall Club (ID)- 37
11:40am Los Angeles Paladins (CA)- 80, Run & Gun (NV)- 58
1:00pm Connecticut Gold (CT)- 62, East Anchorage (AK)- 59
2:20pm (UT)- 82, West Coast Academy (CA)- 52
3:40pm Team Texas 16's (TX)- 65, Derek Smith Blue (KY)- 61
5:00pm Central Valley Fresno (CA)- 119, Rams of Okla I (OK)- 73
6:20pm Derek Smith Black (KY)- 104, Idaho Magic Valley (ID)- 47
7:40pm Jackson Panthers (MS)- 67, Villa Park (CA)- 61
9:00pm NE Texas All Stars (TX)- 67, Run & Gun (NV)- 47
Mojave Main
9:00am Capistrano Valley (CA)- 78, Montana Hoops I (MT)- 67
10:20am Memphis Kings (TN)- 78, Hoops of Hope (HI)- 57
11:40am S.C. Area (IA)- 75, Montana Hoops III (MT)- 64
1:00pm 805 (CA)- 64, Philly Hoops (NJ)- 62
2:20pm New Mexico Flight (NM)- 77, Courthouse Elite (MI)- 74
3:40pm 2 The Hoop (CA)- 77, Western (NV)- 60
5:00pm St. Louis Eagles (MO)- 71, Rexburg (ID)- 33
6:20pm Indy Red (IN)- 73, Saguaro (AZ)- 50
Mojave Auxiliary
9:00am Rexburg (ID)- 49, Saguaro (AZ)- 42
10:20am Indy Red (IN)- 57, St. Louis Eagles (MO)- 55
11:40am Atlanta Allstars (GA)- 66, Saskatoon Select (CAN)- 33
1:00pm ICH/B-Ball (CA)- 67, North Texas Rice Owls (TX)- 60
2:20pm Full Court Press (CO)- 80, Oklahoma Bombers (OK)- 58
3:40pm Fountain Valley (CA)- 70, Montana Hoops II (MT)- 55
5:00pm Memphis Kings (TN)- 77, Montana Hoops I (MT)- 62
6:20pm Capistrano Valley (CA)- 91, Hoops of Hope (HI)- 63
Cheyenne Main
9:00am Indy Metros III (IN)- 83, New York City Jaguars (NY)- 78
10:20am Basketball Ontario (CAN)- 70, Los Alamitos (CA)- 50
11:40am Hawaii Raiders (HI)- 64, Carl's Jr Superstars (CA)- 63
1:00pm Indy Metros I (IN)- 69, Team West Texas (TX)- 58
2:20pm Indy Metros II (IN)- 82, MO-Town Magic (CA)- 63
3:40pm Eastern Washington Elite (WA)- 70, LV Shields (NV)- 61
5:00pm Birmingham Police (AL)- 66, Oklahoma Warriors II (OK)- 51
6:20pm Centennial Corona (CA)- 70, KC Running Rebels (KS)- 53
Cheyenne Auxiliary
9:00am KC Running Rebels (KS)- 63, Birmingham Police (AL)- 62
10:20am Centennial Corona (CA)- 90, Oklahoma Warriors II (OK)- 78
11:40am B.H.P. (WA)- 74, Tru-Playaz (CO)- 66
1:00pm Next Level I (CA)- 55, Eastern Ohio Camp (OH)- 49
2:20pm Kansas City 76er's (KS)- 83, Oklahoma Warriors I (OK)- 46
3:40pm Calallen Bearcats (TX)- 53, Next Level II (CA)- 47
5:00pm Indy Metros III (IN)- 84, Basketball Ontario (CAN)- 81
6:20pm New York City Jaguars (NY)- 72, Los Alamitos (CA)- 47
Desert Pines Main
9:00am Bay Area Ballers II (CA)- 46, CO Sharpshooters (CO)- 30
10:20am Carolina Hornets (NC)- 79, Texas Warriors II (TX)- 52
11:40am Flint Affiliation (MI)- 100, Colo SRC Rebels (CO)- 80
1:00pm Texas Warriors I (TX)- 92, ARC Burbank (CA)- 68
2:20pm Northwest Cougars (WA)- 53, Colorado Rockets (CO)- 52
3:40pm Bay Area Ballers I (CA)- 67, Team Nebraska (NE)- 62
5:00pm Texas Warriors II (TX)- 57, Bay Area Ballers II (CA)- 56
6:20pm Carolina Hornets (NC)- 62, CO Sharpshooters (CO)- 53

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