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adidas Double Pump West Coast All-Star Camp
All Star Game Rosters: Session I--(July 10, 2000)

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adidas Double Pump West Coast All Star Camp


Cal State Dominguez Hills


1000 E. Victoria, Carson, CA


Session #1:  July 7 through 10, 2000


300 top players, D-I coaches

The Double Pump All-Star Games took place this morning at Cal State Dominguez Hills, and we are literally way too exhausted to actually make the comparison between those players who we identified as tops in their classes at the camp with those who were ultimately selected for the five games, but looking at the rosters and watching those games this morning  there were very few surprises.  We'll take these one at a time, not with player profiles or even a game report, because ultimately in these types of things, no one could tell you which "team" won or lost even one minute after the game ends, nor does it matter.  The important thing is that each of these players was recognized for fine play, hustle, potential and they were each given the opportunity for some undivided time in front of about 40 or so college coaches and scouts.   So here's who participated in each game:

Freshman-Sophomore All Star Game (Top 18)

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Kevin Bell, Jr




Brandon Bush 6'-2" So. PG Durham
Devery Butler 6'-1": So. G Rancho Verde
Chris Devine 6'-4" So. F Chugiak
Ryan Foresta 5'-6" So. PG Loyola
Isaiah Freeman 5'-7" So. PG Long Beach Poly
Hans Gasser 6'-9" So. C Issaquah
Jim Goffredo 6'-0 So G Crescenta Valley
Andre McGee 5'-7 8th PG/SG Mountain View
Jake Parker 6'-4" So. F Gridley
Richard Roby 6'-2" Fr. SG Lawrence Academy
Deon Simpson 5'-8" So. PG Santiago
Christopher Stanko 5'-10" Fr. PG Reno
Santiago Aguirre 6'-3" So. F Santa Barbara
Dwight O'Neil 6'-1" Fr. G Washington Union
Durrell Powell 6'-0" Fr. G Washington Union
Mingus Murray 5'-8" So. PG Dominguez
Curtis Smith 6'-4" So. G Mountain Pointe

Junior Class All Star Game (Top 20)

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Juwon Aragbaye 6'-0" Jr. G Morningside
Duke Biggers 6'-1" .Jr G Mercer Island (WA)
Johnny Dukes 6'-7" Jr. F Eisenhower

David Gale




Jamel Gay 6'-1" Jr G Long Beach Poly
Tyler Haener 5'-11" Jr. G Edison
Gary Hamilton 6'-8" Jr. F Crenshaw
Onye Ibekwe 6'-6" Jr. F Manual Arts
Chris Johnson 5'-10" Jr. PG Manual Arts
Deon Marcus 6'-8" Jr. F Lynwood
Chase Moore 6'-3" Jr PG/SG St. Mary's
Matt Morrison 6'-3" Jr PG Jefferson Academy
Paul Roby 6'-2" Jr. G Lawrence Prep
Fernando Sampson 6'-1" Jr. G/PG Fairfax
Rommel Marentez 5'-11" Jr. G St. Augustine
David Patten 6'-9" Jr. F El Dorado
Derek Daniels 6'-7" Jr. F Montclair Prep
Laul Langston 6'-2" Jr. PG/SG Dominguez
Michael Washington 5'-10" Jr PG Long Beach Poly
Samir Hernandez 6'-7" Jr. F Dominguez

100% Game--The Camp's Top 16 Hustlers

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TJ Arterberry




Alex Cabagnot 6'-0" Sr. PG Eagle Rock
Kevin Christensen 5'-10" Sr. G El Camino
Jamari Floyd 5'-5" Sr. G Barrow
Adam Hannula 6'-1" Sr. PG Bellarmine Prep
Herb Hartso 6'-2" Jr. PG/SG Stadium
Lewie Helton 6'-0" Sr. G Mayfair
Akeem Holland 6'-2" Jr. G Armijo
Willie Kellogg 5'-10" Sr. G/F Westwood
Sam Luong 6'-1" Sr. PG McClatchy
Sean Marshall 6'-5" So. F Eisenhower
Peter McCaslin 6'-0" Sr. PG/SG Chadwick
Cole Murray 6'-3" Sr. G/F West Valley
Josh Tilford 5'-10" Jr. PG/SG Westwood
Josh Walker 6'-0" Sr. PG/SG Auburn Riverside
Danny Young 6'-0" Sr. G Olympus
Zach McCorkle 5'-9" Sr. G Puyallup
Brishen Foley 6'-6" Sr. F LACES

Senior Class All Star Game (Top 20)

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Mike Boyle 6'-0" Sr. PG/G Kamiak
Joe Buller 6'-3" Sr. G/F Chaparral
Mike Charleston 6'-5 Sr. F Grant
Lester Clay 6'-5" Sr. G Crenshaw
Miguel Flores 6'-8" Sr C Woodland
Conner Grace 6'-8" Sr. F St. Andrews
Jonathan Harper 6'-5" Sr. F Long Beach Poly
Quinn Hawking 6'-4" Sr. SG El Dorado
Michael Huhs 6'-7" Sr. F/C Mercer Island
James Jenkins 6'-7" Sr. F/C Crescenta Valley
Matt Kelley 6'-7" Sr. F De La Salle
Aaron Lawrence 5'-11" Sr. PG McClatchy
Sidney Melvin 6'-3" Sr. G/F Desert
Dayne Mickelson 6'-8" Sr. F/C Woodinville
Rasheed Oliver 6'-7" Sr. F Palisades
David Schroeder 6'-2" Sr. G Salmon
Jay Sjherrod 6'-3" Sr. PG/SG Durango
Blake Sholberg 7'-1" Sr. C Wil C. Wood
Terrell Stovall 6'-3" Sr. G Inglewood
Keith Sconiers 6'-6" Sr. F Washington Union

Best of the Best (Top 20 in Camp)

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Bakari Altheimer 5'-11" Sr. PG St. Elizabeth
Tyler Amaya 6'-7" Sr. SG/SF Mt. Vernon
Louis Amundson 6'-6" Sr. F Boulder
Corey Belser 6'-6" Sr. PG/F Bethel
Simon Casel 6'-6" Sr. F Germany
Marques Crane 6'-4" Sr. SG Ocean View
Amani Daanish 6'-7" Sr. F Pacific Hills
Anthony Davis 6'-2" Sr. G Inglewood
Nate Harris 6'-6" Sr. F Skyview
Robin Hood 6'-1" Sr. G Wheatland
Kyle Jackson 5'-10" Sr. SG/PG Sehome
Terrence Jones 6'-6" Sr. F Crenshaw
Brennon Martin 6'-7" Sr. SG/SF Hargraves Military
Kris Maxey 6'-2" Sr. PG/SG Lake Elsinore
Marko Mihailovic 6'-5" Sr. G Palisades
Travis Niesen 6'-7" Jr. F Mission Viejo
Jason Parker 6'-7" Sr. F/C Gridley
Scott Skjei 6'-7" Sr. F Mt. Vernon
Keion Kindred 6'-3" Jr. PG/SG Dominguez
Justin Burns 6'-8" Sr. SG/SF Bishop Gorman

And once again, as we sit here writing this well after midnight, in the early hours of Tuesday, we are hopelessly behind schedule and desperately in need of sleep, so there won't be any game report with these rosters, but we do want to say congratulations to those players selected. The games were fun and entertaining and we're looking forward to the next session which starts Tuesday afternoon, July 11 running through Friday the 14th when the next All Star games will take place. 

See you there.

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