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adidas Double Pump West Coast All-Star
First Session Schedules--(July 7, 2000)

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adidas Double Pump West Coast All Star Camp


Cal State Dominguez Hills


1000 E. Victoria, Carson, CA


Session #1:  July 7 through 10, 2000


300 top players, D-I coaches

Last year we didn't get around to posting the schedules until the camp was already half over, but this year, we're getting a real jump on things, and so we have the Daily Schedule for July 7, 2000 up and posted on (drumroll. . . ) July th 7th. . . amazing.

The general schedule of events looks like this:

8:30 -- 10:30 a.m.      Registration
11:00 a.m.    Parent Orientation in the Gym:  Introduction, orientatin, daily schedule, procedures, accountability, discipline, expectatins, goals and objectives, parents' roles in recruiting, reality check

12:30 --1:00 p.m.    Roll Call and Player Orientation:  Coaches will check names and all roster information for accuracy

1:00 -- 1:30 p.m.    Stretching and Warm-Up:  Aubrey McCreary, Phil Bryant and staff

1:30-- 2:00 p.m.     Guest SpeakerJim  Todd, Former Head Coach, Los Angeles Clippers (Setting and Achieving Goals)

2:00 p.m.     Team Meetings

2:10 -- 4:10 p.m.      Practice Sessions and Scrimmages


Court I Court 2 Court 3 Court 4
2:10 -2:40 Nevada--Oklahoma Idaho--Missouri Alabama--Arkansas Utah--Connecticut
2:40-3:10 California--Florida Arizona--Indiana Maryland--Michigan N. Mexico--Ohio
3:10-3:40 Virginia--Georgia Iowa--Oregon Illinois--Minnesota N. Carolina--Idaho
3:40-4:00 Kansas--Montana Tennessee--Washington Wyoming--Nebraska New York--Texas

Please note that the scheduled times may be adjusted if things are running ahead or behind, so if you are in doubt about when a game is happening, or when a player you want to see is playing, get there early.

The schedules for games will make sense if you consult the rosters first. . .  In fact they'll only make sense if you look at the rosters now, otherwise you just won't know who is playing where.  In fact, we'd suggest that you peruse the rosters first   (are we getting through here?) and then after you've spotted the players you want to watch, come back and check the schedules.  We'll be posting the daily schedules. . . well, daily.  Actually, we'll probably just post them all up in order to save the hassle of doing them daily, so we can focus on player evaluations instead.

Following the scrimmage/practice games, players will get together again in the gym, and then head off to dinner from about 4:20 to 6:00 p.m. .  At 6:05 p.m. the teams will meet up again in the gym, and then (another drumroll. . .  ) Dave Hopla is scheduled to do his thing, which means Dave will be entertaining everyone and showing guys how to shoot, how not to shoot, and how to do a stand-up Vegas act while shooting jumpers for a half hour straight without missing. . . Hopla is a great shooter, incredibly funny and very entertaining.

At 6:05, the games will get going in earnest, and here's the evening schedule:  


Court I Court 2 Court 3 Court 4
6:50-7:40 Alabama--Oregon Utah--California Oklahoma--Missouri Nevada--Idaho
7:40-8:30 Georgia--Minnesota N. Carolina--Arizona Florida--Indiana Virginia--Illinois
8:30-9:20 Wyoming-- New York Iowa--Arkansas Maryland--N. Mexico Michigan--Ohio
9:20-10:10 Washington-Nebraskaq Montana--Wyoming Kansas--Tennessee Connecticut--Florida

We're looking forward to seeing how this first day of West Coast All-Stars shapes up, and we'll have some reports later tonight. . .  

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