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Welcome Back. . . To The Latest SoCal
Crimestoppers Update--(August 22, 2000)

We've been gone for so long, and we've gotta start somewhere, so why not with something like this. . . get the really nasty stuff out there just to start things off on the right foot. . .

How fitting is it that our first day back in the "writing saddle", so to speak is greeted by an article we came across this morning in the Tuesday, August 22, 2000 Fresno Bee concerning none other than DeShawn Stevenson, former star of Washington Union HS, who just last summer was attending ABCD Camp, playing at the Big Time and Pump Best of Summer, and on his way to Kansas. . . . But when last we left our hero, he had decided to throw his name into the NBA draft, passing up college and lo and behold, was selected in the first round of the NBA draft by the Utah Jazz,  thus becoming an instant 19 year old multi-millionaire and more than a minor celebrity to college recruiting junkies.  DeShawn, in short, had just hit the big time.

And "hit" is evidently the right verb, given what happened later that night.  

So what does a young man do who has just been plucked from high school to play with the Karl Malone and John Stockton for the Utah Jazz? 

Does he say, " Wow, I'm going to Disneyland" . . . ?


Instead he heads over to a local high school gym, where things get pretty ugly.  You know the phrase "I went to a fight and a basketball game broke out. . . "? 

Well, that's at least the allegation being made against DeShawn Stevenson by the local gendarmes in Fresno County.   DeShawn has been charged with "public fighting" (we're not sure what section of the Penal Code that is, but we've been to a lot of basketball games, and it's a violation that a lot of people at games could and should be charged with). 

The Fresno City Attorney has decided to press ahead and has charged DeShawn and at least one other person with misdemeanor offenses. Yesterday DeShawn's lawyer entered a "not guilty" plea, and a trial date was set. 

Now had this occurred with anyone else, anywhere else and any other day than the day it occurred, it probably would have all blown over by now, and no one would be writing about a fight in a gymnasium.  But since it's this player, well, someone has to learn a lesson. . .  And somebody has to get re-elected or is looking for a promotion.

In any event won't paraphrase the entire report which was printed in today's Fresno Bee.   Here's a link to the story and just for the sake of posterity (because the Bee's stories eventually slide off into never-never land) we're reposting it below.

Stevenson pleads innocent

By Michael Baker
The Fresno Bee

(Published August 22, 2000)

Former Washington High basketball standout DeShawn Stevenson pleaded innocent Monday to a charge of fighting in public June28. 

Stevenson, 19, did not appear at the Clovis Courthouse, choosing instead to have his attorney, Rick Berman, enter the plea on his behalf.   Stevenson, selected by the Utah Jazz in the NBA Draft the night of the incident, faces a misdemeanor count of disturbing the peace for his part in the brawl at the City/County All-Star Basketball Game.

Also charged for his part in the fight is Fresno State football player Chris Sims, 18. Sims has been charged with misdemeanor charges of public fighting, resisting arrest and possession of a weapon -- a utility razor knife -- on school grounds. 

Judge C.E. Williams scheduled motions and a status conference for Sept. 5. Stevenson's trial date is Sept. 28. 

If convicted, Stevenson faces a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail and a $400 fine. 

Sims faces up to 2 years and 90 days in jail, plus a $2,400 fine. He has been cited to appear for arraignment Sept. 11, according to Clovis court personnel. 

Berman said Stevenson probably would not appear in court until a trial. 

"He doesn't ever have to be in court -- not even during a trial on a misdemeanor," Berman said. "If it goes to trial, I would intend on having him here."

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