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Cal State Fullerton Recruiting:
A Correction--(Oct. 2, 2000)

A reader pointed out that our report on Cal State Fullerton's recruiting contained a significant error:  We forget to mention that CSUF is currently on probation.  Here's what we wrote:

"Fullerton has 13 players on scholarship this year, giving out the last available ride to Babacar Camara, the 6'-11" center from Senegal, and two players will graduate this year (Ike Harmon, who received permission to play a 5th year following his graduation, and Matt Caldwell), so unless others transfer out, the Titans will only have two to give for next year, and are recruiting this fall as though they just have one."

What we should have said is that Fullerton only has 11 players on scholarship this year, due to NCAA penalties due to prior violations committed during other coaches' tenures.  Fullerton will have 13 available next season, which means that the Titans will have 4 rides to give next year, and if one or more players doesn't return, possibly 5.

Sorry for any confusion, but sometimes those pesky little details like NCAA probation just slip through the cracks.

At least it's not double-secret probation.

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