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A Word About H.S. Previews: 
It's That Time Of Year Again--(Oct. 25, 2000)

Ok, so we're getting a late start on the high school previews.  So sue us.   We don't intend to let the high school season go by without doing our usual features including high school team previews, and this year we're also going to add some other intersting features, including some top player profiles, and we'll also be trying to accomplish a task that we have doubts anyone can really complete:   All the rosters for all the teams in the Southern Section, organized on a league by league basis.  We've already actually started the latter "league previews & profiles" and we hope to start posting those up shortly.

High school coaches, players and parents can assist in the process if you want to insure that your team's roster is included:  Here's all you have to do:  E-mail it to us, and we'll do the rest.   We're not asking for schedules, but if someone wants to throw a schedule (including preseason and in-season tournaments, that would be great).   

Roster information should have the following information:    Player name (first & last), height, grade (e.g., Fr., So., Jr., Sr.) and position if possible (e.g., PG, SG, SF, PF, C).    That's right, all you have to do is just type it into an email, and we'll do the rest. 

We will, of course feature the usual selected team previews of some of the higher, and sometimes not so highly regarded programs, that you've come to expect from SoCalHoops, but the selection process for those previews is going to be done by us on a basis that we really can't even begin to explain. . . .so we won't.

Again, be patient.  There's a long season ahead of us, and there's more than a month before it really gets rolling.  Practices can officially start on the 11th, but the first games can't be played until November 27.     Also realize that there are more than 500 teams in the Southern Section.  We cannot possibly hope to do individual in-depth team profiles and previews of each one of them.  We don't have the time, and besides, no one would read them all anyway. . . Some teams we just don't have information on right now (those teams which didn't make the playoffs last year fall into that category for the most part).   Most teams we do have some pretty good info.   But for the vast majority of teams in the Southern, San Diego, LA and Central Sections, it's going to be a cursory look, in and out, down and dirty.  Still, often something is better than nothing.  

So hold on, the previews are coming.

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