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TPHS National Prep Classic:
An Addendum--(Oct. 30, 2000)

What:   TPHS National Prep Classic 2000
When:   December 27-30, 2000
Where:   Various High Schools In San Diego
Who:   60 US HS & International Teams

Shortly after posting the article last night about the TPHS National Prep Classic we heard from Pat Powell, and she informed us that given the number of entrants in this year's event, it may stretch to one more day, starting on the 26th instead of the 27th.   And in addition to adding another day, the organizers will also likely add one more site to those which the tournament used last year.  At this point in time the tournament games will be played at Torrey Pines, Rancho Bernardo, and San Dieguito Academy, but again, a fourth site will likely be added. There will be four brackets, the Classic, American, Mayors' Cup, and Governor's Trophy.

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