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LA City Section Championship Bracket:
First Round Pairings--(Feb. 10, 2001)

The LA City Section coaches and league representatives met early this morning at Manual Arts High School and after much wrangling, jostling for position and even some coin flipping, they agreed on who is in and who's out in the LA City Section "City Championship" and "City Invitational" first round pairings.  

Here's the City Championship Bracket.  The higher seeded team is the home team in the first round, and throughout the playoffs until the finals, which are played on a neutral court. .  All first round games are Friday, February 16, 2001 @ 7:30 p.m. (at least that's the latest information we have. . . if things change we'll correct the information we've been given).

City Championship Playoffs 2000-2001

First Round Matchups
All Games Friday 2/16/01

Second Round
Wednesday, Feb 21

Feb 23/24

March 2

No. 1 Westchester (#1 Western)
No. 16 Marshall (#2 Northern)
No. 8 Taft (#1 West Valley)
No. 9 Grant (#1 Sunset Six)
No. 5 Dorsey (#3 Coliseum)
No. 12 Venice (#3 Western)
No. 4 Crenshaw (#2 Coliseum)
No. 13 Palisades (#3 Western)
No. 3 Fremont (#1 Coliseum)
No. 14 North Hollywood (#2 Sunset Six)
No. 6. South Gate (#1 Eastern)
No. 11 Gardena (#2 Marine)
No. 7 Washington Prep (#1 Marine)
No. 10. Sylmar (#1 Valley Mission)
No. 2 Fairfax (#2 Western)
No. 15  Chatsworth (#2 West Valley)

Some notes on the selection process:  Apparently, Crenshaw and Fremont tied in their league standings, and Fremont won the coin flip to be No. 1 form the Coliseum League and thus got the higher seeding. The same was the case with Washington Prep and Gardena in the Marine League, as Washington won the coin flip.   No. 16 Marshall was also selected into this bracket based on a first place finish (on a coin flip) over Marshall in the Northern League. Overall the City Championship bracketing process requires that each first place team in the 8 City Section Leagues gets an automatic entry (and by the way, the Magnet League is not guaranteed a spot at all, which became a sore subject when the Invitiational bracket was being put together, but we'll have more on that later). The remaining teams other than first place finishers were chosen based on strength of league and "strength of schedule" The latter criteria however, really doesn't exist because the City Section goes strictly by league play in determining strength of schedule. In other words, it didn't matter in the pre-season or tournament play whether Westchester played Oak Hill or Our Lady of Merciless Defeats. . . only league play mattered.  Here's how the City Section ranked the leagues, from top to bottom: 1. Western, 2. Coliseum, 3. Eastern, 4. West Valley, 5. Marine, 6. Sunset Six, 7. Northern, 8. Valley Mission, and 9. Magnet.

Our thanks to Jack Pollon who covered the City Section bracket selection meeting for us (unlike the Southern Section, media was permitted to observe the meeting). . . We'll have the Invitational bracket posted next. . .

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