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CIF-SS Boys III-AA Bracket Update:
Semifinal Results & Final Preview--(Feb. 28, 2001)

Here's what happened in the semifinals last Friday night (details can be found at this link)

Bishop Montgomery 74, Sherman Oaks Notre Dame 45
Compton Centennial 59, San Dimas 57

The finals will be played Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. the Pyramid and will feature Bishop Montgomery (25-2) v. Compton Centennial (15-14).  The updated bracket is below. The final preview follows:

First round games
February 14
  Second Round
Feb. 16
Feb. 20
Feb. 23
Alternate Site
March 1
The Pyramid
Upper Half of Bracket        
Bishop Montgomery @ Bye Bassett 42
Bishop Montgomery 102
Bishop Montgomery80


Pomona 35

Bishop Montgomery 74


@ Redondo Union HS


Notre Dame 45

B. Montgomery


@The Pyramid
Thurs. 7:30 p.m.


Compton Centennial

Nordhoff 47 @ Bassett 49
Bye @ San Jacinto Pomona 61
San Jacinto 49
Blair 66 @ Pomona 75
Covina 68 @ La Canada 79 La Canada 64
Costa Mesa 44
La Canada 47


Notre Dame 58

Bye @ Costa Mesa
Morningside 71 @ Santa Paula 73 Santa Paula 56
Notre Dame SO 67
Bye @ Notre Dame SO
Lower Half of Bracket      
Ridgecrest Burroughs @ Bye Chaminade 63
Ridgecrest Burroughs 53
Chaminade 74


Compton Centennial 75

Compton Centennial 59




San Dimas 57

Ganesha 67 @ Chaminade 71
Bye @ Santa Ynez Compton Centennial 76
Santa Ynez 55
Compton Centennial 66 @ Workman 59
Bye @ ML King Banning 73
ML King 81
San Dimas 80


Riverside MLK 70

St. Francis 63 @ Banning 71
Corona del Mar 54 @ Gabrielino 41 Corona del Mar 54
San Dimas 60
Bye @ San Dimas

Final preview:

Bishop Montgomery (25-2)

The Knights feature Errick and Derrick Craven, both 6'-2" senior guards who have signed for next season with USC, and you will never see two players who play as hard as these two.   They are joined by Devaughn Peace (6'-2" Sr. G) who signed with UCI, and Kenny D'Oyen (5'-10" Sr. G) and together these four make up the senior complement on this team.  Fred Washington (6'-4" So. F) is the other starter.  In Bishop Montgomery's dismantling of Sherman Oaks Notre Dame last Friday, Errick Craven scored 20, Derrick 10, and Devaughn Peach had 14.   Here's the complete roster:

Derrick Craven    6'-2" Sr. G
Nat4e Clarke    6'-0" Fr. G
Brandon Williams     6'-0" Jr. G
Leland Dodd    6'-2" Sr. F
Jonathon Rabot    5'-5" Sr. G
Kenny D'Oyen    5'-9" Sr. G
Brandon Peace     6'-0" So. G
Craig Caldwell    6'-3" Sr. F
DeVaughn Peace    6'-3" Sr. F
Errick Craven    6'-2" Sr. G
Ryan Howard    5'-6" Fr. G
Dexter Wallace     5'-8" So. G
Chad Glover    6'-5" Jr. F
Kyle Binns    6'-3" Jr. F
Fred Washington     6'-5" So. F
Gavin Lee    6'-3" Jr. F

Compton Centennial

The Apaches have had their troubles this year, including forfeiting 11 games due to the use of an ineligible player, Tony Key (6'-10" F/C).   But even with the 11 losses, their record is still 15-15, and they've knocked off some formidable opponents to get to the finals.  Their last opponent was Chaminade and they squeaked out a one point win, 74-75 with a shot by point guard Roscoe Biggers who hit a three pointer at the buzzer.  Without key, the leaders of this year's team, which also received some recent notoriety in a recent edition of Sports Illustrated (much of the publicity is probably unwelcome), are Anthony Davis, a 6'-5" Sr. shooting guard-small foward who has signed with Long Beach State, and Antonio Griffin (6'-7" Sr. F) who transferred to Centennial from Arizona at the beginning of the season.   Others are Jamaal Barnes (6'-4" Sr. G) who is averaging 13 ppg, Gabriel Pruitt (6'-0" Fr. G) who was averaging about 8 ppg and 4 apg, Sterling Byrd and Biggers.    Here's the complete roster:

Roscoe Biggers    6'-0" Sr. G
Aaron Afflalo    6'-2" Fr. G
Tim Eli    6'-5" Sr. F
Corey Burrell    6'-3" Jr. G
Andrew Lowden    6'-0" Sr. G
Sterling Byrd    6'-5" Jr. F
Jonathan Smith    5'-10" Jr. G
Gabriel Pruitt    6'-0" Fr. G
Antonio Griffin    6'-7" Sr. F
Anthony Davis    6'-5" Sr. G
Jamaal Barnes    6'-4" Sr. G
Eric Ratleff    6'-2" Sr. G

Again, the game tips off at 7:30 p.m.   See you there.

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