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CIF-SS Playoffs: Division V-AA
Games Today--(Feb. 14, 2001)

Two Divisions in Southern Section V, AA and A.  Both divisions have first round action, and both brackets are large, with V-AA being huge, a 64 team bracket.  Only 10 teams received byes;  the rest are in action. All games are at 7:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted.  The changes to the prior schedules are in red.

Division V-AA

There are a few schedule changes and we think we've got most of them:

Ten teams in the bracket have byes tonight.  The top four seeds are all idle.  No. 1 Verbum Dei, No. 2 Calvary Chapel Downey, No. 3 Buckley, and No. 4 Kilpatrick.  Additionally, other teams receiving byes were: Santa Clara, Desert, Ribet Academy, Chadwick, Hillcrest Christian Granada Hills, Western Christian and Rolling Hills Prep, all teams which finished first in their respective leagues.

Tonight's first round games:

Upper Half of the Bracket:

Bishop Diego (7-14) @ Dunn (12-4) --The game will take place @ Santa Ynez.  The winner of this game gets the privilege of playing Verbum Dei ( 20-5) on Friday @ Verb.  Good luck.   Bishop Diego was No. 3 in Tri-Valley League, and Dunn finished No. 2 in Condor League behind Thacher.

South Bay Lutheran (12-11) @ Pilibos (10-6)--This game will be played @ Ararat Gym in Glendale. And no we don't have a clue where that is. . .  The winner will play Santa Clara (13-10) the No. 1 team in the Frontier League, on Friday night.  SBL finished 3rd in the Express League, while Pilibos was No. 2 in Valley League

San Gabriel Academy (14-6) @ Ontario Christian (17-7)--   Ontario Christian finished No. 3 in the Christian League while SGA was #3 in Coastal Life League. The winner gets Desert (19-4, 11-1), No. 1 in High Desert League on Friday @ Desert.

Oakwood @ St. Margaret's-- Oakwood finished 4th in Liberty League (behind Buckley, Providence, and Yeshiva, in that order).  St. Margaret's finished #2 in Academy League (behind Calvary Chapel Downey).  The winner will play Ribet Academy (dnr overall, 10-0 in league) , No. 1 in Heritage League, on Friday @ Ribet.

Los Pinos (12-4) @ Lone Pine (16-7)--Los Pinos finished No. 3 in Freedom League, while Lone Pine finished No. 2 in Desert Mountain League.  The winner will play Chadwick (15-8) , No. 1 in the Prep League on Friday @ Chadwick. 

Bethel Christian Riverside  (10-11) @ St. Anthony (11-15)-- The defending Southern Section D-VAA champion St. Anthony finished No. 3 this year in Camino Real League, while Bethel Christian is No. 3 in Victory League.   The winner will play the winner of the game above on Friday at a location to be determined by a coin flip.

Bell Jeff (11-13) @ Serra (13-12)-- Bell Jeff comes in as an At-Large petition finishing 4th in Santa Fe League.  Serra was No. 2 in the Del Rey League.  The winner will play either St. Anthony or Bethel Christian on Friday at a location to be determined by a coin flip.

Riverside Christian (6-9) @ Arrowhead Christian (19-6)-- RC comes in as the Metro League's No. 4 finisher.  ACA finished No. 2 in Christian League behind Western Christian.  The winner will play the winner of the Whitewater v. AGBU game on Friday. A coin flip will determine the location of that game.

AGBU (8-10) @ Whitewater (17-3) --This game will take place at 4:00 p.m. today.  AGBU was the No. 3 entry from the Valley League, while Whitewater was No. 2 in the Freedom League.  The winner will play either ACA or Riverside Christian on Friday at a location to be determined by a coin flip.

Windward (11-13) @ La Sierra Academy (17-6)-- Windward somes in as a Liberty League at large team, finishing 6th in the 8 team league (Behind Buckley, Providence, Yeshiva, Oakwood and Holy Martyrs).  La Sierra is the Arrowhead League's No. 1 team, and was one of the few teams to have won its league and not to have received a bye in the first round.  The winner will play Kilpatrick on Friday @ a location to be determined (Kilpatrick does not play any of its games at home, by policy decision enacted by the court).

Lower half of bracket:

La Verne Lutheran (14-8) @ Thacher (9-9) --  LVL finished as the Express League No. 4 team, while Thacher won the Condor League. The winner of this game will face Buckley (21-3, 12-2), the No. 1 team in Liberty League on Friday @ Buckley.

LA Lutheran (9-9) @ Montclair Prep (11-13)-- LAL finished No. 3 in the Heritage League, while Montclair Prep finished second in Delphic League, behind Crossroads.  The winner of this game will play either Bloomington Christian or Woodcrest Christian on Friday at a location to be determined.

Woodcrest Christian (14-9) @ Bloomington Christian (19-2) --WCC finished No. 4 in the Christian League;  BC finished No. 2 in the Victory League.  The winner gets either LA Lutheran or Montclair Prep on Friday.  A coin flip will determine location.

Holy Martyrs (11-12) @ Boys Republic (13-9) -- HM finished 5th in Liberty League and enters as an At-Large.  Boys Republic is the Metro League's No. 2 team.  the winner will play the winner of Laguna Blanca v. Flintridge Prep on Friday. 

Laguna Blanca (10-12) @ Flintridge Prep (12-11) --LB finished No. 3 in the Condor League behind Thacher and Dunn.  Flintridge Prep was No. 2 in the Prep League behind Chadwick.  The winner will meet either Holy Martyrs or Boys Republic

Capistrano Valley Christian (11-9) @ Pacific Hills (17-9)--This game will be played @ Murphy HS @ 7:30 p.m.  Pac Hills has a dwindling roster, down to just six players, and they lost their last two games, finishing third in Delphic League behind Montclair Prep and Crossroads.  Capo Valley Christian is the Academy League's No. 3 team, behind CC Downey and St. Margaret's.  The winner gets either Laguna Blanca or Flintridge Prep on Friday; a coin flip will determine location.

Fairmont (12-7) @ Desert Christian Lancaster (17-6) -- This game features Fairmont, and Academy League at-large entry, and a team which had been ranked all season in Division IV-A, but which wound up in V-AA, the Desert Mountain League's No. 1 team.  The winner will meet Western Christian (21-5) on Friday @ WC.

Upland Christian (10-13) @ Sherman Indian (11-8) -- UC finished No. 3 in Metro League play while Sherman Indian was No. 2 in Arrowhead League.   The winner will meet either Yeshiva or Shalhevet in a second round game which will likely be played on Saturday or early Friday due to the Jewish sabbath, which begins at sundown on Friday night and ends on Saturday night.

Yeshiva ( 16-5) @ Shalhevet (DNR)--This game will be played at 8:00 p.m. at the Westside LA Jewish Community Center.  Yeshiva finished No. 3 in Liberty League while Shalhevet finished No. 2 in Coastal Life League. 

Villanova Prep (DNR)  @ Valley Torah (13-5)-- VT finished #1 in the Valley League, while Villanova finished No. 4 in Condor League. The winner will play Rolling Hills Prep, the No. 1 team in the Express League on Friday @ RHP.

Pasadena Poly (9-13) @ Grace Brethren (DNR)--This game will be played at 4:30 p.m. today, not 7:30 p.m.   Poly comes in as the No. 3 team in Prep League while GB finished No. 2 in Heritage League behind Ribet.  The winnner will play Calvary Chapel Downey (22-4, 8-0) on Friday night at CC Downey.

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