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CIF-SS Playoffs: Division V-A
Games Today--(Feb. 14, 2001)

Two Divisions in Southern Section V, AA and A.  Both divisions have first round action.  V-A is a 32 team bracket with no byes, and every team is playing today.  All games are at 7:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted.  The changes to the prior schedules are in red.

Division V-A

The top four seeds in this division are No. 1 Price (the defending section champion and the defending State D-V Champion), No. 2 Antelope Valley Christian, No. 3 Stoneridge Prep, and No. 4 West LA Baptist.  All the teams in this division are in action tonight.  No wild cards, no byes.  Here's what's happening:

Upper half of bracket:

Santa Clarita Christian @ Price-- Price is 24-3, 8-0, while SCC finished 11-10, and petitioned to get in.  The winner will play the winner of Maricopa v. Masada on Friday.

Maricopa @ Masada-- Maricopa is the Coast Valley League's No. 3 team with a record of 10-8, 4-4.   Masada finished No. 1 in the Freedom League (10-9 overall, 10-2 in league).   The winner plays Price or Santa Clarita Christian.

Mesrobian @ Renaissance Academy-- Mesrobian finished No. 2 in the International League(8-6, 7-1).  Renaissance finished No. 2 in the new American League (11-8, 4-2).  The winner gets either Big Pine or Apple Valley Christian on Friday.

Apple Valley Christian @ Big Pine-- AVC is the No. 3 team in the Agape League at 16-6, 6-4 (the league was won by the No. 2 seed, Antelope Valley Christian). Big Pine finished No. 2 in the Hi-Lo League (13-6). The winner gets Mesrobian or Renaissance. 

Trinity Lutheran @ Tarbut v. Torah--Trinity gave up the home game.  It will be played at Tarbut tonight.   Trinity was the Omega League No. 2 team (7-7) while Tarbut is a Freelance team, not in a league.  The winner will play either Joshua Springs or Trona.

Trona @ Joshua Springs--Tona finished No. 3 in Hi-Lo League (10-8), while Joshua Springs was No. 2 in Agape League (12-10). Thw winner plays the winner of the game above.

First Lutheran @ Valley Christian Santa Maria--   FL finished as a Heritage At-Large (DNR), and VCA finished No. 1 in Coast Valley League (12-11, 7-1).   The winner plays the winner of the game below.

Calvary Baptist @ West LA Baptist-- CB finished No. 3 in International League6-11, 3-5) while West LAB finished No. 2 in Westside League (13-6, 8-4).  The winner plays the winner of the game above.

Lower Half of the Bracket:

Skyward Christian @ Stoneridge Prep-- Stoneridge won the American League (16-8, 6-0) and is the No. 3 seed in the bracket.  Skyward was No. 3 in Omega League with a record of 7-6 overall and 7-3 in league.

Cuyama Valley @ Delphi Academy-- Cuyama comes in as a Coast Valley League at-large entry with a record of 12-8, 3-5.  Delphi won the International League with a record of 14-4, 7-1.  The winner will play Stoneridge or Skyward on Friday.

Owens Valley @ California Lutheran--This game will be played @ Temecula Valley tonight at 6:00 p.m.  Owens Valley isthe Hi-Lo #4 team (11-11, 7-5), while Cal Lutheran won the Metro League (14-5, 11-0).  The winnjner plays the winner of the game below.

Hesperia Christian @ Bermuda Dunes Desert Christian-- Hesperia is an Agape League at-large (14-8, 6-4), while BDDC comes in as the No. 1 team in the Victory League (17-4, 10-0).  The winner will play either Owens Valley or CalLutheran on Friday. Location to be determined by a coin flip.

Shandon v. Orangewood Academy--Shandon is the Coast Valley No. 2 team, with a record of 6-2 in leauge (dnr overall).  Orangewood was second in Express League play with a record of 18-5, 12-2).  The winner gets either Newbury Park Adventist or Hillcrest Christian TO on Friday.

Hillcrest Christian Thousand Oaks @ Newbury Park Adventist-- HCTO finished No. 3 in the Westside League (9-8, 8-4).  Newbury Park won the Omega League with a record of 13-2, 10-0.  The winner plays the winner of the game above.  A coin flip to determine location.

Acaciawood @ Immanuel Christian--Acaciawood was a free lance team and we don't have their record;  IC comes in as the Hi-Lo League champion, with a record of 11-8, 10-2.  The winner plays AVC or Calvary Chapel Redlands.

Calvary Chapel Redlands @ Antelope Valley Christian-- AVC won the Agape League with a record of 22-4, 8-0.  CCR finished as a Metro League at Large team 13-8, 5-7

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