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All-SoCalHoops Teams: D-VA Southern
Section Top Players--(Mar. 22, 2001)

Later tomorrow (Friday) the Southern Section of the CIF will release the SCIBCA "All-CIF" lists.  There will be one or two players of the year in each division and 8 first team players, and 8 second team players selected from all of the teams and players in each of the divisions (actually D-VAA and VA will have 10 and 10, but that's because they are the only two divisions with more than 45 teams, in fact they both have 75 teams each).

The selections below are not  the All-CIF lists.  While we've tried to use some of the same criteria in making our selections (i.e., this is not an "All-Tournament" team, but is meant simply to honor those who have had particularly good seasons), obviously we've selected many more players than you will eventually see on the CIF's lists when they are released.

We also want to stress the fact that,  as we write this,  we have no idea who has been selected by the Southern Section for their honors. But we know who we think deserves special recognition.  So we've put together "All-SoCalHoops" teams for every division.   In doing so, we have not limited the selections in first team or second team to any artificial number.  If we thought someone deserved to be first team and there happened to be more than 8 players so be it.  If there were more players than "spots" for those who deserved second team honors, we created more spots.  Hey, these are our lists and we can do what we want, right?  Oh, and just to stress the inclusiveness of what we're trying to do, we also created a category of "Honorable Mention."  We figured if it's good enough for the AP College All-American selection committee to have such a category,  it's good enough for us.

In any event, some people will obviously disagree with our selections, and others will agree.  Can't please everyone, and by the way, we're not trying to either.  These lists are about the players.  

To all who made this a great high school season, congratulations from SoCalHoops.

Division V-A

Players of the Year

Chris Alexander    6'-3" Sr. G    Price
Andrew Howard    6'-0" Sr. G    Price

All-SoCalHoops D-VA First Team

Angelo Berry   6'-3" Sr. C   West LA Baptist
Noam Dashti   5'-11" Sr. F   Tarbut v' Torah
Jamal Flanagan   6'-2" Sr. G/F   Antelope Valley Christian
Chris Holz   6'-6" Sr. C   Calvary Chapel Redlands
Jermaine Jamerson   6'-4" Sr. F   Price
Josh Johnson   6'-0" Sr. G   Desert Christian Bermuda Dunes
Geoff Keith   5'-10" Jr. G   Tarbut v' Torah
Tim Smith   6'-3" Jr. F   Desert Christian Bermuda Dunes
James Williams   6'-3" Sr. G/F   Stoneridge

All-SoCalHoops D-VA Second Team

Armand Brooks   5'-9" Jr. G   West LA Baptist
John Cho   6'-2" Sr. G/F   Antelope Valley Christian
Jason Carr   6'-0" Sr. G   Calvary Baptist La Verne
Andrew Brattrud   6'-2" Sr. C   Desert Christian Bermuda Dunes
Khalief Washington   6'-5" Jr. F   Price
Oscar Edwards   6'-4" So. F   Price
Mike Nang   5'-5" Sr. G   Stoneridge
Warren Tamanaha   5'-9" Jr. G   Orangewood
Forrest Taylor   6'-0" Jr. G   Apple Valley Christian

All-SoCalHoops D-VA Honorable Mention Team

Thomas Johnson   6'-2" Jr. F   West LA Baptist
Jeremiah Nurse   5'-10" Fr. G   Antelope Valley Christian
Johnny Fansler   6'-1" Sr. F   Big Pine
David Davis   5'-9" Sr. G   Big Pine
Charles Andrews   5'-6" So. PG   Calvary Baptist La Verne
Chris Trementozzi   5'-9" Sr. G   Calvary Chapel Redlands
Beck Flanagan   6'-5" Sr. C   Delphi Academy
Nima Fazeli   6'-0" Sr. G   Delphi Academy
Matt Bolger   6'-0" Sr. F   Delphi Academy
Jose Alvarado   6'-1" Jr. C   Maricopa
Robert Walth   6'-0" Sr. F   Maricopa
Chris Adkins   6'-1" So. C   Maricopa
Micah Panama   6'-1" Jr. F   Santa Clarita Christian
Daniel Duncan   6'-4" Jr. C   Santa Clarita Christian
Shahin Shamsabadi   6'-0" Sr. F   Stoneridge
Rene Shabastri   6'-10" So. C   Stoneridge
Tanner Bral   5'-7" Sr. F   Tarbut v' Torah
Kersten Johnson   5'-8" Jr. G   Westview

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