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Cal-Hi Sports' Division II All-State
Team For 2000-2001--(Mar. 29, 2001)

Yes, we know the All-State teams are available at the Cal-Hi Sports website, and that's as it should be because Cal-Hi makes the selections, but we thought we'd make them also a little easier to scan through and give some highlights to each of the divisions, and to the SoCal-based players selected. So we've added info about where each player has signed for next season and highlighted the names of the SoCal guys in red, which means that every single name in this division just happens to be in red.  Yes, "Quality knows no boundaries", and geographically-speaking, there's no doubt that the best players in this division all come from the Southern half of the State, no offense intended to the fine players from the North.  We want to extend our congratulations to all 10 of the players selected and also extend our continued thanks to Mark Tennis and his hardworking staff at Cal-Hi Sports for making theses picks for yet another season. 

Tyson Chandler (Dominguez, Compton) 7-0 Sr. C    NBA

Josh Childress (Mayfair, Lakewood) 6-6 Sr. F    Stanford

Lenny Collins (Santa Margarita, Rancho SM) 6-4 Jr. F    NA

Marques Crane (Ocean View, Huntington Beach) 6-4 Sr. G    Unsigned

Anthony Davis (Inglewood) 6-2 Sr. G    Cal State University Long Beach

Edwin Draughn (Mayfair, Lakewood) 6-6 Sr. G    Yale University

Joe Frazier (Muir, Pasadena) 6-3 Sr. G    Cal State University Northridge

Bobby Jones (Dominguez, Compton) 6-7 Jr. F    NA

Bryant Markson (Monrovia) 6-6 Jr. F    NA

Dijon Thompson (Redondo, Redondo Beach) 6-5 Sr. G    UCLA

Player of the Year: Tyson Chandler

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