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adidas-Double Pump Easter Tournament:
Roster Wars, Who's Playing For Whom--(Apr. 4, 2001)

What: adidas-Double Pump doublepumpeaster.jpg (20055 bytes)
"Pump N Run Easter Tournament"
NCAA Certified Event
When: Friday April 6         4:00 p.m.- 8:40 p.m
Saturday, April 7   9:00a.m.-9:50 p.m
Sunday, April 8     9:00 a.m. -3:15 p.m.
Where: CSU Dominguez Hills
1000 E. Victoria
Carson, CA
Lynwood HS
4050 E. Imperial Hwy
Lynwood, CA
Who: 80+ Travel & All-Star Teams

We've gotten some advance information about some of the more high-profile team rosters that will be playing at the adidas Double Pump Easter Tournament starting this Friday afternoon.  We don't have all the rosters, or even 1/10th of them, but we do have an idea where some of the better SoCal players will be playing.   If you want the earlier list of teams, it's at this link, although there are a couple of minor changes.  If you want the Double Pump Easter Tourney schedule, just click here.

Some minor team changes:  The Michigan Mustangs are now called the Michigan Hurricanes. . . we don't know the reasons for the name change, but that's what Chris Grier's teams are now called, and he's bringing two of them:  The Michigan Hurricanes, and the Michigan Hurricanes Young Dogs. . . .we don't have all the rosters for those two teams yet, but we do know that Anthony Roberson is still with the Hurricanes.

Pump N Run will have the same players from the fall, sans Martin Iti who is back in Australia and probably won't be back in the U.S. anytime soon from what we hear.  Pump will have Nik Caner-Medley (6'-7" Jr. F), Brad Buckman (6'-8" Jr. F), David Padgett (6'-11" So. C), Brandon Rohe (6'-3" Jr. SG), Lance Soderberg (6'-8" Jr. F), Matt McKinney (6'-8" Jr. F), C.J. Watson (6'-1" Jr. G), and David Gale (6'-1" Jr. PG).

Tommy Lewis, Vincent Camper and Ollie Goulston have now teamed up and will be bringing two teams under the name of "SCA" and "SCA Soph/Frosh".  The SCA team will reportedly feature David Burgess (Woodbridge HS, Chris' "little" brother), Vincent Camper, Nate Carter, Samir Hernandez (Compton Dominguez), Bobby Jones (Dominguez), Ray Reed (Inglewood), Darius Sanders (Compton Dominguez), Travis Smith (Santa Margarita), Derek Stockalper, and Mike Strawberry (Mater Dei).   The Frosh/Sophs will reportedly have Wesley Washington (Mater Dei), Aaron Aflalo (Compton Centennial), Jamie Diffenbaugh, Drew Terry, and Shaun Weinstein (Peninsula).  That's an incomplete roster, and we'd also expect to see Travonte Nelson (Mater Dei) running with this group too. . . .

Oakland Slam N Jam's No. 1 team will also be pretty interesting, and Calvin Andrews is bringing one of the better teams to the tournament:   Jon Winston, Rekalin Sims, Leon Powe, Dante Sawyer, Deshawn Freeman, John Tofi, Jon Sharper, Marquis Kately, Le Bron James, Demarshay Johnson, and DeMarcus Nelson.   Scary good.

Team Dada will feature the same strong lineup they've had for the other two spring shootouts:  Evan Burns (Fairfax), Matt Llewellyn (Campbell Hall), Ruben Sanchez (Notre Dame), Fernando Sampson (Fairfax), et. al.

Dinos Trigonis will also enter a Belmont Shore team which is supposed to have: Carlos Rivers, Patrick Haddan, Wesley Washington (note he's also on the SCA roster), Marcedes Lewis (also on the Jackrabbits roster), Cody Pearson (Notre Dame), Giovanni St. Amant, Dominic Freeman, Marcus Dove, Trevor Ariza (Westchester), Justin Hawkins, and Harrison Schaen, among others. . .

Double Pump All Stars (this is David Pump's team, as distinguished from Pump N Run, which is Dana's team),  isn't completely set yet, but it will reportedly have Lenny Collins (Santa Margarita), Erik Soderberg (Corona Centennial), Franklin Robinson (Chatsworth), Keith Ellison (Redondo Union), Baker Dunleavy (Portland Jesuit), and three other players who are coming down from Portland with Howard Avery and Baker, and yes, Howard Avery will again be coaching a Pump team.

Jerry Gatewood will be bringing two teams, West Coast Stars Blue and West Coast Stars White, and while we aren't exactly sure who is on which team, we know they've got Kevin Bell (Fairfax), Alex Bausley (Fairfax---and Alex is also on another roster as well, Team "Triple Threat"), Josh Shipp (Fairfax--yes, it's Joe's little brother), Aaron Bell, Jerrell Cotton, Ashanti Cook (Westchester), Scott Cutley, and even Evan Burns. . .yes, Burns is listed on the roster, but we don't anticipate he'll play for anyone other than his father's team Dada during the weekend.

And to top it off, Dart Stamps will also be bringing a team, but as of last night, we didn't know who was on his roster, but don't be surprised to see many of the Westchester and Inglewood guys showing up on the Top Prospects roster.

The above just scratches the surface of the talent that will be at this weekend's event.  Virtually every top player in the State of Washington and Oregon will be there, as well as most of the top players from Arizona and some from Utah as well.  We'll have more roster information later in the day so check back later.

See you there.

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